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22 April 2013

That Time I Missed A Week Of Life & My Birthday

Remember my last post... on the 13th? When Gretchen was just getting better and life was good again? Well, here's the Cliff's Notes version of what has been happening since:

Sunday April 14th: I woke up with achy muscles and within an hour or two was in so much pain I couldn't move. I stayed in bed, delirious, cold (actually very feverish), and in pain. By that night my partner convinced me a trip to emerg was in order. I spend the evening having blood taken and hooked up to fluids via IV. I was sent home with antibiotics for a possible sinus infection. 

Monday/Tuesday: Home, agony, could barely move or talk. Breathing was difficult and laboured.

Wednesday aka my birthday: Another day at home in bed, by that evening I made my second trip to emerg. I was sent home a few hours later with painkillers. The doc told me to wait out the antibiotics. 

Gretchen made me the sweetest card. Rich brought it to the hospital. I missed her so much.

Thursday: A day on the couch, couldn't move, face became numb after taking painkillers, nothing was helping. I booked in for a doctor's appointment that evening. During the appointment, I could hardly speak in full sentences, did my best to explain the week. He sent me back to the hospital. That night is a blur of IV fluids, being locked down in emerg, my friend and then my partner at my side. Antibiotics were started and I drifted in and out of sleep. Thank you pain meds. 

Friday: I woke up to my partner at my side & I was eventually moved from one part of emerg to another. Lots of resting. 

Saturday: Still at the hospital, though I had hoped to go home that morning. Starting to feel more human. I can breathe and speak much more easily. 

 Tea & The Hobbit.

Sunday: Good news. I can go home. I have to be sure my blood count improves this week. I'm so excited to see daylight again.

Goodbye, room no. 7.

So now, Monday. I am very week and easily tired. One more blood test Thursday with a follow-up appointment one week from today. I'm very happy to be out of the hospital. Working hard to stay positive while I get my appetite and energy levels back up to what they were. Today I came into work for just three hours & I even managed to get my plate stickers renewed since I missed doing that on my birthday. 

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and well-wishes this week. Thank you to my partner for running all errands and helping make sure my daughter was where she needed to be. Thank you to Rich, and to my good friend Karen for bringing me food and driving me to/from the hospital and doctor's office. Thank you to the nurses who helped me get well. 

In the end, I think they decided I had some combination of blood infection, fungal infection in my esophagus and just some nasty complications from the fever. It was a bit of a scary week & I've absolutely never felt sicker. 

Looking forward to a 27th birthday re-do. Much love!

If I ever take a week off from life again, I hope it's for a nicer reason.

So happy to be HOME.

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