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30 April 2010

Fawned Friday

Hush, hush -- I don't want to jinx it, but we're feeling pretty darn good today. Fingers crossed.

Happy fawning.

01. Remind me to find a canoe someday.

02. Stitchy bird.

03. The sexiest of specs.

04. Polaroid love.

05. Little birdies for you wall. (Thanks Jodie!)

06. This clutch looks so soft & buttery.

07. I love our vintage beater.

08. Simply delightful stripes.

09. I love a sexy Stormtrooper. (Thank you Christina!)

10. Wooden moon puzzle.

11. Gretchen would love this log truck.

12. Birch down.

Wishing you love & sunshine. Happy weekend.

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28 April 2010

Welcome To The Germ Infested House Of Fawn

Remember how I thought we were getting better? Forget it.

Today was MISERABLE.

Coughing all last night, sad baby all day long.

We spent some serious cuddle/nursing time together today, trying to get it all out of our systems. It's so awful to watch a sad sick baby. She just looks so confused & hurt when she can't stop coughing.

I managed to haul our icky selves to the health food shop to grab some rosemary, lavender & eucalyptus oils and boy howdy, do they ever help. I sometimes forget the power of aromatherapy -- I really need to make it my first defense from now on.

Thanks for all of your kind messages & well wishes -- hopefully we'll ACTUALLY be on the mend soon! I'm not sure our noses can take much more blowing!



Note: The boy is completely healthy without even the slightest hint of a cold. This makes me pretty happy, however. I'm not sure I could take care of TWO babies at once & live to tell about it.


Wordless Wednesday (Captain Spaghetti Head)

27 April 2010

The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Thirteen

Desiree (left): I am so happy to have conquered this sickness. The sun & warm winds have helped to heal me and I'm so grateful for the quickly approaching summer season. Our yard is in full bloom, with pinks and red, yellows and purples. Days have been spent outside, windows have been opened and everything is feeling bright & airy. I want to breath it all in.

Johanna (right): This photo was inspired by a favourite blogger of mine Nadia from La Porte Rouge. I was instantly drawn to her whimsical photo and wanted to do an interpretation of it. I also love photos like these, the ones where you take a photo directly looking down at your feet, because to me they say a lot about where you as the photographer are at that very moment. It documents and provides a record of a special place and time, sort of like telling a little story. And so this photo was taken today in my backyard as I waited for my baby to wake up from his nap. Right now I am loving our little backyard, our little front yard and our little house so much. I am trying to remember to enjoy my time in this house because of the very possible move that we will be making in the not so far away future. I wanted to take a photo of myself and this little piece of land that is ours- our home, because someday it will no longer be ours and all I will have are these memories and photos to look back on.


26 April 2010

Seeking Sage Advice From Seasoned Pros

Today I pose a question:

What is your best piece of advice for managing life as a WAHM?

There are some days when I have it under control: articles are being finished, dishes get done, I manage to shower & my kid is happy. Other days my mind is a blur, my eyes are barely open, Gretchen has breakfast on her forehead at bedtime & it's 3am before I make my way to sleepytown.

At work in the office -- taken by the boy.

Do you have a schedule, or are you days less structured? Do you have help, or are you solo during the day? Do you measure your coffee intake in cups or buckets?

Tell me, dear friends, what works for you?


Note: As I write this post, my left eye is twitching. Is that a sign?

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The Peaceful Quaker Cloister

Doesn't this home make you feel instantly welcome? Like a part of the family?

The floors are so rich & warm, the kitchen hearth is to die for and everything feels like home.

(I was also just saying a couple days ago that I actually enjoy painted brick, but only in very light shades. We've even got a painted brick column in our bedroom here.)

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25 April 2010

Playsilk Love

I've recently begun my own personal studies in the Waldorf way of life. It's something that I've always been interested and it truly speak to me, and to the simplistic way of life that we are moving toward. I'm still a beginner at this point, but hope to learn as much as I possibly can.

To start, I ordered some lovely playsilks to dye for baby G. They arrived in the mail the other day and I've since dyed two of them, using the natural dyeing tutorial from Bluebirdbaby.

Pot one: cranberry tea, pot two: blueberries!

Soaking up all of the lovely colour.

Drying on the line.

Waiting in the wind.

The colours are a little off since I took these pictures at dusk, but if you visit my previous post you can see how the purple (blueberry) silk turned out.

I can't wait to try out some different colours -- must remember to find some tumeric!


PS. If you have any favourite Waldorf inspired blogs or websites that you enjoy yourself, I'd love for you to share. Merci.


I'm Starting To Feel Like A Human Once Again

My word. I feel like my head's been on a different planet these past few days. This whole cold business is miserable and disorienting. Tonight I feel about 80% like myself -- a nice long shower, plus a hearty pasta dinner definitely helped.

I love feeling like a human being again.

Though my writing's been scant this past week, I have been keeping up in photos, some of which I'll share now. Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having with my new 50mm lens? I'm in love.

Tell me friends, how has your week been?


PS. Thank you for the lovely camera present, Madame Buttercup!

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Twitterpated Birdcage Chandelier Love

This chandelier is so delightfully whimsical & charming!

Perfect for a playroom? Office? It would be wonderful in a foyer, oui? Hmm, I can picture a whole beautiful room based around these colours -- so bright, so fun!

And the name. Twitterpated? Cute, cute, cute.


24 April 2010

Colour Week: Purple

Is it really the end of Colour Week already? It's been so neat just trying to spot one particular colour each day -- I always love a new photography challenge.

Purple proved to be a difficult hue to hunt down.

Gretchen is clutching one of her newly dyed playsilks!

I hope you all had a lovely week!

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23 April 2010

Colour Week: Orange

I'm crossing my fingers that today was the worst of our collective cold. This morning I woke up with a full body ache -- could barely move & wanted to sleep forever. Thankfully the boy let me sleep in (though really this just throws the whole day off, Gretchen's naps are askew and I can't get all my work done -- but the thought is nice!) Hopefully it's all downhill from here.

Now, on to the orange!

She's still a little frustrated by this octo-toy as she has yet to squeeze the legs hard enough to make a sound herself -- but LOVES when mama or daddio plays a tune.

A tiny part of the ever growing baby library. We actually own two copies of Goodnight Moon, since the first copy is rather waterlogged, but still readable. I found the 2nd for about $3 used, so I had to snatch it up!

The little one LOVES to play in the sand -- and to dump it on her feet and onto the pets. (If you're so interested, I recently reviewed this sand table on Mom Ok'd.)

Did I ever post about this toy? And the fact that it says the word "roar" instead of making the actual animal sound? I should also note that when we bought this toy (months ago) the boy set every single one in the store off at the same time. We're scene causers.

Colour Week: Hosted by Young Ones.


PS. If you've been playing along and posting each day for Colour Week, please link me to your blog so that I might come & visit! Merci!

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A Raffle For Liam

Liam is a little sweetheart with a neuromuscular disorder called spinal muscular atrophy. His mama Lynn (of Satsuma Press fame) has lovingly organized a raffle to help raise funds to build a completely accessible bathroom for this adorable 6-year-old. 50 artists & studios have come together to offer beautiful prizes for this wonderful cause. Take a moment to visit their site -- you’ll be glad you did!

Fawned Friday

A pesky cold is hovering over the house of Fawn this week, however, this little collection of Friday fawning has me smiling nonetheless.

I hope you're all feeling fabulous & well!

01. So smitten with this image ce matin.

02. Love this window box.

03. Thinking pink.

04. Sweet suitcase furniture.

05. I long to be a country girl.

06. What a pretty cupcake.

07. More swooning.

08. Enjoying the irresistible weather.

09. A sweet little collection of silverware.

10. A bevy of brooches.

11. Gorgeous wooden puzzles.

Bon weekend!

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