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28 February 2010

The Lovelies: Today Is The Last Day!

Happy Sunday, friends! Thanks again to everyone who has voted So Fawned for The Lovelies!

Today is the very last day that voting will be open, so if you can all spread the word a little I'd be super grateful. I'm sitting in 3rd place right now -- which is still, obviously, an honour!

The Lovelies

Much love!


That's A Wrap

I'm very happy to say that I got to spend some quality time with my beautiful Singer this week.

Remember the grey wrap sweater that I made last month for G? I've sewn up three more over the past several days and I'm happy to say that I'm getting much better at it already.

The first new wrap is very thick & warm, with a fleece lining, while the second is much lighter -- just a simple cotton.

I'm totally smitten with the owl fabric (an Etsy find) and the liner fabric, with the little hot air balloon pattern, coordinates perfectly. You can also see that I've done a tiny bit of patchwork on one of the front panels, which I'll admit was only necessary because I was running out of the main fabric, but I love how it turned out.

These 'notions' fabrics were so much fun to work with -- you may recognize those buttons from the Bodum cozy I crafted for my neighbour a little while ago.

It's a little hard to tell, but I also used a scallop type stitch on the bottom seam of this particular wrap, just to spice things up a little.

(The third wrap, which I forgot to photograph, was made for my friend's daughter. It was grey with a green/pink lining.)

Now, my head is swimming with ideas for patterns & fabric combinations. I've been experimenting with a few other projects as well, which I'll be sure to share soon. For now, it's off to sleep I go.

Did you get a chance to scratch your crafting itch this week?


27 February 2010

Hopping On The Bandwagon

I held off for a while, but tonight I've given in: I'm officially hopping on the formspring.me bandwagon.

In a nutshell, formspring lets you ask question, anon or not, and I'll do my best to answer.

Feel free to ask about mama stuff, baby stuff, crafty what-not, or what my favourite breakfast cereal is... and for the one person out there who is trying to think up some incredibly inappropriate question, all I ask is that we keep it clean, folks.

I'll be sure to share some responses over here too, if things get rolling in an interesting direction. Ciao for now.

Do you formspring?


26 February 2010

Indoor Swing Love

Needless to say, my dream home definitely includes one of these. And this bathroom. And this staircase.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Inspired by Shannon.

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Fawned Friday

Top o' the morning, friends!

01. Love this handmade wool purse.

02. The most lovely vintage chair.

03. For the love of coffee.

05. Lovely fawn block print.

06. Blocking never looked so good.

07. Felt bandaids DIY.

08. I love the 90s.

09. Yarn storage at its best.

10. I heart avocado green.

Happy weekend!

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25 February 2010

On My Mind

Sewing, patterns, fabric, coffee, cream, Pyrex, vintage, polka dots, comfort, buttons, notions, crisp linens, fleece, pink, trying, working, waking, early, commiserating, supporting, meeting, earning, friendships, helping, sighing, crying, sharing, walking, hoping, knowing, loving, giving in, five meaningful hours, miracles, peaceful, happy, twenty hours, sips of water, kiss, kiss, close your eyes, goodnight.


Hello, Thursday!

Sometimes the mornings come with a side of Yo Gabs.

What are your plans for this fine new day?


PS. You caught me. Yes, we let her watch some TV. Yes, there's a special place in parenting hell just waiting for people like us. Bring it on!


24 February 2010

United Thread: Watercolour Love

I came across these beautiful watercolours tonight on Etsy & was amazed to see that they are each originals -- no prints or reproductions. I for one have no issue with purchasing prints -- there are many in my home! -- but there's something very unique & quite special about owning original works of art.

Just beautiful!

Spotted on United Thread.


A Beautiful Mess: DIY Love

I am SUCH a sucker for a good DIY.

Now, I know that I've definitely mentioned Elsie Flannigan in a Fawned Friday post or two, but her blog, A Beautiful Mess, is just too fab not to mention all on its own.

Here are a few of her DIYs that I am - of course - swooning about!

1, 2, 3 & 4.

Have you DIY'd lately?

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Wordless Wednesday ("Helping" Mama)

23 February 2010

Star Wars Bathroom Mosaic

I am 100% certain that we need a shower like this one. Without a doubt.

Boyfriend! Start demolishing the bathroom, stat!

Spotted on Ohdeedoh and Daddy Types.

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The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Four

Johanna (left): I took this photo while out on a drive this past weekend. As I drove down a quiet country road I was drawn to the bare silhouettes of the trees against the winter grey sky and decided to stop and take a picture. To me, the quiet surroundings spoke to my need for some peace in my life. Lately it feels as though life has been throwing me few punches with big changes coming our way and a husband who has been away for over a month. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts and somewhat out of balance, and have the need for more stability. This photo speaks of this particular balance that I crave. With the stark contrasts and wide open sky, it makes me feel centred and calm. Nature does that for me, it calms my soul and revives my tired mind.

Desiree (right): This week has been hard. It's been filled with moments of reflection & affection. Of sadness & hope. Of thoughtfulness & glimpses of the future. These next few months will see changes & shifts -- ebb and flow. Though we saw hints of spring, our city has been once again left completely white & I feel as though I'm being given a clean slate. I want to take deep breaths & take each moment stride by stride. I want to live purposefully & deliberately, with grace & with love.


The Lovelies: And Then There Were Five

Thanks to all of your support, I've made it into the Top 5 in my category! I'm currently in 3rd place, but with a little help I might just win -- wouldn't that be glorious? So please, click & vote, if you haven't already -- and if you have? Hugs & smooches, of course!

The Lovelies

Spread the word, my lovely fawners!



22 February 2010

Wishing For Warmth

Pictures like these (taken last August) are seriously making me crave some warmer weather.

This summer is going to be fantastic


21 February 2010

Kristi McMurry Photography

These photos are totally cracking me up tonight -- what a cute idea!!

Spotted in Krisi McMurry's shop. You can also visit her blog.


Good Morning, Lazy Sunday

I hope you all have a lovely day!


20 February 2010

Sunsets In The Park

Last night Gretchen & I were feeling cooped up & cranky, but at one point I glanced out our front window and saw the most gorgeous sunset. I threw on my coat, tossed G in her snowsuit/into the Ergo & ran out the door with my camera and into the park. This photo really doesn't capture the feeling that we had out there. We were so happy, even with the biting wind on our cheeks. She nestled in close to my chest as I snapped photos with frozen fingers. We were only outside for about ten minutes but it was just what we needed. I often need to remind myself that though the cold has settled, being outside & especially in that park, really lifts my heart to a place where I can find calm again. I do hope Spring comes swiftly, but for now, I'm making peace with the chill.


PS. I see that my dear neighbour captured this gorgeous sight much better than I could! Bless!


Shannon O

A little while ago I did a photoshoot with Shannon O from Confessions of a Loving Housewife. It's always a pleasure to work with someone who just glows in front of the camera!

Such a delight to work with!

More here.