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31 March 2013

Our Easter Weekend Love List

I've been wanting to get back into writing Love Lists, which I used to do much more frequently, and I think Easter weekend seems like a beautiful place to begin. Here it goes...

♥ Visits to Maple Fest
♥ When my mister's hair makes him looks like a Flock of Seagulls enthusiast
♥ A dog wearing a bowtie
♥ Otters!
♥ Easter morning egg hunts
♥ Making devilled eggs for the second time
♥ Bacon
♥ A girl on her brand new bike
♥ A busy, busy weekend with my little fam

Happy Easter, mes amis! Much love and fingers crossed for a gorgeous Spring ahead. Peace.

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Etsy Love: Tovicorrie

Hello, gorgeous prints! How fun are these accessories from Tovicorrie? A funky shop out of the UK, filled with tech cases, totes & jewelry.

Springtime patterns galore!

Check out their shop, take a peek at their Facebook, and follow @tovicorrie on Twitter.

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29 March 2013

Fawned Friday

01. I can't wait to play this game.

02. A little natural egg dye love.

03. Loving this DIY iPhone case.

04. A pop of colour!

05. Cute lamp.

06. Twinsters. So cool.

07. I'd love to have this book

08. Her nails perfect this image.

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26 March 2013

Adios, Google Reader!

By now you've probably heard word that they're putting the kibosh on Google Reader, so here are two other ways to keep up with So Fawned! You can find me via Bloglovin, or pop over to Feedly and bring ALL of your favourite reads over. It's actually pretty snazzy.

And of course, there's always Facebook and Twitter. And Instagram


PS. This snapshot is from earlier this morning. G's first morning at our new home, getting ready for daycare, watching Arthur. Love.

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25 March 2013

Happy Birthday Winnadog!

In the midst of our manic moving weekend (which went fabulously!) I almost forgot about this little monster's 7th birthday!

Sir Winston Hendrix turned seven on Sunday the 24th! What a dapper little fella. His present? A new toy to chew into bits!

PS. A favourite Winston snapshot.


Solar Charger

I pinned this a while ago and on sunny days like this one (yay, Spring!) I can't help but crave a funky gadget like this Solar Window Charger. So neat!


22 March 2013

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Moving day is... tomorrow! The last few weeks have been crazybusyfast. Everyone around me had the stomach flu, including Gretchen and my partner, but I somehow managed to duck that insanity. Gretchen was such a trooper through her bouts of throwing up and I'm happy to report she's completely recovered and is back to being her fantastic, happy self again. There's nothing like watching your little ones go through something you can't fix for them immediately. Thank you immune systems and strong little bodies.

Now that everyone is well again, I'm in pure MOVE MODE which means I've spent approx. one day packing and I'm actually just about finished. With episodes of Friends playing in the background, a constant supply of tea, and my fabulous staff helping hold down the fort at the shop, I'm just about ready to pack up the moving van tomorrow and say goodbye to Hopkins Avenue.

I have to take just a moment to say how excited I am to be moving in with my partner. This will be the fourth time I've moved since starting the blog back in August 2008 and I'm really excited to share our new home with you. I can hardly believe tomorrow is the day!

The crazy phase! 

Ah, that's a bit better. Time to keep packing!

If you've been following over on Instagram, you've probably spotted my packing progress pics... and I have to say, it's going MUCH quicker than I had thought it would. Since I decluttered BIG TIME when I moved in the summer, I actually don't have any of that nasty sorting business to go through. (Yay!) Just popping stuff into boxes... and off we go!

I'll be sure to tweet along on moving day and as G's new room comes together. Can't wait!

Send all those good moving vibes tomorrow! Peace!

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21 March 2013

A Local Legend, A Proud Hometown Moment

On March 6th, Stompin' Tom Conners, a Canadian legend, passed away. On March 13th, his memorial took place in my hometown, Peterborough, Ontario.

The celebration of life was broadcast live by a local station where my partner, Rich, is a producer. He had the honour of directing the entire ceremony and I couldn't be more proud of the amazing job he did. He, along with his co-workers and volunteers, gave the event such a special touch. 

A beautiful tribute to a fantastic Canadian. The line up of musical guests and speakers is just incredible... definitely take a peek through. G and I watched from home and she danced along:

So proud of my babe for being a part of this. Love you!

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20 March 2013

Coot Cat Ankle Socks

In my head I'm totally calling these Cankle Socks. But hey, cute right??

Only $6, but sadly sold out.

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{Wordless Wednesday} First Day Of Spring Knits

10 March 2013

Sunday Love

I just wanted to share this one snapshot from our trip to the zoo earlier today. There might be some snow left on the ground, but it's absolutely, gloriously mild, sunny & breezy.

A perfect Sunday with my lass.

Two weeks til moving day.

A busy time ahead. So lovely to take this moment to breathe deep, rest up & wake up to the coming season.


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08 March 2013

What Mama Wore: Spring Is On Its Way

It's starting to SMELL like Springtime!! Can you feel it? Pop on over to Mom Spark to check out my latest Fashion Friday post to see details on my transitional outfit.

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04 March 2013

Springtime Ch-Ch-Changes

Springtime all about change, and this year, that couldn't be more true.

Mid-March, Gretchen and myself, will be living with my wonderful partner, Rich. A move across town & the start of a new phase in our lives. It is never a simple choice to begin a relationship with someone as a single mother -- and as we move towards growing our love into a life together, I feel nothing but happiness. Choosing Rich to be someone so important in my daughter's life has been an absolutely organic decision. Beginning as friends, I knew he would always be someone special in my life. We grew together, moved around each other and fell in love. My daughter is smitten and has developed such a fondness for this man -- the most kindhearted, generous, loving, caring, brilliant man. And I fall for him in new ways every single day.

Spring is all about change. Positive. Welcomed with an open heart. 

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03 March 2013

A Little Colour, Shall We

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time for change.

First of all, do you remember last year, just before I took over the shop, I added some peacock colours to my hair? Well, my fantastic hair-artist had me in the chair again this week and now my head is officially ready for Springtime.

I'm ready for a new season, mes amis!