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30 June 2012

Fawned Friday (But On A Sunny Saturday Afternoon)

Sometimes the day of the week slips my mind. It happens, right? Today I'm at the shop, brainstorming about renos and sundresses and shoes and all of the belts that I ordered and some jewelry and bright cropped tights that'll all be arriving next week. Phew. 

And then I thought omgfawnedfridayneverhappened and so here I am, making it up to you on this Canada Day long weekend. The sun is HOT out there, but the AC is keeping customers happy in here. And this dress is flying off the racks...

... because it is gorgeous. Handmade, DIY comic book, polkadots... it's like happiness in fabric form. And everyone who tries it on falls a little bit in love.

But enough already!

Time to move on. Here's a whole whack of Fawned Friday fawnings for ya! Enjoy!

01. I'd like to find myself here.

02. My friends are babes. These ones too.

03. Carly loves Autumn and so do I.

05. Let in some light.

06. She's got me aching for Nag Champa.

07. I think I'll do this in the windows at Tango.

08. Cheeky!

10. Wickedly gorgeous tandem nursing

Peace, mes amis. Stay fabulous. 

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29 June 2012

Covert Ops At The Local Thrift Shop

Gretchen and I have a thrifting routine. She hops in the cart -- the big part, not the seat -- and plays her beloved Toca Boca games while we putter around. I start in housewares, then linens, furniture, etc... before moving across to the toy section. 

On our last visit to Value Village she took a few (re: at least fifty) covert snapshots of her toes, mama's feet, the cart... just adorable. I had to share them.

Also, since I'm apparently a forgetful creature (wait... we knew this, yes?) I'll also announce the winner of the shoptango.ca giveaway! Congrats to Brianna Theobald! Thanks to everyone who entered, supported & shared the site! Much love.

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27 June 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} All You Need

26 June 2012

Oxytocin & Tea

Last week, on the same day as my root canal, I paid a visit to my favourite tattoo artist who did some work on my arm that I've been thinking about for a long time.

My teacups, you may remember from about a year and a half ago. My newest ink represents Oxytocin.  Tea & love... what more do you need, really?

PS. I have to tell you again how flabbergasted I am by this whole root canal experience. No pain over the weekend, no swelling, nothing. Nutty. I was expecting horrible results and honestly I couldn't be happier. Who knew!

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23 June 2012

A Little Tango Love... And A Giveaway!

ShopTango.ca went live last night and I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for your kind comments about the photography, layout, and more. I'm swooning and so happy! And now... it's time for al little giveaway to show my completely adoration for all your fabulous folks!

I'm offering up a $50 gift card to one of my lucky readers, just to say MERCI and LOVE YA!

Leave a comment with a link to your favourite item in the shop... simple as that!

For additional entries (leave one comment per entry):
  • Like Tango on Facebook
  • Follow @ShopTango on Twitter
  • Blog about this giveaway
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook page/profile
  • Pin something from the shop and leave a link to your Pinterest account
  • Tweet the following: Enter to #win a $50 gift card from @ShopTango via @sofawned's blog! http://sofawned.com ~ http://shoptango.ca

A winner will be chosen Wednesday at noon EST & annoucned via Facebook, Twitter & this post.

Thanks, lovelies! Happy weekend!

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22 June 2012

It's Time To TanGo Online!

I have been dying to get this exciting news out there and now it's finally time to share!

Tango is going online!

That's right, the awesome brick & mortal clothing shop I bought in May will soon be online and available for shipping across Canada, the US and worldwide.

You can find us at shoptango.ca and we'll be kicking off with some great giveaways, promos & a fabulous sale! I'm so excited to share my little bit of my downtown with all of you -- you've been so supportive of me and I'm thrilled to share the shop with you across the world.

Much love, mes amis! You've been so helpful and amazing to me during all of this insanity and I'll never forget that!

PS. To anyone wondering, my root canal actually went great yesterday morning and I'm not in any pain now. The procedure was nearly pleasant (thanks to the laughing gas, and seriously talented dentist). I'm not sure I've ever had a more positive experience with dental work. If you're local, I HIGHLY recommend Kawartha Endodontics. 
PPS. To celebrate my root canal being over... I got some new ink. 
PPPS. Have a wonderful Friday!!

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Fawned Friday

01. My travel-happy pal, Karen, would love this pillow.

02. Wanna see some ducklings?

03. The Plume has been making magic lately.

04. Sexy earrings.

05. I've always wanted to use crates like this.

06. A place I'd like to visit.

07. So much fantastic art here.

08. I can't imagine waiting.

09. Great look.

10. Loving this thrifty living room.

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19 June 2012

Beyond So Fawned: Five Apps I Love

This week, over at Mom Spark, I'm sharing five of my most used iPhone apps, including one of Gretchen's favourite Toca Boca games, Toca Doctor! Check it out.

Which apps make your top five list?

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18 June 2012

{What Mama Wore} The Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago, we did a big photoshoot for the shop and my fab photog, Ash Nayler, snapped a few promos of yours truly. Thought I might share a few here.

Top: Eve Gravel // Jeans: Yoga // Shoes: TOMS

I'm so uncomfortable in front of the camera, so the fact that I like ANY of these is bit astonishing. I always feel like Chandler in the engagement photo episode of Friends... ack. So awkward. But thanks to Ash, I kinda love these! 

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Lennon & Maisy

A little something to warm your hearts on a grey, rainy Monday... or at least that's what we've got here.


Have a good one, mes amis.

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15 June 2012

Fawned Friday

01. Does anyone know the true source of this image? I think it was made for me.

02. I definitely need to make this

03. This lives on my iPhone now.

04. Love this dress, but the one-size notion makes me nervous.

05. Super cute Doxie ring. (Thanks, Caren!)

06. Well this is basically brilliant.

07. How not to be a hoarder.

09. That skirt is the perfect colour.

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A Dollop Of Honey

Gretchen is just at the tail end of the cold she's been battling since the weekend, so of course now I have it. Sniffles, stuffy head, all around foggy feeling. 

I try to stay away from taking too many meds when I'm sick, but I will say that a swig of Buckley's sure clears the sinuses when need be. Actually, when my throat is tickling, I'm all about tea, honey, Echinacea, extra doses of vitamin C and lots of veggies. Lots of rest is also high priority, but it doesn't always get treated that way. Busy as a bee.

Thankfully, I've got a steady stream of mint tea happening right now, so that helps. And I believe soup will be my lunchtime fare. 

Hope you're all well, mes amis! These summertime colds are the pits!

Image sources: 1, 2 & 3.

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14 June 2012

{Small Style} The Thunderstorm

Top: Joe Fresh // Leggings: Hand-me-downs // Umbrella: Found in the back of my car when I bought it

The other day, our little city was hit by the very edge of a storm. Our skies turned black, rain poured, thunder boomed and then... as quickly as it came... it left and we got to enjoy some gloriously sunny weather for the rest of the afternoon.

As tough as it can be when naptime hits, I really do love having Gretchen at the shop with me. I picture her behind the counter at age 16 or 17, working her first job. How neat will that be?

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09 June 2012

Fawned Friday

Yesterday, this mama was off battling a delightful optic migraine that cropped up about mid-morning and knocked me out of commission. So today, enjoy a late dose of Fawned Friday lovins to start your weekend off with a bit o' inspiration. Have a good one!

01. I'm so glad I know this lass.

02. So much truth in this article.

03. A beautiful birth story.

04. Yarn bomb!

05. I've always loved her little pre-weekend postings.

06. Just did a shoot with this gal. A great friend & a fabulous photographer.

07. I think this might be how they make the potatoes at my favourite brewpub.

08. Go fly a kite!

09. She's the cutest.

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06 June 2012

Chalkboard Painted Walls Make Me Swoon

I recently did a post about chalkboard painted walls over at Mom Spark and now I can't stop thinking about them. How awesome is this little 1/2 wall? I'm a bit obsessed with this image, actually. It's just gorgeous. It makes me feel so comfortable. 

I'm also loving the bookshelf and its rustic contents. I want to transport myself into this image and curl up with a novel and a cup of tea.


Have you been craving any home redesign projects lately? What's at the top of your list?

Read more about my chalkboard paint love here.

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04 June 2012

Beyond So Fawned

Want to see what I've been working on over at Mom Spark?

PS. Are we Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest pals? Make it so! Leave a note & I'll be sure to follow back.

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01 June 2012

On Feeling Small

Beautifully done.

I was having some very smallish feeling thoughts (like I feel beside the ocean) just yesterday when I snapped a pic of our sky, from the top of the parking garage. I love feeling that sort of small.

Sometimes I forget. Maybe we all do... we get involved in things at street level, eye level, just below... no time for wondering into the clouds and waters an I want to do it more.

Perhaps that's my goal for the summer. Think small. Love small. And let the big happen as a result. It's like baking... you just take care of the little ingredients and tiny steps and eventually you'll be chomping into cheesecake.

Things are changing at my shop & today marks one month of ownership. I can hardly believe it's been a month... and the ideas I have for the coming months, pre-autumn, are so exciting and just bubbling under my skin. I'm dancey and thrilled and buzzing about. It's been thrilling and scary, emotional and intense. Lots of changes, lots to work my head around and so much potential I could burst.

Today is a very rainy sort of day. A sipping coffee with Sinatra sort of day.

I'm daydreaming about laminate flooring and drinking stout on my porch. Shooting stars and thunderstorms and holding hands and long drives.

What's on your mind today..?

Video spotted on Tatiana's blog first. You rock.


Fawned Friday

01. A favourite pastime of mine. Absolutely.

02. I'm always so in awe of this gal's outdoor space.

03. Her shop is always filled with love.

04. I'd like to give this DIY a try.

05. Swooning over all this wallpaper. Wow.

06. Fire escape date.

07. Gift ideas for daddio.

08. The secret to a happy marriage?

09. Awesome greenhouse.

10. I adore this kitchen too.

11. Beautifully written.

12. Can't wait to make this for Gretchen.

13. If in doubt.

14. Copywriter vs. Art Director.

15. This is amazing.

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