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06 December 2011

Handmade Christmas At The House Of Fawn

Handmade Christmas 2011 is in full swing at the House of Fawn... although, perhaps I should change that to Handmade/Downtown Christmas, since I've bought a few things, but only from local shops. I've also visited two craft fairs in the last two weeks where I've picked up goodies from the likes of Twenty Six Mermaids and Lucky Jackson.

Gretchen's little holiday stash of gifts is growing in its hiding and my list of "things to make" is happily full & oh so busy. Want to see what I've been working on?

Last week I started on a pair of pants from Carefree Clothes for Girls, and I've also made her a scrap fabric tutu using a vintage sheet and some other material from my stash.

I've been collecting lots of links to lovely DIYs for more gift inspiration, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites below.

1. I-Spy Bottle: Gretchen will adore this. She's such a detail oriented gal... I can picture her moving the rice around to find each little toy and treasure. I bet this'll be a bit of a saviour on boring car trips.

2. Simple Bubble Skirt: Despite my generally tomboyish ways, I have raised a rather feminine little lass who adores all things dressy and sweet. I think she'll love to twirl around in a little dress like this (with some super cute tights, of course).

3. Painted Block Puzzle: When we visit our favourite cafe, there are these puzzle blocks that Gretchen LOVES putting together. I'm hoping I can make her up some wooden ones, with a different design on each side. They double as tiny caste builders too!

4. Embellished Hooded Towel: My little girl is ALL about the baths, and she's quite finicky about being wrapped up just right after she's through. I think a special hooded towel just for her will be a hit.

5. Sweaterific Woolen Mittens: I've got to hit the thrift shops for some sweaters to recycle! There are lots of things to be made with lovely old woolies. My sewing machine & I are close pals these days.

6. A Doily Embellished Top: It's only appropriate that Gretchen be adorned with doilies, just like her mama.

7. A Crotchet Rug: This particular one is made from vintage sheets, torn up and tied together. Time to find a great big crotchet hook and one of my talented friends to teach me the art! Oh yes.

8. Mind Jar: Have you spied these on Pinterest yet? It's a way to help children settle their minds when upset, or frustrated. (And I bet it might work on a stressed out mom or two.) The idea is to shake it up, and have your child watch the glitter settle to the bottom. So happy, so mellow.

So many ideas! And actually, I've been setting up a new creative area in the back of my living room... I promise to show it off soon. It'll be the home of my sewing machine and all sorts of fabric storage, and space for Gretchen to colour and craft along with me. At the moment, it's all a bit of a jumbly mess.


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