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28 September 2012

The Internet Belongs To Cats

One of the very first boards I ever added to Pinterest was called The Internet Belongs To Cats. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favourite finds that made their way into that particular folder.


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27 September 2012

And This Is Exactly Why I Adore Autumn

Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?

PS. Thanks to this meme I'm watching a little LotR tonight. Couldn't help myself. 
PPS. Sweet pumpkin flavoured dreams!
PPPS. Click here for more of my pumpkin cravings. Yum, yum.

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26 September 2012

Autumn At The Shop

This week I started decorating Tango, getting the whole shop set for Fall. Everything about this season makes me smile and the shop feel cozier with each new addition... I can't wait to explore the rows of gourds, pumpkins and more at tomorrow morning market! And for my doorway? Two potted mum plants will be out there soon, flanking my entrance... more Autumn lovelies!

My newish chair is happy near the entrance too. I just want to curl up and read a book (and sip a pumpkin spice latte which now exists at my favourite downtown cafe).

Click here to see how else I've been Autumn-ing up the shop.

How have you been decorating and celebrating this Fall?

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{Wordless Wednesday} September Love

22 September 2012

Fill In The Blanks Tee

I believe mine would say I think you're swell & I love you a lot.

What would yours say?

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19 September 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Into The Woods

15 September 2012

Fawned Friday Or Saturday Or Something Like That

01. Let's go here, my love.

02. The uniform.

03. I'm already thinking about it.

04. A dose of Autumn love.

05. Boot lovelies.

06. This will totally make you smile.

07. Must make.

08. Hug it out!

09. Pant the town red!

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11 September 2012


A group of awesomesauce folks in my hometown, including a few close friends, have created a web series called Grimwell. Take a look at Episode 1.

Seriously, I love these guys & gals.

I had a chance to see the whole first season at a screening a few nights back & I can't wait to share more as they continue to post. 


PS. You can check them out on Facebook too.
PPS. The series contains a bit of choice subject matter & language, just in case you happen to be in the middle of your quiet office at this very moment.

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10 September 2012

I'm Feeling The Magic, Mes Amis

Wow. Honestly, that's all that's going through my head these days. Wow. Awesome. Happy.

This Whole30 experience (today is day 23!) is probably the best health decision I've ever made for myself. I can hardly believe how amazing I feel. Want the list?

Here we go...
  • I fall asleep as soon as I decide it's bedtime. My head hits the pillow and in moments I'm in sleepyland. This has NEVER happened to me before, unless I'm dead-on-my-feet exhausted or ill.
  • I wake up early and get out of bed. No hitting snooze (I'm usually up before it goes off), no burying myself in pillow, no trying to convince my daughter to snuggle up and stay in bed just a little longer. My eyes open, I sit up, and I'm off to the kitchen to make breakfast. No yawning, no gimmemycoffee, nothing. I'm just awake.
  • I never feel stuffed or bloated or ughIatetoomuch after a meal. Even when I eat a big steak and tons of veggies and eggs and a club soda and a handful of dates.
  • I don't need to snack all day long to keep my energy level up -- they're perma-up. Three meals a day, minute munching in between (maybe some apple sauce while I'm at work, or a handful of almonds). I don't crave & my emotional attachments to carbs and sugars don't have the same hold on me that they used to.

I've actually tried to test myself on this front a few times... tried to picture having a beer or eating ice cream or munching on a bag chips... and I never feel like I NEED or even WANT those things. I get this little voice saying "that will make your body feel bad" and I can almost picture how I'd feel after. It's a crazy change that's happened. I wasn't entirely convinced that I'd ever feel REALLY DIFFERENTLY about the food I was eating, but WHAM. I do. I really do. 

And I love it.

I've honestly never felt healthier in my entire life. And as an added bonus, I've definitely lost weight. I haven't stepped on a scale since day one, and I won't til day 30, but my pants don't stay up any more and last week I popped on a pair 3 sizes smaller than the ones I'm wearing now... and they fit. Shock and awe, baby. My reward after this will be a new pair of jeans, for sure.

Now, in one week, after I hit day 30, then what? Well, that's a whole other post, but here's a wee hint... I will NOT be going back to the way I used to eat. I feel TOO GOOD to give it all up.

Stay tuned!

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08 September 2012

This Mama Loves Backpacks Too

Gretchen's still a year away from starting school, but she does tote her owl backpack to daycare and back. Recently, I decided to get practical and buy a backpack of my own... for camping, for hauling kiddo stuff around and for bringing my Whole30 style lunches to work! (Who want's to put food in their purse? Not this messy girl.)

Read on...

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03 September 2012

To Both Of You, With Love

Sarah & Chaka -- September 3, 2011

Sarah & Chaka -- September 3, 2011

Sarah & Chaka -- September 3, 2011

These two gorgeous folks are celebrating their anniversary today! My gosh, how I love them. One year ago I had the honour of documenting their day & I'll never forget what a beautiful celebration of love they showed us all.

Much love, S & C. Shine on.

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02 September 2012

Shelter Valley

Mama's away camping and absolutely enjoying the mellow chill-time. I've been reading in my tent, spending lots of time in the sun & rocking some seriously delicious paleo & Whole30 friendly meals.

I shall return to the real world sometime tomorrow. Hope you're all having a gorgeous long weekend!

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