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23 August 2008

Alphabet Soup

I came across this little survey at Mommy's Martini, and though I wasn't tagged, I have an urge to fill it out anyhow. Here we go:

A. Attached or single? Attached, to my fabulous partner Ryan. I have to say he's a keeper -- he's pretty damn rad.
B. Best friend? Pffff, can't narrow it down to one anymore like I could in grade two -- there are some ladies & gents who are very near and dear to me & I'm sure they know who they are.
C. Cake or pie? PIE! Pumpkin, please.
D. Day of choice? As a child I always love Tuesdays, which I think stemmed from the fact that I used to have horseback riding lessons on Tuesdays. I think that now I'm a pretty big fan of Wednesdays, since that's when the farmer's market is downtown & fresh produce makes me smile.
E. Essential item? My camera. My D40 is my baby (next to my dog & the little one on the way, of course!)
F. Favorite color? I really love espresso brown, and light moss green. Black is a wardrobe staple, however.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Worms! One of my favourite kinds of candy, actually.
H. Hometown? A little place dominated by retirees & students, a few hours outside Toronto, Ontario.
I. Indulgence? I'm sure this is supposed to be about food -- but I'm going to have to admit that I have a bit of a sweet tooth for a certain video game, which shall remain nameless, if only for my pride.
J. January or July? My due date is January, so I will have to go with that.
K. Kids? One on the way -- almost half way there!
L. Life isn’t complete without? Snuggling down with my man at the end of the day.
M. Marriage date? We aren't married, but it's not out of the question -- it's just not a priority right now.
N. Number of brothers & sisters? I have one of each, but they are both much younger, so I still feel like I grew up as a (mostly) only child.
O. Oranges or apples? Apples... unless we're talking those little oranges you can get at Christmas -- then I mean those. Or the Terry's choco variety.
P. Phobias? All things medical. I used to have a breakdown at the very mention of a needle, but I'm toughing up -- I didn't even cry the last time I went to have blood taken. I really don't like the hospital, the dentist or any of that. Ack.
Q. Quotes? Two of my favourites from my most beloved philosopher.

“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.”

"It is the part of a wise man, I say, to refresh and restore himself in moderation with pleasant food and drink, with scents, with the beauty of green plants, with decoration, music, sports, the theater, and other things of this kind, which anyone can use without injury to another. For the human body is composed of a great many parts of different natures, which constantly require new and varied nourishment."

R. Reasons to smile? My pets! They are a constant source of hilarity.
S. Season of choice? Autumn! It's beautiful. The weather is great, it's crisp sweater weather but still warm enough to be outside all day. It still feels like a new beginning, the start of a year -- even though this will be the first year since I was four years old that I won't be returning to school! Fall is gorgeous -- I would love to live some place where it is fall all year round, with just a hint of summer.
T. Tag seven peeps! Well now I'm not even sure I have seven steady readers, heh, but I would love for you guys to fill this out and point me in the direction of your post! Muah.
U. Unknown fact about me? I'm actually naturally blond. Very blond.
V. Vegetable? Nom! I love all vegetable so this is difficult... but I really love brussels sprouts, especially all toasted up with some pine nuts, or maybe broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce like my mom makes... and I can never get enough avocado. Great. Now I'm hungry again.
W. Worst habits? I used to bite my nails like mad, but now that I have these turbo strong pregnancy nails I haven't had the urge as much. Hmm... I also suppose that my lack of concern for when my bills are due is a bad habit. They always get paid, but I tend to throw bills out or lose them or not open them, which makes many of said payment a wee bit late. I'm sure I'm paying for this (ha!) with an ever floundering credit score. Sigh. Perhaps I should have a better system in place!
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Well, both fall into that icky medical category -- but I'm going to say ultrasound, since we're having one in a couple weeks to find out the sex of our little one. I. Can't. Wait.
Y. Your favorite food? Oi. Veggie lasagna always tops this list, right up there with eggs benedict, spanish rice & all things homecookin' style made by my mom or gramma.
Z. Zodiac sign?Aries & oh so stubborn.

Your turn!



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