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30 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Sometimes She Follows Us Into The Park)

29 September 2009

Eight Months

Today Gretchen is eight months old.

Oh my word.

All I can think about it how much smaller this hat seems now!

Happy 32nd week of existence, baby girl!

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28 September 2009

Because Lattes Fuel Sanity

This morning my good friend Elena & I took a trip to Chappies & Starbucks for two lattes & some much anticipated mama socialization time.

It was EXACTLY what we needed.

The babes loved it too -- and it must have tuckered them out as they were both napping as we pulled into my driveway.


They're betrothed, you know.

We're already working on her dowry.

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25 September 2009

Happy Post Tubby Baby Time

See this smile?

This is what I see 98% of the time & I will never take it for granted.

We certainly landed ourselves a happy little babe.

Guten nacht!


Fawned Friday

Good morning, Fawners! Today is all about catching up, running errands & getting things done before the weekend. I wish you all a super productive day!

01. Tea Conversation.

04. Ink calendar.

05. Write it in your heart.

07. Headband love.

08. Peacock chair.

09. Pieces of Pieces.

10. Miniature designer chairs.

Happy Friday, mes amis!

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24 September 2009

East City Love

Enjoying the house; enjoying the front yard; enjoying the neighbourhood. We really love it here.

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23 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Lattes In The Park)

Baby G's Happy Noise

I warn you in advance -- this video is a little loud & a lot screamy.

Do you love the fact that the boy & I are both instigating her in the background? We do this in restaurants too.

We're those parents.

Hope you're all having a fantastic night! Peace.

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20 September 2009

Our Little Swinger

Swing time at the park while we wait for daddy. What a ham!

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Love List

♥ lazy Sundays at home with my babe
♥ a fluffy gray kitty
♥ watching a movie with the boy
♥ cool morning & warm afternoons
♥ orange leaves held by a sweet little fist
♥ the smell of clean laundry
♥ french toast with cinnamon & nutmeg


18 September 2009

Fawned Friday (Fashion Files)

Now that my daughter is 7 1/2 months old & my uniform is no longer baggy trackers, a tank top & a hoodie, I'm starting to get excited about clothing again -- and just in time for Autumn! My most favourite season of all!

01. The blue dress.

02. That outfit, that belt, that scarf.

03. I'm in v-neck heaven.

04. I am so in love with boatnecks.

05. September stylish.

06. Coloured tights love.

07. It's almost time for hats & scarves.

08. Tweed love.

09. Wrist worms.

10. Vintage scarves.

11. Jackets for days.

12. Loving this colour so much.

13. Wrap me up.

14. Mama wardrobe love.

Please share your Fall fashion fawnings! I'd love to see what you're all cozying up in this season!

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16 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Just The Three Of Us)

15 September 2009

To The Zoo, Mes Amis

If The Sartorialist took photos of babywearing fashions, do you think I'd make the cut?

She's a swinger, baby.

The Mama, The Babe & The Karen.

I realize that in a post about the zoo I should perhaps have included photos of animals -- however, I didn't actually take any. Apparently we're a little self obsessed over here.

Ah well.

I can't help the fact that El Gretcho is so photogenic (I can only exploit it).

Peace out, ladies & gents!

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Summer BBQ Love

This past Saturday we spent the afternoon out at Ryan's mother's/grandparent's place for a BBQ. The sun was shining & you could feel the fall season moving in.

Baby G loves her flowers.

Also, I'm completely envious of her lashes, which she definitely got from her father.

ps. I promise that she was perched much less precariously than that last photo seems! She was quite safe, with a mum mum in hand.

How did you spend your weekend?


14 September 2009

I Give In (They've Got To Go)

Yesterday I posted all about the creepy little spiders in the basement and today I found four more little webs with babies.

I give in.

No more Mrs. Nice Gal.

Tomorrow? Vacuum time.

(My apologies to the arachnid world.)


13 September 2009

Eight Legged Freeloaders

We have spiders.

They are everywhere.

Okay, so maybe everywhere is a bit extreme, but if you ask my arachnophobic partner, he'd tell you they were taking over.

To be honest, I've never seen anything like this.

For a while I passed by this spider on my trips down to the basement while doing laundry and didn't think much of it. However, we've since noticed that she is a mama spider and what I had thought were gnats in her web are actually little spiderlings.

Lots and LOTS of spiderlings.

I feel a little stuck.

Usually I'm not one for harming the creatures of this earth, but this is a little extreme. I'm starting to figure out Operation Get The Spiders Outside Without Killing Any Of Them, but the boy seems to think we should just suck them up with the vacuum (which I'm not sure would kill them, but merely trap them til they found their way out).

Either way, I'm not sure my heart could take it.

There's a good chance I will call my mother in on this one & see if she has any spider wrangling advice. Until then, I'll be the only one doing laundry.

Mr. Arachnophobia refuses to even think about the basement.

What would you do?


11 September 2009

Fawned Friday

My favourite posts from the past week or so, with love:

01. Snail Mail @ Apples For Poppy Anne

02. Ask Me About My Weaner @ Girl's Gone Child

03. The Delicate Balance Of Parenting And Housework @ Simple Mom

04. In The Dream @ The Noisy Plume

05. Nie Nie: "My Secrets to a Happy Marriage" @ A Cup Of Jo

06. NICE Assignment: 10 Thank You Cards @ Operation NICE

07. Fruity Totsicles @ Feeding Little Foodies

08. AP Ambassador @ API Speaks

09. Peach Cobbler @ The Coterie Blog

10. Ode To Winter @ Thoughts And Biro Sketches


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10 September 2009

And The Leaves Are Changing Colour One By One

The other day I set Gretchen up on a towel on our deck with a bowl full of water and a big spoon.

So curious & playful.

She looks like a tiny little chef.

A chef who's spilling her batter, perhaps.

So much love for these days.

The summer is leaving us, but slowly, slowly it goes. The leaves are changing, the seasons are turning and the babe is growing.

September always makes me wish I was still in school. There's something about school supplies & orange trees & backpacks & scotch tape. Ahh, I'm having a craving for snuggling down & watching You've Got Mail*.


I hope you're all having a fabulous evening (season) and night.

Much love.

*You've Got Mail is my favourite movie of all time, which I believe I've mentioned before. I just can't get enough. I could watch it everyday and still swoon & sway to the music & sigh. So beautiful.


09 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Guten Morgen!)