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29 January 2013

Happy Fourth Birthday, My Love

My (not so) little Fawn turned four today & she has grown into the most wonderful human. I absolutely adore her and I'm thankful for the close relationship we have. She's my love, my life. My heart. She teaches me so much about life, about living. She's got a zest for learning and trying new things. Looking back over these last four years, I can hardly believe all those little changes actually happened.... from the day she was born, pulled up onto my belly. "Did you squeeze me tight?" she asked as I explained that she was laid on my stomach just after she emerged. "Oh yes, I squeezed you tight."

I love how curious she is about her world, and how she gets a thrill over learning new skills. She has recently mastered the "th" sound and is now quite specific, and will sometimes pause, in order to get it just right. (She has also added it to a few other words where it doesn't exist, which makes me smile a lot, as in "Whathhh are we having for dinner, mama?"

Today she wished me a happy birth day too. I think she understands how important it is to me to talk about her birth. She loves asking about it. We talked about her birth minute, 9.29pm and how that is the very moment she came into the world.

When I wished her a happy birthday this morning, she glanced down at her body, right down to her toes and gave me a puzzled look. "Am I four now?" she asked. "I'm not big enough to be four." I think her idea of four is what my idea of sixteen was. I think she was expecting a very noticeable change, but she doesn't see what I see. She's grows by the day, this one. I'm always noticing another aspect of her changing... growing... learning. Amazing me always.

You're definitely big enough to be four.

And four is going to be a big year, little one.

Our best year yet.

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25 January 2013

They'll Always Be Pals

Gretchen adores her pup. That first snapshot was taken just a few weeks after she was born, the second, about a month ago. And at her birthday party this weekend, she's going to be stunned when she sees the "Winston Cake" that a favourite local bakery is whipping up for her!

PS. Another super cute fact about that second photo? The stuffy G is holding belonged to my baby brother, who had it with him in his incubator when he was first born and had some respiratory issues. I brought it to the hospital over 15 years ago and at Christmastime, he gave it to Gretchen. The sweetest gift. My mom teared up a little. And now she never wants to sleep without it.

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20 January 2013


Winston at work, cozy blankets, clothing swaps with friends, winter nights & lots of snuggles.

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11 January 2013

Fawned Friday

01. I've got to get some of these for my daughter.

02. Those pants!

03. Totally funky aprons. I love the first one, of course.

04. Check out the tot pants in the first image. Love 'em.

05. Yummy! (Also this recent post from the same gal makes my heart happy.)

06. This gal makes incredible things.

07. Teehee.

08. I need to make some of this.

09. I like things that say my name. Seriously.

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09 January 2013

The Bang Debate

I've hit that point of the year where it's time to decide if I'm growing my bangs out for the warmer weather, or keeping them short. Pro/con for those who think I'm nuts... sweaty hair on my forehead in the summer is icky, but growing them out to a side-swooshy bangs (like I've had in the past) is a bit gruelling, especially for the first few months when I can't do ANYTHING with them. Ick. 

We can probably file this one under champagne problems, but what do you think guys? Bangs or no bangs? Anyone else have "seasons" for their hairstyle??


A Little Pyrex Love For Your Wednesday Morning

A bit of a flashback today... featuring a few pieces from my Pyrex collection over at Mom Spark. Soon, I plan on taking photos of the ENTIRE collection... can't stop collecting, though now I'm more selective with my purchases, trying to fill it out with gems. I can't wait for yardsale season to start back up again. I didn't get to go nearly enough this summer since I always work Saturday mornings, but this year I'll be a bright & early browser!

Anywho... check out my post over at Mom Spark today for more Pyrex pretties!

Anyone else a yardsale fiend? I miss it!

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08 January 2013

Birthday Cake Inspiration

In my head, I'm already planning Gretchen's 4th birthday shindig. Something small and mellow, with friends and yummy food. I also want to make her a carrot cake... a favourite at the House of Fawn. Recently I came across another beautiful recipe which I have to share with you guys, if only for the fabulous doily pattern. We all know I LOVE doilies, right? Well take a peek below...

Swooning along with me? Yum.

I'm absolutely in love with A Tale Of Two, a new-to-me blog that I've been just pouring over. Beautiful images, recipes, treats & more. You're going to love it.

PS. Gretchen will turn four on the 29th. Just wow. 
PPS. Did I ever tell you guys about the awesome numbers associated with Gretchen's birth? Born January 29th, 2009... at 9.29pm... after 19 minutes of pushing... weighing 9lbs 6oz. Neat.

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Birthing Babies & Families

Witnessing labour unfold on its own is such a beautiful dance. Mother moves, she sways, she wiggles, she flexes. She moans, she sings, she breathes. In, out. In, out. Rhythmic, sensual, steady & calm.

Two nights ago, I had the honour of attending another birth & a sweet baby girl came into the world, slippery and glorious. A mother and father were born. 

In attending births, I get the see a very private side of the couples I work beside. It's a very sacred space to be in, seeing how a mother and father work together to follow the path of their baby through labour. It's an immense privilege to be welcomed into this space. 

There is something so special about creating these memories with a family, seeing a family grow and change. It's the most rewarding experience. And it always touches me right down to the core of my heart. My soul.

Wishing you all love & peace. 

Plus, a few snapshots of my clients' cuddly kittens... for good measure. 


02 January 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} A Look Back At NYE

Feels So Good

Wanna see what I've been cookin' up over at Mom Spark? Clickeroo!

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