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31 May 2012

It's Simple

Excellent advice.


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30 May 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} She & I

29 May 2012

Tooth Update 2.0

Today I had a root canal consult. This means that after my dentist told me I needed a root canal, I had to pay a specialist a handsome fee to tell me the same thing, take a few x-rays, press ice against my sensitive teeth and make me cry.

Needless to say, I'm not having a wonderful afternoon.

The positive side? I no longer have two issues. My dentist believed some of the swelling to be caused by a cyst above my gums, closer to my nose. Turns out it's an abscess, caused by the tooth requiring said root canal. Back to one issue & one solution. One excessively costly solution, but I suppose I'll be happy when it's all said and done.


Say what you will for the benefits of free health care in Canada... none of that spills into dental care, which has such a dear impact on the rest of your well being. But I ought to stop whining about it. If I hadn't let my phobias get the best of me as a teen, I might not have so many problems in this area. I'll just scowl and save my pennies.

Think of me June 21st at 8.10am. And then visit me at the shop... cause that's where I'll be when they're through with me.

I may need a hug.

Image source.


What Are YOU Choosing?

28 May 2012

Window Love

Today I might be daydreaming a bit about this space. Can you imagine sipping your morning tea to that view? Stunning.

Part of this actually looks like a painting to me. I'm also maybe wondering how many birds meet their fate against that pane..

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26 May 2012

Gold Dipped Druzy Love

Words cannot express what I feel for this necklace.



25 May 2012

Fawned Friday

You fine cats have been so patient with my lack of Fawned Friday posting lately... thank you for not getting too grumpy! Much love!

Westlake Theatre

01. Vintage sign love.

02. Skully bookshelf sculptures.

03. Tree hooks.

04. Save your food from your fridge.

05. Loving the closeups of this home.

06. Truth.

07. Fabric crush.

08. Graphic print pouches.

09. I adore these bangles.

11. A bit giddy over this wallpaper.

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24 May 2012

{Small Style} The Fisherman's Pullover

I have been thinking about this edition of Small Style for a long time now... ever since Iris first told me she was thinking about knitting a sweater for Gretchen.

Isn't it gorgeous? She took the Fisherman's Pullover pattern and knit it to a tunic length so G can get more life out of it (first as almost a dress, then as a sweater). It's cozy and wonderful and Gretchen was so excited to put it on.

Bopping around, post-market, with her paper bag filled with pierogis.

I love how happy she is to receive handmade goodies like this one... her face filled with wonder and curiosity as she pulled the sweater out of the gift bag Iris handed her. Amazing. She's my star.

Sweater: Fisherman's Pullover c/o Bossy Femme // Leggings: Joe Fresh // Socks: Joe Fresh (We've been calling these her Easter socks... they were bought around the holiday AND she thinks they look like Easter eggs... so cute) // Shoes: TOMS via Save Ours Soles

If you've got a Ravelry account you can pop over here to see Iris' project & find the pattern.

Linking up with Mama Loves Papa.

PS. Iris just posted all about the sweater over on her blog. Check it out.. and then keep scrolling through her site because you'll be totally addicted in no time. 

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23 May 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Downtown

22 May 2012

Tooth Update

I visited the emergency room for a second time Sunday morning and after a surprisingly quick visit (on a long weekend!), they still think I might have an infected tooth, but now I'm now taking a much stronger antibiotic AND painkiller. It's been a pretty terrible experience, and I'll admit after five days of extreme pain I'm getting a little haggard. My face was swollen beyond recognition yesterday, but thankfully, today I no longer look like Harry after Hermione hits him with that stinging hex. Yikes.

Fingers crossed the dentist will have something positive to say to me tomorrow afternoon!


Green Machine

I'm trying to get back into the green smoothie swing of things and I'm hoping you'll share some of your favourite recipesWhat do you like best? What do your kids like best? Tips, tricks?


PS. Remember when I didn't drink coffee for seven whole months? I might give that a shot again. Something tells me I'll feel better with that out of my system for the summer. Tea it is!

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21 May 2012


This would be so fun to recreate with different quotes or sayings... I'd love to do this at my shop.

Spotted on The Selby.


19 May 2012

Friday Afternoon, Post-Daycare

Oh mommy, look at your necklace! It's just beautiful!!

Do you want to hold it?


Be sure to hold it carefully.

Why mama? Is it very fragile?

Yes, it is.

Ok, you hold it. I don't want it to break. Mommy? Can you hold my picture? I don't want Winston to eat it.


18 May 2012

I'd Rather Be In Labour

Yesterday I did something I've never done before.

Oh wait... two things.

The first is that I took painkillers with codeine in them. Not a fun experience... especially when I was supposed to be driving. The second is that I went to emerg with tooth pain, and promptly fell asleep while waiting.

Long story short: At the end of February I had work done... and now ONE of those teeth is possibly infected. My face is swollen and I'm taking more ibuprofen & acetaminophen than I did post-childbirth. Ick. The emerg doc prescribed antibiotics, so my fingers are now crossed that they take care of all this nonsense so I don't end up having to undergo a whack more dental work. I've never HOPED for an infection before... but when the other side might mean nerve damage and a root canal I'LL TAKE ALL THE INFECTION YOU CAN MUSTER, MR. TOOTH.

This is the bag full of ice that I held against my face while waiting in the emergency room yesterday afternoon. It smelled funny.

So now I'm poking mashed potatoes into my mouth since chewing is out of the question, and I'll be smearing my poor tooth with clove oil before bed. My face is completely swollen... just holding my mouth closed is painful and sometimes when I'm speaking I knock a bottom tooth against it and then I feel like I might faint. ICK AGAIN. I'm hoping these antibiotics start to make SOME kind of difference before I teach a seven hour private prenatal course on Sunday. Again... cross those fingers, eh?

Think happy toothy thoughts for me. 



16 May 2012

Lilacs, Tea & Other Miracles


Well now, that's pretty darn true if you ask me. I spied this one my new fav tumblr. So much sweetness. And it's certainly been a week of SERIOUS tea-ing. Two births, one just yesterday... and many cups of tea sipped by this doula. Things are going swimmingly at the shop, and I start a new prenatal course session tonight. Busy like whoa, but I like it this way. Every now and then I need to fall down and be still a few hours, but I really can't complain. Life has been wonderful to me and I'm smiling so much lately.. my cheeks hurt!

Yesterday, just before bedtime, Gretchen and I took a lilac picking stroll through our park and marveled at how beautiful life is. As we strolled down the path, she said to me: "Mama, it's just so beautiful. Can you hardly believe it?"

Oh yes babe. I believe it.

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14 May 2012


13 May 2012

For All The Mamas

For all the mamas, new & old, expectant & birthing... much love!

This morning Gretchen & I paid a little visit to my mama, at her flea market, and now we're rockin' out at the shop together til later this afternoon when we have a Silver Bean coffee/knit love date with one Bossy Femme. A lovely Mother's Day Sunday indeed.



08 May 2012

Can I Hug Him?

I'm just a wee bit obsessed with this giant bunnykins. How sweet is he?? Reminds me of this post from March 2011. My gosh they're cute.


07 May 2012

Good Morning!

Just a wee bit of cute for your Monday morn...


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03 May 2012

Day Four

Today is my fourth day as owner of Tango & I'm having a blast. So busy, so crazy, no sleep, smiling, happy, wonderful! It's all a whirlwind & I'm loving every single moment. Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by over the last three days to visit and shop and give congrats. You guys are making this an amazing experience and I'm so happy to be an official bizgal. I've always thought about owning a shop and now that dream is coming through in a fabulous way. 

I've been making orders, reorganizing the shop and getting to know the customers one by one. I'm really enjoying being downtown all day everyday and so grateful that G is still loving her daycare. I'm definitely looking forward to our special weekend plans together too. She's psyched to visit the shop & soon I'll be adding a children's area for my mama customers, so their little ones can colour and play while they shop. It's something I know I always appreciate in stores and so I've decided it might be a nice idea here as well. She's been asking to come to work with me and she's such a great helper. 

I've certainly been an absentee blogger for the last little bit, so I'll apologize and promise to share more shop updates as things carry on. Fingers crossed for a shipment from Shabby Apple! Should be here this week!

Peace, love & all things awesome.