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04 October 2010

An Ode To Babywearing

babywearing is safe
Ring sling, 16-months.

There are several things which I believe passionately in as a mother -- one of those things is babywearing.

I have been wearing Gretchen in a variety of slings since she was born and have always felt completely safe and secure in doing so. A lot of fear has been promoted against babywearing in recent months after the recall of the Infantino SlingRider, a bag sling, which was involved in loss of several sweet little babies. Since this recall, to the detriment of all, some people have assumed that all forms of babywearing must be unsafe.

I am here to tell you that babywearing IS safe.

Babies belong in our arms
and it pains me to see loving mamas fearful of such a wonderful part of motherhood.

The benefits of babywearing are indisputable. Closeness, safety, bonding, breastfeeding ease, developmental benefits and more. Speaking for myself, babywearing has created an incredibly strong connection between my daughter and I. We have used some type of sling nearly every single day of her life -- when she's happy, when she's sick, during our first & only trip to the hospital, when she's feeling overwhelmed, when she just needs to be held, when she wants to help out, when we go for long walk, when we visit friends. Babywearing is a HUGE part of our lives and I feel that it has become a defining part of who I am as a mother. I am rarely without a sling on my shoulder, or in my purse (just in case). When Gretchen sees her slings or carrier she immediately asks to be picked up, arms high in the air, waiting to snuggle. I have and continue to have so many wonderful and beautiful moments with my daughter because of the glorious art of babywearing. I can't imagine living life any other way.

Wear your babies proudly and spread the word!

A refresher, from Steph of Adventures in Babywearing fame:
♥ Your baby should be in a position similar to holding them in your arms
♥ You should be able to kiss the top of their head
♥ Your chest, back, or sling fabric should not obstruct baby's face
♥ Do not wear a carrier that is too tight or too loose, or not properly fastened
♥ Read and follow your carrier's instruction manual
♥ Be aware of baby's temperature; don't let them get too hot or too cold
♥ Do not perform any activities that you wouldn't normally do while holding your baby in your arms

babywearing is safe
CuddlyWrap, 4-months.

babywearing is safe
Ergo, 7-months.

sleepy baby
Ring sling, 19-months.

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Join the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Facebook page to stay involved & read their position paper.
Also visit Adventures in Babywearing to share your own babywearing story.

Peace & love, mes amis.
Happy babywearing.

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