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31 July 2009

Pretty In Pleats

I came across these pretty, pleated clutches tonight from Madame Cupcake & I think they are simply delightful.

Such sweet accessories for a dressy affair, or sprucing up jeans & a tee.

I'm a sucker for all things damask.

Cupcake love!

Which is your favourite?

Visit the Madame Cupcake shop, blog, Twitter & Flickr.


Fawned Friday

It's been a busy week over here -- packing, moving, unpacking -- oh my! However, I haven't forgotten about you.

Please enjoy the 29th edition of Fawned Friday!

Much love.

01. Crustacean-ery.

02. Owl mugs.

03. Neapolitan mallows.

04. Finger printing.

05. Hambone plushie.

06. 101 Simple Salads.

07. Sushi studs.

08. Rorschach ring.

09. Knit chairs.

10. Ribbon coat rack.

11. Favourite things.

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30 July 2009

Six Months

Dearest little Gretchanoo,
The last time I wrote you a letter was back when you were 2 1/2 months old.

You have grown so much since then -- you surprise your father & I everyday.

Sometimes we look at you & see our little baby -- sometimes we look down and there's a little girl, a child who is growing, learning and trying to leave babyhood behind as she ventures into the world of movement & sound.

You seem to be at a crossroads -- the point at which babies go from meatballs to movers and shakers.

You want to sit so badly & you're getting quite good. You can sit supported up against the nursing pillow for a long time while you reach for your toys (sometimes taking a little tumble).

You try to do a little combat crawl on your belly, but your legs are much stronger than your arms so this results in frustrating little face plants as you stretch out across the floor.

You're making more (and LOUDER) sounds lately. "Bababa" is a common topic of conversation. You also love when we cup our hands over your mouth to make a "wawa" sort of noise -- you've even learned to do it yourself! Clever girl.

Five days, 2 1/2 months, 5 months & 5 1/2 months.

A few times I think I have heard you say "dada" & I'm straining my ears to hear anything that could be construed as "mama".

You laugh at the dog -- the cats are also hilarious. You like to pet the animals (and pull their fur a little).

You are still a nursing champ. It took over three months for us to perfect the art of breastfeeding & now I hope to keep it up for a long, long time. I love that time with you. It's so comforting to lay down beside you and snuggle in for a nice breastfeeding session. I am also happy that you will take a bottle from daddy in case I need to be out & about.

You still love babywearing in our various carriers: the ring sling, the Ergo, the stretchy wrap, the pouch sling... all of them. We've been favouring the Ergo lately & it's been fun to carry you on my back as you take in the sights.

We just moved to the east (and most beautiful!) part of town. I want this to be the house you grow up in. The backyard you play in, the neighbourhood you go for walks in & the house you call home.

We're still bed sharing & will be for a while. You've never slept in your crib & I really can't imagine you being that far from us at night. We all sleep better this way.

You have one little chompy tooth on the bottom left side of your gummy mouth. You've taken a few little nipple bites, but not too hard. Mama survived. You're handling teething like a champ & you look so sweet in your teething necklace.

Tomorrow your father & I are both getting your name tattooed on our bodies to hold you near even when you've grown.

You are the most important little bundle imaginable.

You are absolutely incredible.
We love you so much, little one.
We are so proud of you.

Happy 1/2 birthday to my gorgeous little girl.

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29 July 2009

The Move (In Five Minutes Or Less)

01. Late start, broken down truck, find a new driver, pick up UHaul, all is well.
02. Coffee & muffins, incredibly helpful friends.
03. No rain, hot day, lots of sweating, lots of muscles.
04. New house is beautiful, garden is gorgeous, pets are happy, cool breeze.
05. Trying to unpack, setting up the kitchen, sleeping in our new room.
06. Fabulous neighbour, chocolate chip oatmeal muffins, delicious, cold beer.
07. We love our new home, very, very tired, Gretchen sleeping on my lap.
08. Baby is six months old today, she chewed on her first banana, more details soon.
09. One cat went missing, thankfully came back, our family is whole.
10. Out for dinner tonight, did some groceries, so happy to be in East City.


27 July 2009

The Big Move (And An Announcement)


Moving day is nearly upon us -- less than 24 hours til we're in our new home!

This morning I managed to make it to the gym, and since I've been home we've packed up a lot -- we took apart the crib (which we've never used), packed up all the clothing, food (except what's in the fridge), dishes, most of Gretchen's room, most of our room... oh my word.

The office still needs a lot of work, but other than that, we're just about ready to hit the road.

My mother is going to pick up the UHaul tomorrow morning (Ryan & I don't have licenses) at 9am and then we will be joined by some loving helping hands (my good friend Jacquie & Ryan's brother, Blair). Gretchen is being picked up at 8.30am and then -- business time.

I've decided to bring the kitties over to the new place tonight (my gramma is going to help me) so that they aren't stressed out tomorrow while we move things around. I'll set them up with their litter box & some food. And I'll ask my new neighbour, and dear friend Care, to check in on them a couple times.

Tomorrow will be a VERY busy day -- but I just can't wait til we're all moved and settled into our sweet new little home.


That being said, I may be absent from So Fawned for a few days while we get settled. I promise to be back for August 1st for the 1st Blogoversary of So Fawned! I can't believe it's been a year already & I owe it all to you: my fabulous readers! Stay tuned for a special Blogoversary announcement!

Much love & wish us the best!



26 July 2009


Last night Gretchen stayed home with daddy so I could go out and celebrate a friend's birthday. It was the second night I've been out without them since she was born and, amazingly enough, two of my friends who are mamas were also able to get out sans children. It was quite the sight for all three of us to be away while the little one's were with their daddies.

I stayed out for a few hours, and came home to a sound asleep babe. Ryan did a fabulous job. My little girl had been asleep for a couple hours and he didn't have a problem getting her to go to bed.

Balance has always been the attachment parenting principle that I've struggled the most with. Gretchen still wants to breastfeed every hour or two, so sometimes it's hard to feel as though she can get along without me. Though I'm still not eager to leave her with anyone, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the idea.

For example: as you all know, we are moving on Tuesday. My close friend (whose wedding I'm in next month) has volunteered to take Gretchen for the morning so that I don't have to worry about her while we pack up the UHaul. She will be the first person (other than the gym daycare provider) to watch Gretchen who isn't related: however, she's in my chosen family and I trust her wholeheartedly.

It's little steps like this that I know will create a healthy balance in my parenting style.

Little by little.

I am doing better with leaving her, but I'm always so happy to see her when I return -- and I love that feeling of seeing her little face light up when she sees me.

There is nothing like that.


25 July 2009

Much Ado About Sitting

She's mastered a) sitting in a laundry basket and b) sitting in a highchair out at a restaurant.

I think the Solo Sit won't be far in the future.

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24 July 2009

Attachment Parenting: A Family Affair

This afternoon my mother took Gretchen for a few hours & I treated my little brother to the new Harry Potter movie.

About 1/2 way through the movie I get a phone call my mother (so I rush out of the theatre as not to be THAT PERSON with the cell phone). My mom was calling to tell me that Gretchen was cranky and that she was only happy being held.

My response? "Yeah? So hold her."

My mother went on to say how she wasn't used to holding a baby all the time and that Gretchen wasn't happy to be down playing on a blanket or anything like that. I'd even sent a sling, but my mother (who I get my stubbornness from) doesn't really understand the whole babywearing/attachment parenting "thing" that I am doing.

I tried to explain: Gretchen is happy being held. She is also happy in the sling which frees up your arms. Pick one, and she'll be content all day long.

I think my mom's mind is still a little boggled by how I go about things.

Eventually she may learn that my babe doesn't cry in the sling, only fusses a wee bit when she's hungry and that YES I will pop my boob out in front of the entire food court at the mall and NO I don't care if I'm making anyone uncomfortable (which is a whole other story).

How do you deal with differences in opinion within your family/friends? Do you have parents who just don't understand your philosophies? Are they willing to learn?

I do think my mother does just fine caring for Gretchen for a few hours here & there -- but I KNOW it would make it easier on her if she just followed my lead.

Sigh. Someday.

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Fawned Friday

Another Friday & another day for fawning -- enjoy!

01. Alabama.

02. Tea ring.

03. Moss bathmat.

04. Personalized puppy platter.

05. Help, I'm bored.

06. One year of smiles.

07. A light breakfast.

08. Beautiful stamps.

09. Pretty potholders.

10. Morning in the forest.

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23 July 2009

My Little Jumper

She's starting to understand the jumper part of the Jolly Jumper.


22 July 2009

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Fifteen


I hopped on the fancy gym scale today and THE 180s ARE HISTORY!

Today the scale said 178.8, which I will call 179 as not to split hairs.


I am OFFICIALLY back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

I was 179lbs when I found out I was pregnant and 229lbs the day before I gave birth -- it took about 6 months to get back here and I feel great!!

Now, I'm not at my goal yet, but baby steps, ladies and gents.

Today I was at the gym again, for personal training session #5. I am feeling so much stronger -- I even did 13 of those deadly, twisting, weighted crunches! They just about do me in but afterward I feel FABULOUS!

Friday will be my last session with my trainer. Then I will start going to lots more classes in the morning when there is daycare at the gym & I'll keep up the weight training that I've been taught. My routine with the trainer only takes about 30 minutes to complete and works out my entire body -- very nice. On Friday she's also going to take my measurements again to see if I've improved in that department as well. Fingers crossed.

Now, I know I haven't talked about the Weight Watchers portion of my weight loss journey in a little while -- and to be honest, I haven't been strictly counting points. I know, I know -- shame on me, but with the move I've been so preoccupied and really I'm just making excuses and not eating as well as I should be. However, I must be doing something right to still be seeing results. My eating habits could definitely be better, but they are nowhere near as miserable as they were before this whole journey started.

Once we move and get settled I will finally be able to cook at home again (all of my cooking gear has been packed up). I will also feel better knowing that I am getting all the fruits & veggies that I should.

Moving is a stressful endeavour, but, as with weight loss -- it will happen & it will be grand!

I hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday, and once again -- thank you for all the support! It's so nice to read all of your comments each week, pushing me forward and sending your congrats! It really does make a difference to see you all on my team!

Peace, and thank you.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when I see if I've conquered my bridesmaid dress fitting goal of 175lbs!


Just 4lbs til my July 29th goal of 175lbs.
Just 19lbs til my final goal of 160lbs.


Wordless Wednesday (Sleepy Girl)

21 July 2009

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Practicing The Sit

The little miss is learning The Sit.

There have been a few tumbles, a few cushioned face plants and a lot of wobbling. Those tummy muscles are getting stronger & stronger.

Soon she'll be a pro.

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20 July 2009

Pure Class

Ryan: Are you drinking wine out of a mug?
Me: I'm not not drinking wine out of a mug.

19 July 2009

My Boy & My Babe

And Now We're Living Out Of Boxes

I am almost embarrassed to admit that this is what our apartment looks like right now, but here it is. We spent a lot of time packing and organizing this afternoon but the overall look of chaos remains.

Nine days til moving day.

We've packed 80% of the kitchen and we're finally in the living-out-of-boxes phase of moving. Most of our clothing is packed. The books are packed. Almost all of the closets are packed, yet there still seems to be so much work left.

Nine more days -- I'll just keep repeating that to myself.Over and over.

It WILL get done -- it always does.

For now? It's off to bed with me. I've got a 9.15am appointment with my personal trainer for my 4th excruciatingly painful yet rewarding session.

Sleep tight, mes amis.


My Little Airplane

We Clean Up Nicely

Yesterday we got all dressed up for my friend's wedding shower -- Gretchen wore a dress for the very first time.

I am so excited to be a bridesmaid in this wedding. I've never been in a wedding before & I'm absolutely honoured that I get to be in hers.

I cried at the shower.
I will cry at the wedding.

Note to self: Find excellent mascara.


18 July 2009

(More) Ergo Love

After a bit of a hassle with one company (which didn't ship to Canada) I finally ordered my Ergo Carrier from Parenting By Nature (which is Canadian) and it arrived just a few days later!

I promised to share a photo, so here we are, about to head down to Subway this evening. (Please excuse my sleepy eyes -- I made two trips over to the new house today to bring over what I'd packed so far and then spent four hours at my best friend's wedding shower.)

Eventually I will show you the back carry, which I haven't practiced too much, but I did wear her on my back while doing the dishes a little.

This carrier is SO comfortable. I am amazed, actually.

The day it came in the mail I went for a two hour walk through East City, down to Beavermead Park and to the locks, back through the park and home again -- no pain in my shoulders, no pain in my back. All of the weight is distributed onto your hips and you really can't feel a thing.

I still love my ring sling and my stretchy wrap, but this Ergo is really functional and I can see using it a lot as she grows.

{Side note: Ergo hasn't asked me to review this product -- I'm just a big fan!}

Peace & happy babywearing!

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Finding My Strength

As you know, a little over a week ago, I joined a gym. I signed up for six session of personal training and went to three this week.

I am feeling the burn, ladies & gents.

Monday was session one -- weights, cardio. On Tuesday I went to one of the gym's many classes -- BodyFlow -- a choreographed combo of tai chi, yoga & pilates. Wednesday was session two -- more weights, more cardio. Yesterday was my third session with my trainer and boy howdy! I'm definitely feeling it.

Having a personal trainer means that you have to try it all -- you have to give it your all. You're accountable to another person and even though they are making you do situps while holding a medicine ball and your abs are screaming for you to stop, you don't stop -- you go and go til you can't go anymore and someone is there on the other side to congratulate you for pushing your limits.

My arms already feel stronger.
My legs already feel stronger.

In such a short time I'm already seeing an improvement. I can feel my stamina building and I feel confident that I can do more and more.

I'm almost looking forward to the next set of medicine ball situps.

Monday morning I will have my 4th session with my trainer and I can't wait to see what my body can do.

I feel so motivated.
I feel so strong.

{Side note: I'm also incredibly happy with the childcare at the gym. I was so nervous about leaving her with a stranger, but she LOVES it. When we open the door and she sees the childcare provider, Gretchen smiles a huge smile and flails her little chicken wings. She's always happy when I go to pick her up and the woman at the daycare will even wear her in the sling!! This is a HUGE plus to me since I know that Gretchen will always feel comfortable like that. It's such a relief to know she'll feel comforted even if I'm not there. So, thankfully I don't feel anxious the whole time I'm working out and I can enjoy my two hours to myself. It really is such a relief.}

I really have found my strength.

17 July 2009

Soaking It Up

Gretchen's naps are often taken on my lap, laying across the nursing pillow after having a nice long drink.

She drifts off, I write, edit photos or do research. Sometimes I'll indulge in an episode of Gilmore Girls. I'll sip my coffee. I'll nibble my oatmeal.

She will sleep alone on our bed, but often wakes in the transfer. Sometimes it's easier to leave her where she lays and enjoy some quiet time.

Stroking her hair.
Patting her back.
Breathing her in.

She'll only want to sleep in my lap for so long.

So I'm going to soak up every moment.


Fawned Friday

Another Fawned Friday is upon us!

Make it last! Make the most of it! Make some art! Make a date! Make a fancy dessert! Make some noise!
Make it happen!

01. A horse of my favourite colour.

02. The Make Lounge.

03. Discovery tote.

04. A pretty little cairn.

05. Candelabra love.

06. Perfect for my new porch.

07. Elephants are lovely.

08. The robot alphabet.

09. Some really rad urban art.

10. I love this home.

11. A happy blogiversary.

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16 July 2009

My Babywearing Ami

The other day my friend Meagh asked if she could wear Gretchen, so I taught her the art of the stretchy wrap. She went for a little walk with Gretchen and snuggled her close.

I loved seeing my friend wear my baby.

{Side note: This afternoon my mother convinced me it would be a good idea to use the stroller to go downtown. About a minute later I put my very sad and somewhat scared looking baby back into the sling and 'tada!' she was happy as pie. I then had to push the huge stroller around for the rest of our adventure. Grump, grump. No thank you.}

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Milk Drunk

15 July 2009

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Fourteen

Image by Mikey Bee.

This morning I weighed in at the gym (a post about personal training is coming soon -- promise). The fancy scale in my personal trainer's office read 180.8lbs, so I suppose I'll round up and call it 181lbs.

I'm up a 1/2 pound from last week, which I'll try not to get too frustrated about.

What I AM getting frustrated with is being stuck in these low 80s for weeks and weeks -- I know that I need to step it up a notch. Today I made the mistake of a eating a burger, ice cream AND spicy Szechwan food -- my worst day of eating in a long time -- and I'm sure I will pay for it later.

Even after a great work out today I still let myself eat so much today and I'm disappointed, but I WILL bounce back.

My goal is to weigh 175 in two weeks (for my bridesmaid dress fitting) and hot damn I WANT IT. My personal trainer said as long as I eat well she can make it happen -- I feel like I'm letting her down too.

Tomorrow! It ends!

I'm going back to counting points in a more REAL way.
No more guessing, no more estimating.

The more I write about this the more upset I'm feeling with the way I treated my body today -- a great work out, tons of weight training, 30 minutes on the elliptical and this is how I repay all that hard work. I could almost cry.

I can feel myself falling off the wagon & it's a terrible feeling.

Send some good vibes my way, mes amis -- I will not give up!


Just 6lbs til my July 29th goal of 175lbs.
Just 21lbs til my final goal of 160lbs.


Wordless Wednesday (Lashes For Days)