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31 December 2010

Wrapping Up 2010

Two-thousand-ten has been a big year. A wonderful year.

Gretchen turned one, she took her first steps... I started my doula training, the boy started a band, we enjoyed our friends and our life here in East City.

I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring our way.

out & about

A few my favourite posts from the past twelve months...

Who Knew
The Frugal Fawn
Wherein I Try To Remember To Slow Down
Babywearing Love
Side Braids Are For...
A Typical Day At The House Of Fawn
On Traumatic Mama Moments & Reaching My Child
Because I Want All These Moments To Last And Last

And now, dear hearts, come share your favourite posts, or photos, or moment from 2010... what did this year mean to you?

PS. Thank you to Steph, for the link up idea! I can't wait to read everyone's posts!
PPS. You should all hop on over to Adventures In Babywearing... check the left sidebar for a familiar face.
PPS. If you want a little giggle, check out this video of the boy & I, from last NYE.

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Fawned Friday

I completely missed out on my Fawned Friday hit on Christmas Eve... so many busy days... all blending together in a haze of lights and cookies and presents... but I'm sure you all understand. The holidays have been SO good to us, here at the House of Fawn and I'm incredibly thankful.

So without further ado, a new day, a new week & a new dose of Fawned Friday... I hope this makes up my absence last week!

Central Valley Flyway 1

01. Fly away home.

02. A little letterpress love.

03. Handmade tea time.

04. These shiny leggings are pretty badass.

05. Some resolutions.

06. The greatness of green tea.

07. A totally rad antler poster.

08. Oh so cute.

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29 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Baby Bear)

She's Almost Two (And Almost Too Big For Her Entire Wardrobe)

A few weeks ago, I got stuck in a cycle of getting Gretchen dressed right from the laundry basket each morning. Clothing would get washed.. folded.. and then never quite make it up the stairs, and so this continued for a while until I was tired of the baskets taking up real estate on the stairs and in the hallway.

Eventually I knew it was time to clean out her dresser, just in case I could toss some of the smaller items into storage, or the giveaway pile.

As I dug through her drawers, I realized that there wasn't a single item in her entire dresser that still fit her. Every piece was too small... too short... so tiny. I folded the little shirts and onesies, placing them in a little pile inside a Rubbermaid container for "the next baby" and marveled at how much my tiny girl has grown.

they grow up too fast

When did this happen? From baby to toddler in the space of a breath. Even our fabulous daycare provider noticed how much TALLER she'd become over the last month or so... her 18M snowsuit no longer fits... she's got her daddy's long, long torso.

they grow up too fast

When was she small? I can't quite remember. These items all stacked so sweetly remind me of those days, but they almost seem unreal.

When she lays on my chest to nurse, I can hardly imagine her tiny body curled up in my arms. When she's running and chatting, signing and singing... she's my little girl now, my toddler, my child. She's got personality like you wouldn't believe, opinions, ideas... she's clever, she's crafty & she amazes me every single day.

In exactly one month she'll turn two and then I'll cry.

But I don't think I'll be sad.

Not like that.

Each age has been my absolutely favourite so far and I'm thrilled at the idea of what's to come. The "terrific twos" are going to be amazing and challenging and rewarding and I'm ready.

Let's take these steps together, little babe.

One... at... a... time.

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28 December 2010

The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Forty Three

the tuesday diptych project

Johanna: Meet Star-Paco (named by my niece and nephew) the amazing hairless cat. She's the newest family member to my sister's family. She's quite the character if I do say so myself and can definitely stand her own.

Desiree: Christmas might be over, but we're still celebrating... with sights and scents and holiday spirit. New Year's Eve is right around the corner, as is Gretchen's 2nd (gasp!) birthday. January will be a wonderful month!

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27 December 2010

The Christmas Day Love List

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

christmas morn

♥ Waking extra early with a babe who was excited, despite not fully understand why she should be excited
♥ Sipping tea while waiting for the rest of the Christmas morning crew to wake up/arrive
♥ Seeing her take in all of the gifts under the tree & being amazed when she left them be, only to snuggle up with me on the couch
♥ Opening gifts with family while Gretchen chose to spend most of her morning sitting inside a box, emptying and filling one little gift bag over and over again
♥ A breakfast of quiche (which the boy made from scratch), fruit, crescent rolls, coffee & Bailey's
♥ Shrieks of laughter from one very happy baby/Jedi-in-training
♥ Gretchen falling asleep within two minutes of latching onto the boob after her busy, busy morning
♥ Happy nursing babies, sleepy eyes and soft, soft cheeks
♥ Wonderfully thoughtful presents from my boy... raw amber earrings... tasty chocolates... and the sexiest crock pot imaginable (yes sexy, and yes, I asked for one!)
♥ A wonderful holiday season, a peaceful day & the least stressful Christmas imaginable

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The Christmas Eve Love List

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

christmas eve

♥ Basking in the glow of our beloved Christmas tree
♥ Enjoying a walk together in the park... just the three of us and all that snow
♥ Snapping photos of myself & the boy together (in which neither of us is making a silly face)
♥ Watching Gretchen run around in her little puffy pink snowsuit
♥ Spending the afternoon with family
♥ Listening to Gretchen's reaction to all the Christmas lights as we drive home
♥ Stopping to snap pics of one particularly fabulous home... in all its lit up & musical glory
♥ Snuggling the babe to bed with anticipation of a wonderful morning
♥ Enjoying a mellow evening with my boy
♥ Playing Santa & tiptoeing about
♥ Falling asleep happily... waiting for the dawn

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26 December 2010

A Christmas Morning Preview

One excited nearly-two-year-old + two parents who love Star Wars + one generous uncle who always chooses the best toys = one happy Christmas morning!

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25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Wishing you the very best on this day & all days! With love!


24 December 2010

On A Bright & Shiny Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Day, dear hearts!

christmas eve day

This morning we enjoyed a walk through the park, the boy, the babe & I. At one point, Gretchen flipped herself over that green railing in the distance, landing face first in the snowbank. Thankfully, she's rather good humoured about things like that and after I picked her up & brushed off all the snow, she was happy as can be.

This afternoon we're headed out to visit with Ryan's family, and in the morning, my mother and brother will join us for quiche, crescent rolls, bacon, coffee, Bailey's and all things Christmassy & fabulous!

How are you spending your holiday weekend, mes amis? I hope it's with friends and family, lovely moments and lots of cheer.

Sending love to you & yours,

Happy Christmas, from the House of Fawn.


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22 December 2010

The One Where We Drink Egg Nog & Wrap Up All The Presents

A few nights ago, one of my dear hearts & I spent our evening drinking homemade egg nog and wrapping up some of our Christmas presents. It was wonderful!

Christmas movies playing in the background, bourbony nog in our bellies (Ryan has mastered the recipe), and lots of pretty paper, ribbons and gift tags all around.

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

Here you can spy a few of Gretchen's gifts... mostly books (including Olivia Saves the Circus, Star Wars ABC and Boo Hoo Bird), her cute little jammies (Joe Fresh) and her jingle bells (Michaels).

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

As of late, she's been absolutely enamoured with bells. She grabs them all down from our tree, shakes them vigorously and sings Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs. She's quite the little songstress -- this and the alphabet song are among her favourites. I also sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas while we brush her teeth so that she's distracted enough for me to get all the raisin gook out of her molars.

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

In that glass? The tastiest nog. Click back to this post for the recipe! Also pictured here are some of the cute gift tags I was talking about... more too come.

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

These kept us highly sugared all evening long, and well into the next day. This is probably the only time I've had red food dye in the house all year... but after a bit of bourbon in your belly, you get a little wild. And by wild, I mean snacky.

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

I love wrapping up gifts for my little girl! I can just imagine her excitement on Christmas morning. Last year she was completely thrilled, but THIS time around, she's really starting to understand the feelings that come with seeing wrapped up gifts under the tree. I can't wait!

the wrapping & egg nog shindig

Hurray, for a lovely collection of gifts for the babe (and for daddio). I still have a few more to wrap (and one gift that might be too big to wrap, but I'll do my best) and several which actually haven't come in the mail yet. Uh oh.

Have you finished all of your wrapping and gift buying/making? Will anyone be hitting the shops tomorrow/Christmas eve? The boy & I managed to do a little more errand running this afternoon, but downtown actually wasn't as busy as I'd imagined. It was quite nice actually. And we got to have a little lunch date together, which doesn't happen so often.

I hope that you're all in relaxation mode for the holidays and that you're not letting any of those stresses seep in. Enjoy the moments, mes amis. Hot cocoa, Bailey's in your coffee, soft blankets, warm fires, tasty treats and kind words. Take care!


If you're wondering where I found all those delightful FREE printable tags, check out my post over at Mom Spark! So simple & they look fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Happy Wednesday! Peace!


Vintage Wedding Love

vintage wedding love

Don't you just love that they are all sitting down like that? Brilliant. And so intimate. I'll be swooning over this all day.

See more from this gorgeous wedding here.

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Wordless Wednesday (That Christmas Glow)

21 December 2010

Side Braids Are For...

side braid love

When your favourite hat creates a matted rat's nest at the back of your head and you can't imagine brushing you hair even one more time.

When your hair keeps dipping into your tea or oatmeal in the wee hours of the morning while you're trying to figure out how it's possible to function on such little sleep.

When you have to leave the house, but wearing a balaclava would seem a little too eccentric, but you also haven't showered for three days (and then you also wear a cute little knit hat becuase then the sloppiness looks intentional).

When you want pigtails, but can only find one really stretched out elastic that you once used to hold shut the cupboard under your sink so that the baby didn't eat all the Borax.

When you're feeling as peachy as pie and you get a compliment from your boy because, actually, he thinks you're super cute and digs the side braid like he digs your smile.


This gal rocks a mean side braid too. So does this gal, and this one, and this one (whose glasses are adorable).

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The Winter Solstice

happy winter solstice

happy winter solstice

Happy Winter Solstice! Wishing you peace & happiness today, mes amis.

Snuggle your loved ones, sip hot tea, or curl up with your favourite book. Tonight, I plan on doing some Christmas baking with the little miss... date squares perhaps, sugar cookies... oatmeal & chocolate.

What are your plans, dear hearts?

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19 December 2010

On A Sunday Night In December

After a few days of feeling like my body was staging a mutiny, I'm beginning to feel much less miserable. It was a serious attack of the acronyms... PMS... UTI... so awful and especially painful when combined. However, now I'm feeling nearly-right-as-rain and TONIGHT I'm going to enjoy my Present Wrapping & Egg Nog Party. A perfect theme for a party, non? Never mind the fact that it is an impromptu party, consisting of only the boy, myself and our dear friend Karen -- I'm calling it a party!

I've already set out all of our wrapping essentials... tape, pretty papers, ribbons & freshly printed gift tags (created by the fabulous Chantilly of My Girl Thursday fame). Then there's the egg nog making, courtesy of Heather's tasty recipe! And yes, there will be bourbon.

I'm very excited to wrap up all of Gretchen's little gifts, some from Santa, some from us and some from the reindeer, becuase my mama always made me tags signed by Rudolph... and sometimes Mrs. Claus. And I always felt so special knowing the entire North Pole crew had teamed up to send me such lovely gifts.

The house feels especially cozy tonight. Despite the heat being set relatively low, there's a warmth that won't quit. The candles are glowing and filling the house with a delightful piney scent. Our tree is artificial this year, but with a little Christmas trickery, I can close my eyes and pretend it's real.

le tree

I hope you all have a wonderfully festive & relaxing Sunday evening planned as well. May your fires burn especially bright & may you suffer no paper cuts while wrapping up those gifts.

Have a lovely holiday-esque night, mes amis.

PS. For those desiring a little egg nog love tonight, this is Heather's quickie blender recipe: 2 cups milk, 2 eggs, 2 shots rum (or brandy, or whiskey, or nothing), 1/3 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla & a little cinnamon to taste. Mix in blender, top with a dash o' nutmeg. Drink up & enjoy!


Beyond So Fawned: Check out my two latest post over at Mom Spark, here & here.

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17 December 2010

Daybook Love

I think today would be a good day for my fourth entry in The Simple Woman's Daybook...

♥ Outside my window... there's an abundance of snow.

♥ I am thinking... that we're most definitely going to have a snowy & magical Christmas this year. (A few years back there was no snow on Christmas day and it was a little heartbreaking.)

♥ I am thankful for... my partner's mother who has come in to visit with Gretchen tonight so that I may enjoy a Girls' Night Out with my dear friend Heidi (who has just begun working on this blog).

♥ From the kitchen... my pork chops are finished after a day in the crock pot (but I'm going out for Indian food).

♥ I am wearing... my favourite jeans, although for most of my day I stayed in my pajama pants (re: the boy's pajama pants), because my tummy wasn't feeling so good.

♥ I am creating... a completely peaceful feeling about the holidays. No stress here, we're nearly set, and even if we're not, there's nothing to be done by worrying. Be still & go gently.

♥ I am going... to BlogHer'11 this summer. I have decided.

♥ I am reading... so many blogs that I can hardly squeeze you all in, but please know I try my best to comment as much as my speedy fingers will allow.

♥ I am hoping... that the antibiotics I'm taking will stop making me sick & that my tummy will feel better soon.

♥ I am hearing... the sounds of Gretchen and her gramma, together in the living room (or possibly eating dinner together).

♥ Around the house... things are looking quite festive and rather tidy (if I do say so myself).

♥ One of my favorite things... is stout. A good, thick, drink-it-like-a-meal stout.

♥ A few plans for the rest of the week... a coffee date, a baby shower, meeting a friend's new son & at the end of it all, enjoying a most fabulous Christmas celebration with my friends and family.

♥ A photo for thought...

oh so sleepy

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Guest Post: Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Car Seat Safety!

Hello, friends! I'm really excited to be sharing this guest post from my friend Emma: The Car Seat Expert! She has kindly put together this fabulous post all about the installation and use of car seats!

gretchen & georgia In the summertime, Emma actually spotted this photo on my blog and sent a message to help me correct the strap positioning above Gretchen's shoulders! Thank goodness!

Enjoy this must-read post! You'll be glad you did!



Fawned Friday

I'm not sure if you've heard, but my most favourite holiday is just eight days away and I'm filled to the brim with excitement! There is a palpable vibe in our home... Christmas music, holiday television specials and movies from my childhood, candles that smell like Christmas cookies and cookies that taste like heaven!

I hope you enjoy another seasonal week of Fawned Friday bliss! Have a fabulous weekend!
 the most adorable coat hanger tree

01.The neatest coat hanger tree.

02. An adorable handmade Christmas pin.

03. Chockablock with Christmas inspiration.

04. Delightful gingerbread house love.

05. I absolutely adore the snow.

06. This would make for a fun family shindig.

07. How cute are these cookies?

08. Such a beautiful wintry scene.

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16 December 2010

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday we woke up to a a 13 degree house & a broken furnace & the coldest day so far this winter. Minus 20 outside with lots of snow! Thankfully, with a little help from some space heaters, we were able to make the house tolerable again until around 7pm when we could finally get the furnace repaired.

So, this morning, I'm VERY happy to have a toasty warm home and lots of warm tea for my belly. And this video, which will keep me smiling for a week!

Adorable, right? Have a wonderful day, mes amis!

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14 December 2010

The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Forty Two

the tuesday diptych project

Johanna: The long cold days mean that we stay in more and be cozy. It seems that cookie making is the perfect activity when the thermostat drops to -20 degrees celsius. Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Desiree: Lately all I can think about is homemade hot cocoa. It's purely delicious & warming to the soul. And I need some of that these days.


13 December 2010

Savouring Babyhood

Earlier this week I had another one of those moments.

My breath catches, my heart flutters and I see my baby transformed into a little girl. When I look into that sleepy face, I feel as though I'm looking into the future.

sleepy girl

She's absolutely beautiful & sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am that she's mine.

sleepy girl

Her cheeks are still as smooth and soft as the night she was born... her eyelashes are perfect, little feathers.

sleepy girl

When she's nursing she likes to hold my hand & tucks her little fist into my palm, warm & sweet.

Sometimes when she sees me she coos, "hi sweetie" in her tiny little voice, because I've said it so many times to her.

sleepy girl

I watched her for a long time that afternoon... memorizing every detail, soaking up every moment.

She'll be two next month.

But she'll always be my baby.

My little fawn, my love, my life. 

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11 December 2010

The Canuck & The Kiwi

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with Elly, a dear bloggy friend from New Zealand, who is currently on a bit of a trek as she moves to the UK. I was incredibly happy that her visit to Ontario included a stop in Toronto, which meant we were able to meet!

Our afternoon in Peterborough included a drive around town, bevvy's at Natas, lunch at The Olde Stone & (yes!) a trip to the Lift Lock. Much less fun in the wintertime, but we still hopped out, froze our toes & snapped some pictures.

liftlock love with elly

I kind of loved being a tourist in my own town. I live just a few blocks from the Locks, but I guess I don't think about them much since I see them almost every day. They're not the Eiffel Tower or anything, but they're still kind of cool.

After our little tour, we stopped back at my house where we consumed yummy Kiwi treats (including Perky Nana, Marmite, a Whittaker's Peanut Slab and some chocolate fish) and then, we went on a squirrel hunt.

Actually, Elly had never seen a squirrel before, and after seeing a fluffy black one running down the length of our fence, she wanted to find more. Insanely enough (considering our neighbourhood is usually overrun with the furry beasts) it took us a LONG time to find another. We walked through the park, down by the river, and up to Nicholl's Oval where I FINALLY spied this guy hanging out in a tree:

we're going on a squirrel hunt

I'm assuming all of the squirrels were just hiding from the bitter cold we were being treated to that afternoon. Brrrr. My fingers are chilly just thinking about it.

looking for squirrels
The boy & I on our squirrel expedition. Photo taken by Elly.

Our visit was so much fun & I'm thrilled that I was able to meet another blogging friend from so far away. I was so glad to have met you, Elly!

Hmm... this is making me think more & more about a possible BlogHer'11 trip next summer... fingers crossed. Who's going?

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Now I Know My ABCs...

Just a quick little video to show off some of Gretchen's alphabet singing skills.

Oh so sweet.

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Parade Night 2010

I really love family traditions, especially during the holiday season. We've created a few of our own so far... putting up the tree early, while sipping egg nog, watching the fire(place channel) and listening to Christmas music... driving around to enjoy all the twinkling lights on the homes in our city... and attending The Santa Claus Parade.

In 2008, I was (very) pregnant and watched the parade from the window of the soap shop I was working at. In 2009, the boy & I took Gretchen to that same spot to watch the parade outside (with trips inside to warm up), much like Parade Night 2010.

parade night 2009

parade night 2010

Both years she loved the parade, and both years we were very, very cold. Thank goodness for snowsuits & hot chocolate (& very fuzzy hats).

Did you watch any holiday parades this year? What's your favourite part?

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