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30 July 2010

Fawned Friday

Busy, busy with a wedding today, but I couldn't leave you all without a tiny dose of fawning! Much love, mes amis!

01. A perfect summertime accessory.

02. Daydreaming with Mila.

03. Loving this artist's concept.

04. Bison love for her very last first time.

05. Little friends on the floor.

06. Two Ontario cuties.

07. What a sweet little toy for the wee ones.

08. Among the raspberries.

09. Ribbons & tape love.

10. This might just be the perfect meal.

11. Pretty girls on bikes make me smile.

Bon weekend!

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29 July 2010

Daybook Love

Tonight seems like the perfect night for another entry in The Simple Woman's Daybook.

♥ Outside my window... the rain was falling briefly, but has now stopped.

♥ I am thinking... about the fact that I am now the mother of an amazing 18-month-old baby. Only maybe she's not such a baby anymore.

♥ I am thankful for... our beautiful breastfeeding relationship. In those first few weeks I never thought we'd make it this far, but here we are. I can't imagine not nursing and I don't think she could either. I trust that Gretchen will nurse for as long as she needs too.

♥ From the kitchen... I am excited about the fabulous bounty from our community food cooperative which I brought home this afternoon: salad mix, kohlrabi, summer onions, swiss chard, parsley, beans, radishes, carrots and cucumbers!

♥ I am wearing... my favourite jeans (as usual), a black tank top & my brown, button-up cardigan.

♥ I am creating... a lending library for my future doula practice, one book at a time.

♥ I am going... to be taking some photos at the wedding of two friends tomorrow. I wish them a lifetime of love.

♥ I am reading... The Doula Guide to Birth, Penny Simkin's The Birth Partner & yes, I'm still tackling Breaking Dawn.

♥ I am hoping... to get through most of tomorrow's wedding without crying, but there's little chance I'll be able to keep my composure. Weddings get to me every single time. They are just so beautiful.

♥ I am hearing... the sounds of the boy searching around the main floor of our house as he tries to find a guitar pick so that he can busk downtown tonight.

♥ Around the house... things are relatively tidy & I'm trying to fret less about mess.

♥ One of my favorite things... to do at night is to sit quietly in my living room, propped up with a pillow on the couch, a warm blanket, a cup of tea & something lovely to read. I only wish it happened more often.

♥ A few plans for the rest of the week... lots of family time, especially over the weekend & I'm hoping to finish at least one of my books.

♥ A photo for thought...

in the garden

Goodnight, dear hearts & kind souls.

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28 July 2010

Last Wednesday

at the park

at the park

at the park

at the park

There's nothing like spending an afternoon at the park with your child. Everything is fun again. Everything makes you smile.


BlogHer & The $100 Question

Hi friends! Today I'm participating in BlogHer's $100 Question contest. Just hop on over to BlogHer and answer my question for your chance to win a $100 VISA gift card -- you just need to have a BlogHer login, which you can sign up for easily if you don't already have one. Just click the image below to play.

Best of luck, mes amis! You've got til 5pm on Friday!


Wordless Wednesday (The Buttercream Aviators)

27 July 2010

Sweet William


Very much in love with this print tonight.

What's striking your fancy this evening?


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My New Plumage

my new plumage

Yesterday, this pretty little package sat patiently on my doorstep, waiting for me to find her.

my new plumage

Inside, some treats from my favourite Mrs. Plume.
(I am enjoying that tea for breakfast today.)

my new plumage

my new plumage

You can feel the intensity that comes from owning something made with such care. There's nothing like knowing you're supporting an artist & bringing them into your life.

my new plumage

my new plumage

I feel pretty special wearing these new beauties. They make me want to wear summery dresses and flowers in my hair.

Happy Tuesday, mes amis.

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26 July 2010

Moon Drawing

moon drawing

It took a few tries to get this just right, but all I really want to say is that I hope your nights (and days) are filled with love.


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25 July 2010

Sunday Morning At The House Of Fawn

sunday morning

Mama is having some tea.
Baby is having a snuggles.
Daddy is having a nap*.

Have a beautiful Sunday, mes amis!

*He was out til the wee hours of the morning being a rock star with his newly restored & completely beautiful guitar.

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24 July 2010

Luna Love

luna magazine

My German is, well, terrible actually, but this might be one of the sweetest magazine covers I've ever come across.



Because Sometimes Life's A Beautiful Blur

blur baby

Last night I read the following tweet:

@OmahaBabyLady: Loves cosleeping. Helps me reconnect with the baby part of my toddling girl

I couldn't agree more.

Every time Gretchen slows down enough for a snuggle, I soak it all in, knowing that the next time she takes a break might not be for hours in her wild, runabout, busy, busy life. At the end of the day, I nurse her to sleep and we read stories while snuggling under the covers. Later, I crawl back into bed with her and we cozy up for hours of sleepy bliss. In the morning we wake and she pins me down to nurse in her drowsy state, not wanting me to get out of bed -- not until she's had her fill.

Sometimes I'm eager to get up, to get moving, to get things done, to start the day -- but there's nothing sweeter than hugging your baby. And so I do. A lot.

Here's to a beautiful Saturday morning, mes amis.

(And don't forget the hugs.)

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23 July 2010

Fawned Friday

Oh yums! I just got back from a sushi date with my dear friend Jenn, and now it's time to share my Friday fawnings with you lovely creatures. I hope you enjoy!

01. Loving the mirror in this hallway.

02. Cute owl cozy.

03. Geekery at its best.

04. Brooch love.

05. A sweet tot tee.

06. Book lamp love.

07. The DIY frame shelf.

08. Steiff animals were a huge part of my childhood.

10. A little ham.

11. Gorgeous olive flats.

12. A pretty, pretty sleeve.

13. Eco-friendly & oh so lovely.

14. Ink cartridge chandelier.

15. Yummers.

16. Elsie is always just so cute.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! I hope you all get to spend lots of snuggly time with your families. Take care!

PS. This site in my newest obsession. All I can think about is gardening & canning & chickens -- oh my!
PPS. I feel like a celebrity right now while My Girl Thursday is being featured on Thompson Family Life. Go see -- there's a pretty little giveaway too.
PPPS. My two-year blogoversary is coming up very shortly & I'm looking for sponsors to be a part of my blowout, celebration giveaway -- please contact me if you're interested in participating. (And thank you again to those who have already been in touch!)

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22 July 2010

Lambic Float Love

Oh my goodness. I can't believe that I've never thought of doing this, but now I can't stop thinking about it!

What a perfect summer treat!



21 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Seeing Double)