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30 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Evening Walks With My Little Lass)

29 November 2011

Day 29: Some Place I'd Like To Visit

New York City is a place I'd like to visit... and a place I will be visiting in the summertime. Looking forward to BlogHer'12, oh yes yes yes! I'll admit I'm a tiny bit nervous about the trip.. I'm a smallish town kinda gal, but I'm also pretty ballsy. I can't wait to discover the city with my bloggy kin.

Image sources: 1, 2, 3 & 4.


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A Little BBC Love

Had to share this video today... once again, the BBC impresses me to no end.


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28 November 2011

Day 28: A Skill I'd Like To Learn

Lately I've been swooning over photos of knit items for sweet little toddlers. I've dabbled in knitting and crocheting over the years, but I've never managed very well. Sewing tends to be where I've gravitated (something about the instant gratification I'm sure), but I'd love to carry a project with me and be able to knit or crotchet away wherever I may be.

Thankfully, I have a handful of local lovelies who are rather talented in this field... including one who owns a yarn shop. How have I not taken full advantage of these facts yet? Sheesh, Des. Get to it!

For now, I'm drooling over these beauties...

fair isle yoke cardi

Elephant Gilet

So much sweetness.

Do you make your own baby clothes? Do you have any beginner tips or patterns to share?


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Mondays Are For Cozy Sweaters & Coffee

A new week, a new start. Today, I'll be hanging out at Glow, chatting with mamas and watching the Christmas excitement downtown. I also plan on making a list of all the things I'd like to get sewn up before the big day. Finances and frugality may have dictated a low key Christmas this year anyhow, but to be honest, I'd much rather cozy up with my sewing machine and patterns, than head out to the mall. Any purchased gifts will a) books, b) handmade items by my crafty friends or c) items found in the downtown core. Live local, shop local, support small business.

Have you been crafting this holiday season? I hope you'll share below. I'm also always looking for new patterns to sew up for Gretchen as well, so feel free to comment with link to your favourite tutorials!

Wishing you a lovely (warm) Monday, dear hearts. Peace.

Image source.

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27 November 2011

Day 27: Myself, One Year Ago

Last November.
Actually, I'm wearing that same cardigan & belt today.
Some things never change.

Some really do.



26 November 2011

Day 26: Something I'm Looking Forward To

a little pre-christmas cheer

one year ago, november 2009

our peacock tree

Christmas this year, mes amis, that's what I'm looking forward to. I can't wait to be watching vintage holiday specials with Gretchen, sipping homemade egg nog, making gifts for my daughter, decorating the tree and the rest of our home. I'm looking forward to snow, and the Santa Claus parade, and baking, and time spent with family & friends.

This morning we're heading to the farmer's market, and afterward, there's a local craft show that I think we'll check out. So many talented folks in my hometown. I think we'll also get our tree up this weekend sometime... that always sets the tone for the season. Gretchen has a tiny tree in her room right now, and she's been asking about "the big tree". So glad she's excited!


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25 November 2011

Day 25: The Contents Of My Purse

In my purse (thrifted before I went to San Diego) you'll find... BabyEtte ring sling, iPhone (ie. my brain), Rescue Remedy, Knit Happens button (although I'm not entirely sure where it came from), three keys (for my house and the shop), two pouches containing cash, cards and ID, a patriotic pen, and lastly, a crayon roll for Gretchen.



Fawned Friday

01. I'm swooning over these slippers.

02. This ring is stunning.

03. I do love hot chocolate.

04. Incredible earrings.

05. I may need to try this.

06. Beauties to warm your wrists.

07. The sweetest little shakers.

08. This totally belongs in my kitchen.

09. Super cute jacket.

10. More stripey love.

11. Buttons!

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Day 24: Something That Means A Lot To Me


Every single moment spent with my daughter. She's my sweetie sweets.


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23 November 2011

Day 23: Eight Things You Didn't Know About Me

Want to learn a little more about me, mes amis? I share a lot on the blog, but I bet I can think up at least eight things that are newish to you... here we go!

01. I started my La Leche League leader training this year.
02. I want to be a surrogate mother.
03. I try to hide my bizarre OCD tendencies.
04. I was a baby model.
05. If I'd been a boy, my mother would have named me Cashmere.
06. I've never seen Pulp Fiction.
07. I don't get embarrassed.
08. I don't know a single Justin Bieber song.

PS. Check out last November's fifteen facts.


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22 November 2011

Day 22: Some Place I’ve Traveled

As you all know, just a few months ago, I was in San Diego for BlogHer'11 -- and it was fantastic. I've already been daydreaming about '12 in NYC. (Fingers crossed that this gal joins me there!)


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21 November 2011

Day 21: Something I Could Never Tire Of

Day 20: A Childhood Anecdote

For my 5th birthday, I did something which might be nightmarish to mothers everywhere. Honestly, if Gretchen ever pulls a similar stunt... well, my own mom will probably grin and gloat.

For my 5th birthday, instead of inviting 10 friends, I may have invited about 40. Oh yes. Every single kid from kindergarten, plus all the kids from my neighbourhood. And maybe I didn't tell my mom until they all started showing up. Thankfully, she and I share the freakishly-resourceful-under-pressure gene, and so she managed to pull it off with very few hitches. And the mountain of presents? Oh yes. All for me. What a little brat I must have been.

Thank goodness I was cute.

I figure I must have been a big fan of Robert Munsch's Moira's Birthday.



Day 19: A Silly Self-Portrait

the silly one

I'm crossing my fingers that no customers saw me make this face as I snapped it quickly behind the counter. Somewhere out there, my bosses are shaking their heads at me.



19 November 2011

Day 18: What I Wore Today

Sweater: Bluenotes
Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Tights: Vero Moda, TiaStar.com 
Socks: Joe Fresh

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18 November 2011

Day 17: My Family

Day 16: Someone Who Inspires Me

Without a doubt, Ina May Gaskin is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Her birth teachings, her entire life and attitude are absolutely beautiful. She's a life-changing woman and I'm so grateful for every single thing she's done as the mother of modern midwifery. I carry her book, Spiritual Midwifery, like a bible and I always bring her philosophies into my life as a doula and prenatal educator. She has done so much for women. I cannot wait to visit the community where she lives in Tennessee. Someday, it'll happen. I promise. And until then, I'll carry her words in my heart forever.

Photo source.


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Fawned Friday

01. Loving this a lot.

02. I really need to make one of these.

03. Oh goodness golly. I can't wait to try this recipe.

04. Brilliant. You KNOW I'll be making a ton of these this holiday season.

05. Yummy, yummy.

06. I bet these'll make you giggle.

07. Awesome bedroom inspiration for kiddos.

08. How wicked is this bed?

09. Cute.

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Day 15: Some Style Inspiration For The Season

Images via Pinterest.


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