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27 April 2012

Mustard Yellow, Cupcakes & Tango Love!

I can't even tell you how excited I am see that mustard yellow has no intentions of taking a back seat any time soon... even into the Fall/Winter season. I've been doing lots of ordering for the shop and I'm thrilled about the mustard yellow/navy combos that I'm seeing. Gimme, gimme!

Today I actually have a post up over at Mom Spark featuring a few gorgeous examples of mustard-lovin' outfits... such a this one:

I'm pretty much swooning over this look, especially paired with that bird print top. Love it! This particular image was spotted over on Jennif Hsieh's blog. Visit Mom Spark to see the other outfits I've picked out as well. (And definitely pop over to Jennif's blog to see the shoes she wore with that skirt. Brilliant.)

I'm also excited to tell you that one of the lines I'll be bringing to my new shop this Fall/Winter is Dear Creatures! Thank you so much to one of my lovely friends, Heidi, for pointing me in their direction! I'm psyched. I felt like a kid in a candy shop as I carefully selected items to bring into Tango at the end of the summer. Oh gosh... I'm grinning just thinking about it!

Can I also just say THANK YOU for the overwhelming support these last couple weeks?? After making my shop announcement, I have heard nothing but wonderful things from you guys and I've been in tears reading your messages and emails and DMs and texts. I feel so honoured to have you backing me up. It's a huge endeavour and yet it doesn't feel like I'm doing it all alone. So thank you!

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25 April 2012

Beyond So Fawned

A few things I've been working on over at Mom Spark and Babble!

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23 April 2012

She Makes Me Smile A Mile Wide

Sunday night found us out at my mom's place... fireside chats, a delicious dinner and G played on her special swing set. She loves that it's just her size... she can push herself on it and everything.

My gorgeous girl.

She's been going to a new daycare lately and I'm SO happy that she ADORES it. When I pick her up, we're not even out of the driveway before she's asking when she can come back. There are few things that make a mama feel more anxious than sending her little one off to a new caregiver. Knowing that she's having a fabulous time is an incredible relief. Makes my days at the shop much more enjoyable when she's in good hands.

Can you believe how grown up she's looking? My heart! She's chatty and brilliant, she sings, she dance. I can't get enough of her!

My sassy gal. So smart, so fun, so sweet. And just 25 minutes til I'm off to pick her up!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!

It's All About Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Shabby Apple is one of the new brands that I'm bringing into my shop. I've adored their line for years and their dresses are so simple to wear. They are all about no fuss, no muss dresses -- throw it on and go! So many stylish pieces, basics and fun prints to choose from. Above are just two of the designs that will be available at Tango this Spring.

Another factor which led me to bringing in Shabby Apple -- they run sizes 0-16. One of my main goals for Tango is to create a space where women feel comfortable -- in their skin, in their clothing & in their soul. I want customers to leave feeling amazing about the pieces they've chosen, and so I'm broadening the current size range of the shop.

This might be where you lovelies can lend a hand! If there are any clothing lines you truly believe in & feel wonderful about, I'd love to hear about them! Please leave a link in the comments and I'll visit each and every single one. Brands in my shop now are mostly Canadian, however, I am looking to expand, including more and more international brands, with attention to detail, sizing & the social awareness of the brand.

One of the things which actually drew me to Shabby Apple, is the fact that they donate a percentage of their net proceeds to charities supporting women and children.

I'm so looking forward to taking over the shop May 1st!

Stay tuned for more details and to see my space! You can also keep up with my shop via Facebook, the blog or by following @TangoWomensWear on Twitter.

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20 April 2012

My Little Pony

Today was one of those fabulous days that just keep getting better.

Thank you to Rebecca of Bloodline Parlour for making this photo possible. She's a colour guru and I'm in love.

After, I got a chance to do a little thrifting with three fav friends, including Miss Teacups. So much sunshine, great finds, coffee, coffee, coffee and now a cozy night with my little Fawn.

A wonderful day to end the week... and a great start to the weekend!



Fawned Friday

01. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautifully photographed bag.

02. Tea wallpaper! Where have you been all my life?

03. I can't wait to bring this line to my shop.

04. I was in tears by the end of this post.

05. This giveaway ends tomorrow!

06. The golden arrow.

07. Incredible rings.

08. Pastel glasses make me swoon a wee bit.

09. Lovely lace DIY.

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19 April 2012

Green Works = Spring Cleaning Love {& A Giveaway!}

The first time I ever used a Green Works product was years ago, and I've been pretty much obsessed with them ever since. I actually love shopping for cleaning supplies... a fact my daughter has already picked up. When our box of goodies from Green Works arrived a little while ago, Gretchen was THRILLED to pull each bottle out of the box. "Can we clean the bathroom, mama???" Totally psyched.

Here's a quick clip of her sorting through the delivery:

I don't always go all out for my spring cleaning... mainly because I never seem to find the time to do it all at once, but maybe that's alright. During the weeks leading up to warmer weather, I start opening up the windows when I can... airing things out... getting in the MOOD for some heavy cleaning. I always forget how amazing all that fresh air can be after months of closed windows and stale winter yuckiness.

This year I started on my bathroom, and with my arsenal of Green Works products, I was completely prepared to wipe all the winter blahs out of there -- without the worry of disgusting chemicals being left behind. With a toddler in the house I need to know that she's safe, and keeping harmful products out of the house completely is a great step in that direction. I don't feel anxious about hanging her a bottle of all purpose cleaning to spritz in the bathroom sink, because I know it's not going to harm her. (Of course, I'd also never walk away while she was using any cleaning product... at three she's mostly beyond the "eating weird things" phase, but you just never know!)

I've also been doing some rearranging in my home, and with moving furniture around comes lots of dust and whatnot hiding beneath -- another great task for my Green Works products. I especially love the wipes for quick dusting jobs, and cleaning up messes (paint, breakfast, markers, juice spills) from table and counter tops.

Can I also say how much I love the SMELL of Green Works products. Nothing too harsh, and those products which boast special scents aren't overpowering either. We've been using their Tangerine dish liquid for the last few days and I'm really loving the smell of it. Fresh, but not some weird lingering smell that you can taste on your dishes the next day. Good stuff.

All in all, I've been having an incredibly satisfying experience with the products. Most I've used before, but some were new. I'm impressed with the new toilet cleaner as well -- oh the things I get excited about!

Cleaning provides me with some stress relief when I'm having an off day. Having my daughter enjoy it along with me is such a great experience. I hope we never tire of working as a mean green cleaning duo. Woop!

To help you get started with your own spring cleaning, Green Works is offering up a fab prize pack for one of my lucky duck Canadian readers!

Leave a comment letting me know what your favourite Green Works product is.

For additional entries (leave one comment per entry):

Giveaway ends TOMORROW Friday, April 20th at 11pm EST! (I know right? Enter quick sticks!!) Open to my Canadian readers. Thanks loves!!

Update: Congrats to our winner, Gillian!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Green Works program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of The Clorox Company of Canada Ltd.

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A Gift For The House Of Fawn

When I saw this birthday gift that Mel (of Needle & Nest Design) left at my shop for my birthday, I was speechless! My goodness -- fawns, doilies, tea & quilts?? I'm in love. It's just beautiful and I can't wait to hang it in a place of honour at the House of Fawn.

She also included a pair of doily earrings which I put on as soon as I opened the package... I'm wearing them now!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to wish me a very happy 26th birthday, and much love for all the support on my new business adventure. I had a phenomenal birthday and I'm SO excited to share my shop experiences with you all!

I hope you're enjoying your Thursday, wherever you may be... I'm enjoy a sunny day at Tango and tomorrow morning I'm treating myself to a new hairstyle. Stay tuned!

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17 April 2012

Hello, Twenty Six!

Today is my birthday and I'm breathing it all in, mes amis!

I feel on the verge of new beginnings... new everythings! Twenty five was an incredibly difficult year. Full of tough moments, sad days and frustrations. However, I have learned so much over these past twelve months and my life has shifted in some very interesting ways.

For instance, if you've been following me on Twitter and Facebook this week, then you might already know my big news, but if not...

As of May 1st, I will be the new owner of Tango, a women's clothing boutique in downtown Peterborough, Ontario. This is something I've been working on for the last couple months, so I'm excited to be able to share it with you now. Thank you to everyone who has helped and guided me along the way, thank you for your support and love and business expertise and more. I am surrounded by talented, generous, amazing people.

This is a phenomenal new opportunity -- for myself, and the shop's former owner, Rebecca -- and I promise to share updates along the way.

If you'd like to sign up for my shop's newsletter, click here, or visit the blog. You can also read a bit about myself & Becca, who is taking her matchmaking business to the next level. Our story can be found here. Becca's loving the love biz and certainly has a knack for helping people. Our story was featured on our local news station, and in one of the city's most widely distributed newspapers.

Here's a snapshot of Becca and I, just outside Tango on sunny, fabulous day...

Thanks again for all your sweet messages and notes of encouragement. I can't begin to express how honored I am to have your support!

Follow @TangoWomensWear on Twitter or LIKE our page on Facebook. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

PS. I have a super important business meeting this morning from 10am to 10.15am. Send the good vibes, mes amis.

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15 April 2012

Grab Your Mask & Cape & Let's Be Heroes

Last night, I brought this fabulous piece home with me from the 50/50 2012 gala and fundraiser at ARTSPACE. A great night out with friend + a new bit of Lucky Jackson geekery for my wall = win/win. I also wore snake print tights and my new body harness/necklace from Moorea Seal, which just adds to the excellence of the evening.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. Peace.

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13 April 2012

Beyond So Fawned

Have you paid a visit to the new Babble Pets blog? We're having a blast after launching the new site just last week! Here are a few of the posts I've been working on over there:

And be sure to pop on over to Mom Spark, where I believe we'll be seeing some BIG new changes in the very near future -- I'm so excited! Check out my latest posts:

Have a wonderful rest of your day, mes amis. Today is errand day for me... time to tie up a few loose ends before the weekend arrives! It may be Friday the 13th, but I've always found fortune in strange days such as these. Take care. And thank you for your kind comments yesterday. Much love.

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Fawned Friday

01. Vader bike gal.

02. Jumbo cross stitch!

03. The world's most amazing couch.

04. I wish I'd found this romper when my Fawn was little.

05. Thursday is a master thriftstress.

06. Totally.

07. Loving this collaboration.

08. So fierce.

09. Gorgeous blouse.

10. Love this series.

Have a fab Friday!

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11 April 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Official News To Come...

09 April 2012

I See London, I See France

I've been giggling over this silly welcome mat for a few weeks now. This one makes me snicker too. (And this one gives my geeky side a little nudge in the ribs.)

Have you got a quirky little something or other for your guests to wipe their boots on?

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08 April 2012

Easter Morning

Hope you're all having a fabulous Sunday! My little one has found all her goodies and now we're heading out for a trip downtown, followed by naptime and then dinner at my mom's place. Take care, mes amis. Happy weekend!

Previous Easter posts from the House of Fawn:

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One Crazy Kitten

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I moved into my very first apartment. Shortly after that, Kitten came to live with me. I know, I know… what an original name, right? She had been named “Rolly” at birth, but that name just never really stuck for me, and after months of just referring to her as “come here my little kitten”, the moniker just stuck.

Continue reading >>

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07 April 2012


This is a snapshot of Gretchen, climbing the stairs next to our zoo's Superslide... an 80ft slide that mama can't actually go down without bonking her head on the top once or twice, but she does it anyhow.

When I was G's age, the slide existed, but not as it does now... and if I'm not wrong, it has been through a few face lifts over the years. One fact remains, however: Kids LOVE this thing. And bow howdy if ten trips up those steps don't make for an early bedtime.

Hope you're all having a beautiful Easter weekend. Time for mama to sneak a speck of chocolate.

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04 April 2012

Exposed Brick Love

I have a serious crush on exposed brick walls... just like the ones in this Brooklyn photographer's apartment. I have always (not so) secretly dreamed of living someplace with walls just like these.

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{Wordless Wednesday} Looking Forward To More Of This

03 April 2012

Kitten & Winston Are Going To Be Famous

Yesterday I made a little announcement on the Twitters, but today I thought I'd share it properly -- in blog form, of course! Myself -- plus three other super rad bloggers -- are the new team writing over at Babble's brand spanking new blog... Babble Pets! It launched April 1st and the four of us are sharing all sorts of pet related posts. From strange pet names to the similarities between toddlers and cats... it's going to be such a fun blog for anyone who shares their home with pets.

Read more
 about my life caring for pets on Babble.com's Pets

Thanks to everyone who tweeted their congrats at me yesterday! You guys make me smile & grin a whole darn lot! Much love.

Be sure to pop on over to check out my first Babble Pets blog, a must-read for anyone wanting to bring their dog to work.


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01 April 2012

This Basically Sums Up Our Day


A Very Peterborough Saturday

This girl LOVES swings. She always has... even looking back at this video, she's completely thrilled. Actually, that's the very same set of swings! Can you believe how teensy she was?

Yesterday we spent our morning with Kim (of Mothering with Mindfulness) and her son Reece. We took a trip to the farmer's market, a stopover at Chappies/the 'Bucks and finally our visit to the park. Our littles ran back and forth between the swings and slide, more times than I can count and my busy bee enjoyed a nice long nap in the afternoon.

Her wild locks could use a tiny trim. She simply won't allow for ponytails.

After G's nap, we ventured downtown (via cruiser & Chariot) to visit our friend Iris, and to pour over the racks at Sympathy for the Rebel. I didn't end up with any treasures, but Gretchen made herself at home.

Finally, a tasty, Thai noodle dinner at the Olde Stone, dessert at Natas and a gorgeous bike ride home. All in all, a perfect Peterborough Saturday.

PS. Kim has a rad giveaway up over on her blog this week. Be sure to check it out!
PPS. Happy April! Today marks the start of a brand new blog that I'll be contributing too... keep an eye on Twitter & Facebook for more news. And I promise to share more on So Fawned VERY soon!

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