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18 November 2010

Day 18: What I Wore Today

Bon soir! Tonight's post is all about the outfit I wore today, which I'll have to admit is very similar (if not an exact replica) of what I end up wearing about 90% of the time. Either I know what I'm comfortable in, or I'm in a bit of a clothing rut. (And have been there a while?)

Let's go head to toe.

what I wore today

Slouchy hat, Nolie Polie Olie.

I have this hat in strawberry as well & I love them. Perfect for autumn, and I often wear them even when I'm not outside. (This photo is making me laugh a little... the silly dog dishes on the floor, the fruit basket which looks like it's perched atop my camera, the Chariot which has found its way to the middle of my kitchen... oh lordy.)

what I wore today

Brown cardigan, Joe Fresh.
Black tee, Joe Fresh.
Black tank (underneath), Garage.
Black bra (cause I'm on a roll), American Apparel.

I adore Joe clothing... the cardy was definitely less than $20 and I think their tees are something like $8. Can't go wrong. Their children's clothing is great too.

I've been wearing the Garage tank tops for years. I realize that I might be a little old to be shopping there... or at least that's how I'm starting to feel when I walk in and immediately think "this music's WAY too loud!", but these tanks are perfect. I always wear one under my shirt -- they are slimming, and cozy, and I like to sleep in them too. I probably own about 5 of their black tanks, 1 red and 1 white.

I also adore my American Apparel bras. I despise anything with an underwire. Ick.

what I wore today

Jeans (thrifted), Bluenotes.
Tooled leather belt (thrifted).
Pug buckle, a "gift" from a former place of employment.
Sandals (not leather), Birkenstock.

Confession: I wear these jeans every single day. (How many of you are ready to flee from my blog now?) When I find a pair I like, I wear them til they die.. then I move on. It's just how I roll. Even if I dress up, it's rarely for the entire day & at some point I'll be back in these jeans.

Also, I'm not a "shoes on in the house" kinda gal, but I had just brought the recycling outside before taking this photo, which is why my shoes are still on. I also wear my Birks from about April til December... so yes, I wear them with socks (sometimes). Don't hate. I'm German. I'm allowed.

If I had to describe my style I'd want to go a step further than "comfy casual" cause that makes me sound like sporting Tony Soprano sweats. Perhaps I'd call it "effortless mama chic" or something along those lines. Any ideas?

Anyhow, there you have it, mes amis. Today's outfit (and probably tomorrow's). Feeling a bit like a bum admitting this all to you, but I'm not trying to hide anything! Mama's gotta rock what she's gotta rock!

PS. That "gift"? I took it when I left.

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