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21 August 2011

August Sponsor Love

Good morning, pretties! I trust you're all getting your Sundays off to a delightful start? (With a cup of tea, perhaps?) While you sip, please take a wee moment to meet my fabulous August sponsors. I'm honoured to have these ladies by my side!

Hello, chickadees! My name is Caren and you can find me over at Tea & Chickadees, a blog about the little things. More often than not you'll see me with camera in hand, a dog (Grace, my partner in crime) at my side, and a bevy of cats (but only one is mine, Strongpaw the Mighty). I find great joy in seeing the small things that surround me, in nature, in my neighbourhood (where you'll find Désirée!), in vintage things, and the world around me. I like the simple things in life - friendship, tea, reading a book, collecting happy memories. I really dislike vacuuming.

I also own The Vintage Apartment, a little Etsy shop filled with vintage goodness.
I've been known to Tweet, Pin, and Flickr my way around the internet, too.

I'm thrilled to be a sponsor of So Fawned, my first blog crush and it's still going strong! I'm very lucky to live next door to this lovely fawn & her little fawn Gretchen. They often find their way onto my blog pages. :)


I am a stay at home, soon to be, homeschooling mama.
I am a wife. A daughter. A writer. A photographer. A dreamer. A star gazer. A homesteader wannabe.
Our little family has big plans of creating community and becoming self sustained in our 103 year old cabin in the woods of Gooderham, Ontario.
All items are handmade labours of love and my words are true and sincere.
I share bits and pieces of our days and journey at Apples With Honey.

To see more of my handmade fare be sure to stop by my booth at the Peterborough Folk Festival and say "hello."
Etsy shop {coming this autumn} and other local shows will be announced on the blog.


Kim Corrigan-Oliver is a first time mom. She is a certified holistic nutritionist specializing in nutrition for mom, baby and toddler. She loves good food. She loves to cook. And she loves to share her passion for all of the above with those interested in learning more about feeding their babies and raising healthy happy children.

You can find out more about Kim and the workshops and services she offers through her website, Your Green Baby.

And be sure to follow @YourGreenBaby for daily tips on raising happy healthy children.


Heidi is a work-at-home mom of two young boys, living on a farm in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She began The Conscious Perspective with the hope of creating an inviting space where readers can learn, grow, question, and connect with others who have the desire to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls.

Follow Heidi on Twitter & Facebook.


She is powered by coffee and driven by passion. Her interests lie in all things related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, natural parenting, frugal & green living, crafting and veganism. Take those categories of interest, and throw in some books, and endless internet hours, fellow friends and mentors, and you are left with Birth Routes.

Follow Amber on Twitter & Facebook.


I hope you've enjoyed getting to know these gals a little better. What sweet souls!

Interested in sponsoring So Fawned for September? Affordable rates available for indie biz owners, bloggers & all manner of excellent folk. Please email desireefawn at gmail dot com, or click here for more information. Peace.