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31 May 2013

Fawned Friday

01. Gorgeous.

02. Gretchen would love this book.

03. Hello, teeny tiger.

04. I wish I could find a hat I love. My head is massive.

05. So many cute shoe makeovers.

06. I can't stop watching this video.

07. Conversations with a two-year-old.

08. I'm on the hunt for a perfect chambray button-up for the summer.

09. New York tips from one of the sweetest UK bloggers ever.

10. Cutest kitty print.

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29 May 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} On Top Of The World

27 May 2013

Welcome Back, Arrested Development

Anyone catch the newly released episodes of Arrested Development last night? Thank you Netflix! I plan on going back and re-watching the ENTIRE series before breaking into the new ones. Can't wait!

Click here to check out my latest post over at Mom Spark. Some serious Arrested Development love happening over there today, including this hilarious Tobias-inspired patch.


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Choices, Choices, Choices

When I was a little girl, my after school activities kept me busy most days of the week. From German school, to Brownies and Girl Guides, to choir, to gymnastics, horseback riding, piano lessons… the list goes on. I loved absolutely every activity, but as an adult, I have few ties to any of them.

By now, I could be fluent in German… but I’m not. I could be an accomplished pianist… but I’m not at all. And that’s what gets me stumped when it comes to choosing extracurriculars for my own daughter.


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24 May 2013

Boho Love

We're chatting about boho summer style over at Mom Spark today. Want to see what this gorgeous lining belongs to? Come take a peek!

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Fawned Friday

01. That colour!

02. Simple studs.

03. Why don't I own the perfect jean shirt yet? Sheesh.

04. Stripey love.

05. Love the style of this loft bed.

06. So proud of this gal right now. Congrats!

07. I really, really, really love the German language.

08. Good read.

09. Oh how I adore Boston Terriers.

10. This fam always makes me smile. So much heart here.

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Good Meowning

Just a little smile for your Friday morning. I really love when kitties let you hold them all floppy-like, even if they look unimpressed about it. 

Have a cuddly day, mes amis.

PS. Remember this fluffy guy?


21 May 2013

Recently (Camping & Back Home Again)

Our camping trip was an absolute success. Beautiful weather & cozy nights by the campfire. My mister and I are both a touch sunburned (my nose burns no matter how many SPFs I slather on), but even so, our weekend was fantastic -- a much needed, mellow vacation. And we can't wait to go again. We've already planned a trip for July... and are thinking about one for June as well. But this time, with Gretchen, of course! She can't wait to camp out in a tent. Last year she did a few backyard camp-outs with her gramma and she's excited to try it again!

After getting home from our weekend away, Rich and I felt especially productive -- we actually unpacked and did all of our laundry by mid-afternoon, picked up Gretchen & had dinner! Not too shabby for waking up in a tent that morning, 2 hours from home. I'm already anxious for our next trip. (I'm also trying to plan a little getaway for my mister and myself for his birthday that's coming up soon... I suspect he already knows I'm up to something, so I'm not too worried if he reads this. Hush, hush.)

PS. Those lilacs? Gretchen picked them for me at my mom's place this weekend, and brought them home. They are making our condo smell AMAZING. Yum!

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17 May 2013

Long Weekend Love

This weekend, my mister and I are taking off on a camping trip together. Not too far away, just about an hour or so's drive, and I'm so looking forward to mellow nights by the fire, relaxing days, and sleeping in, while the little miss is with family.

After my less than fun illness last month, I'm finally feeling much more like myself. I'm definitely looking forward to taking a few days of pure rejuvenation. Afternoon naps, lots of reading, and some quality time with my wonderful partner.

Wishing you all a beautiful long weekend!

Image spotted here

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Fawned Friday

01. I think these gals did a great job on their new app. Have you tried it yet?

02. Funky lights.

03. Some serious Mason jar/French press love.

04. Hummus! (Yummus!)

05. I think about this too sometimes. How incredible to have such a record of a child's life. 

07. Digging this quote.

08. Ginger! I had no idea.

09. Yum!

10. I want to wear my hair like this.

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16 May 2013

Lilacs Are My Favourite

The lilacs are just starting to blossom in our neck of the woods. I can't wait til they're all out in full bloom, so I can bring them inside & fill our home with their intoxicating, romantic scent. Even Gretchen knows how much her mama loves them.

I hope your day is getting off to a beautiful start, friends. This morning I'm off to meet a friend for coffee before we both head downtown to work. The weekend is nearly here... and with it? Our camping trip. More about that soon. I'm practically twitchy with excitement!


Image spotted here.


15 May 2013

{Small Style} Thankful For Sunshine

A little snuggle at my shop. Gretchen really loves to come to work with me, but it's a LONG day for a 4-year-old so if she's coming along, I make sure it's just a few hours. She likes to help me decorate the boutique.

Sandals, Hat, Jean Shirt: Joe Fresh // Dress: H&M

Snapshots by the water at The Silver Bean, our favourite summer hangout. And now they have ice cream from a fabulous local dairy... doesn't get much better!

Hope you're having a sunny day, mes amis.

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10 May 2013

Fawned Friday

01. Think of all the fun things you could make your cake say!

02. Amazing sequin art.

03. Social media brilliance.

04. I LOVE this concept.

05. Fun books for 4-year-olds (and other littles!)

06. Totes.

07. An important read.

08. Musical chairs.

09. Monica's biggest pet peeve.

10. This snapshot made me smile.

11. Gorgeous!

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09 May 2013

Sandwich Board Love

A little downtown love: Our latest Tango sandwich board.

Have a fabulous Thursday, friends!

Tonight my partner is out of town on business, so the little miss and I are planning a girls night -- her choice for movie & dinner, nail painting, general silliness. Can't wait!

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04 May 2013

Etsy Love: Xenotees

Happy Caturday!

Seriously. How much would you love to snuggle down with these pillows by Xenotees? Way cute!

Hope you're all having a gloriously sunny Saturday!!

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02 May 2013

Today Was A Big Day

Today I celebrated a huge milestone, mes amis!

Today marked one year since taking over as the owner of Tango, my clothing shop in downtown Peterborough!

I can hardly believe that an entire year has passed! This has been my busiest, craziest year ever of my life. I've worked so hard to make changes & transform Tango into my own vision. A big thank you to everyone who came out, brought me flowers, supported our indie biz, and came out to spread the love!

I'll have to admit, I'm pretty proud of our new Springtime window displays. So far, this is my favourite look! Thanks to one of my shopgals for helping out with a little window painting, and for making our Gypsy Barn sandwich board stand out!

It's SO handy to have a costume shop next door, filled with fabulous balloons for our special day!

Happy anniversary flowers from our neighbours up the street at Hi Ho Silver!

Delicious food from Black Honey -- another downtown favourite!

Sometimes I go weeks without REALLY looking at my shop from the outside, but every time I do, I'm excited to see how our displays look from a distance. It's a funny thing to be inside the shop each day, but to not always view it the way others may view it. Does that even make sense? Either way, as I made my way home after our anniversary party this evening, I was so pleased to take a peek back, to take a moment and look at my shop. My shop. Even that is still a surprise sometimes. Perhaps I forget how big of a thing it is that I've done, or I forget that I'm in a position that not many 20somethings find themselves in. 

And so I stood across the street and took a moment. A moment to breath, relax, and know that life is just incredible at times. It's so important not to let it all slide by. Enjoy ALL those moments, mes amis. 

Many thanks to my friends, family, my loving & wonderful partner and to my little girl who makes life beautiful every single day.


PS. The other day, my amazing daughter told me that when she grows up, she wants to go to work all by herself and she wants to work at Tango. Oh my heart. I love you, Gretchen. You make my heart burst with love & possibility. 

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01 May 2013


This is right up my alley. Maybe it's time for a new iPhone case...


{Small Style} The Return Of Small Style!

Fact: My last Small Style post dates back to June 2012. Yikes!

The other day, at the warming party of our favourite seasonal cafe, I started snapping a few pics of Gretchen playing down by the water and I KNEW I had to get back into sharing her outfits. Love that stylish lass! She's definitely developing her own sense of what she enjoys wearing, but she still lets me pick some outfits out. Sometimes, however, she's adamant about a certain item of clothing and so help me if I disagree. (Sure, you can wear the poofy party dress to the park in the rain... why not...!)

Here's what we put together for Sunday's adventure.

Flip-flops & dress: Old Navy (aka Easter Bunny & a birthday present) // Top: I believe Joe Fresh (every girl needs a little jean shirt love)

Her hair is wild and free. Won't be tamed, girl. She's all about it.

Our waterway is VERY high right now. The path where G is walking is completely underwater... as is the dock that you can't see at all. She was thrilled to stomp around in the (chilly!) water. All she could talk about was taking her shoes off and splashing in the river. Love!

Have a beautiful day!

PS. Click here for one of my favourite Small Style video posts from 2011. Her voice is the sweetest! I feel like I barely remember her being so little. She's so grown up now.

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