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30 April 2011

A Small Town Saturday

I'm loaded with Vitamin D tonight, ladies and gents! After a beautiful day spent in the sun, my evening has been cozy and quiet. A nap at bedtime with my babe, a glass o' vino and some quality time with my Google reader. Saturday nights in mamahood are just so chill.

A few snapshots from our day...

At the Green Expo.




One sip of wine turns my cheeks a vibrant shade of red. What a lush!

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, mes amis! Tomorrow = Sunday, the season opening of my favourite summer hangout, a day full of bike rides -- fingers crossed that the rains holds out. Peace!

PS. Check out the sidebar to meet my marvelous May sponsors! More deets to come.

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29 April 2011

Fawned Friday

01. I'm officially speechless over this incredible contraption.

02. The most phenomenal chicken coop I've ever laid eyes on.

03. Beautiful words & a beautiful cause.

04. I want to hug this purse. 

05. This is brilliant.

06. Don't these look ultra scrumptious?

07. Love this collection.

08. A little Royal tea party love.

09. Such wonderful idea.

10. This would be excellent in our backyard.

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28 April 2011

Small Style No. 5

small style

We were without power (and therefore internet) for most of the day, do to a wild windstorm, so once again I'm rather tardy with my Small Style post. I took these photos a couple days ago, however, on a particularly sun-tastic afternoon. I think this might be my fav outfit yet!

small style

Poncho: Gymboree
Dress: Obaïbi
Tights: Gap (I think... tag's been snipped out)
Sunglasses: The Children's Place
Boots: Joe Fresh

small style

small style

small style

As usual, linking up over at Mama Loves Papa!

PS. I cut Gretchen's hair tonight and did a terrible job. Hopefully I'll find some talented friend to fix it up before too long. Oh gosh... so uneven!
PPS. Time to purdy myself up for a Girls' Night Out with Chantilly and Carly!

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27 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Tending To Her Garden)

Been Dreaming

holy peach

old bumpy road

lonely horse warming in the sun

autumn love

Since turning twenty five earlier this month, my life's been one weird mess, but I plan on coming out on top. Boy howdy.

I've also been dreaming of life as a country girl. I'm not cut out for life away from nature and fields and livestock. In a previous life I must have been a happy farmer's wife. I belong to a different era and I'm inching my way back. This year I'll be making some changes around here to help promote that lifestyle... but eventually... someway, somehow... I'll be back in the saddle. Quite literally.

These images from nineteenSixFour have captured my heart and I think it's about time to immerse myself in scenes such as these for a while. 

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26 April 2011

On Break-Ins & Feeling Violated

Last night our house was robbed while we were in it. This is the fourth (seemingly unrelated) break-in to happen on our street since we moved here two years ago, which is slightly unsettling. We live in a really quiet, wonderful area, but I suppose that doesn't matter. I feel hurt, and I feel hurt for my city, my home.

I was upstairs nursing Gretchen to sleep while it happened, and came downstairs after hearing a lot of noise, to find Ryan and a complete stranger in a heated argument in our office. The entire situation was disorienting, but I quickly realized what was happened and threw the man out. My mama bear instincts kicked in as I shoved him toward our front door in rage. Standing on the sidewalk in front of our house, Ryan called 911.

The man didn't get away with many of our belongings, but he took with him the sense of safety I've always had in this town. This is my home, it's where I grew up, and now I'm angry. More than angry. A little hostile, actually. A large part of me wishes I'd had the presence of mind to assault him a little on the way out the door, though I joked later with the police that it would have caused a lot more paper work if I had.

We're both feeling a little shook up today, and completely violated. It's a terrible feeling knowing a complete stranger was inside your home. Everything's still a little hazy, but in those moments all I could think was "get this man away from my child" and that's really all that mattered. I knew he wasn't there to hurt us... he was there for a quick cash grab. And I hope it lands him in jail.

And I hope I'll be able to feel secure in my home again. We've always locked our doors at bedtime, but now they'll remain locked permanently... and then some. I grew up in a home that never, ever had locked doors and slowly that option is becoming less viable.

Ironically, last night was the first night that Gretchen slept straight through until 7.30am. A nice treat for her weary parents.

Thank you to everyone's kind messages over Twitter and Facebook last night. You cats mean the world to me, and I'm grateful for your support. My fingers are crossed that this delightful miscreant gets what's coming to him.

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25 April 2011

Easter Weekend Love List

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

easter weekend

Our Easter weekend in a nutshell an eggshell...
♥ Sunny afternoons in the park with Gretchen, watching Mourning Doves and Robins flit about
♥ Colouring Easter Eggs with onion skins
♥ Making muffins together, and squash, and Spanish Rice and all sorts of tasty delights
♥ Walks downtown and bus rides home, strolls through the park with stick & rocks in hand
♥ Dinner with my ma, a visit from gramma
♥ Bubbles, dolls, plastic eggs with stickers inside, and tiny toys and a bouncing chick

easter weekend

easter weekend

♥ Afternoon naps
♥ Peppermint tea with lots of honey (and drinking that tea on our front porch)
♥ Eggies, Jelly Bellys, Mini Eggs
♥ Visits with neighbour-dogs, climbing trees and rockpiles
♥ Gretchen's words to me, Sunday evening, post-bath... I love you! Happy Easter! Happy Easter, mummy!

The thing about these Love Lists is that I'm not supposed to say things like "the boy's weekend shifts make me want to cry" and "I have a sore throat and swollen glands and can't sleep", but sometimes I think I should add in these things in so that you're not all under the impression that things are permanently peachy in my neck of the woods. Honestly, this weekend had its ups and downs, and we got some "news" that is making life a little more, shall we say, interesting & challenging, so I'm going with the flow. I know that things will work out. They always do. Overall, our weekend was quite nice and each day that passes brings to light the fact that Gretchen is growing so quickly and is completely brilliant. Her sense of self, her vocabulary, her incredible stubbornness -- it's all there and it's all amazing. We've had some intense moments, this two year old and I, but I am seriously enjoying watching her morph into this wonderfully independent little person.

I hope your weekend was as full and as vibrant as mine. All the best.

easter weekend

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22 April 2011

Fawned Friday

01. Some serious floor inspiration.

02. Completely blissful Easter eggs.

03. I can't think of a better way to spend Earth Day.

04. I get a giggle out of this one.

05. Absolutely stunning images.

06. How to choose the right vessel for your brew.

07. Love this Easterific display.

08. Definitely craving one of these right about now.

09. A nerdy helping of DIY love.

10. Awesome shoes & an awesome mama.

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Small Style No. 4 (And A Giveaway!)

Last night I didn't quite get around to posting my fourth edition of Small Style, because the boy and I were too busy having a little movie date in our living room. Cute, right? We actually watched 1/2 a movie, then fell asleep early at 11.30pm. I think we both needed to catch up on some sleep.

For this week's Small Style I decided to try something a little different... I hope you like it!

small style

Jacket: Greenplow (can't help but repeat with this one!)
Skirt: Old Navy
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Sweater: Vintage, 3 Ring Circus
Tights: Joe Fresh
Leggings: Agoo
Boots: Gymboree

The folks at Agoo sent over these super cute spring leggings to try out and we've certainly been getting a lot of use out of them. We've got a few pieces of their pieces in our collection and I'm always so impressed with the quality, especially when worn by a rough-and-tumble two year old who falls on her knees more time a day than I can count. I also love that they are 100% bamboo and soft as a baby chick! They wash up well... and I'm a woman who manages to shrink EVERYTHING I own, so this is saying something. These are a definite toddler must-have!

Agoo is offering up one pair of leggings for one of my fabulous readers. To win, subscribe to So Fawned and comment below with your favourite place to shop for children's clothing! Be sure to leave an email so that I can find you if you win. I'll choose a winner randomly on April 26th at 2pm EST. 

Don't forget to link up with Small Style hostess Mama Loves Papa!

PS. My Small Style video was taken with 8mm and edited with ReelDirector
PPS. I'm also working on a fav apps post which'll be up sometime after the long weekend. So many goodies to be found!
PPPS. Would you like to advertise on So Fawned? Click here for more details.

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21 April 2011

Chick, Chick, Chick

Silly things happen at the House of Fawn...

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Top Bun Love

I adore top buns. How cute is this gal? When I'm bopping around my kitchen, or just hanging out at home, I often plunk my hair way atop my head like this, but my bangs hang forward.

What do you think? Would you rock it?


20 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday (That Boy Sure Makes Beautiful Music)

Sponsor So Fawned

Starting May 2011 I'll be opening So Fawned up to some very lovely sponsors. If you're interested in participating, see below for more info! Ads will be extra affordable for May/June/July so get them while they're hot! Check out the brand new SPONSOR page for more info about each of the three ad sizes. 

MAIN 200x200 @ $20/month

LARGE 200x100 @ $12/month

LITTLE 200x60 @ $8/month

If you would like to sponsor So Fawned, or if you have an questions, need help with ad design or wish to purchase multiple months, please contact me. Looking forward to working with and promoting some very rad businesses & blogs. What a delight!

Take care, mes amis!

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19 April 2011

Thank You For The Penguins

If you happened to catch a few of my tweets tonight, you know that bedtime was total sucko. Despite giving it our best, Gretchen really prefers her mama to put her to bed. (Boobs = happy baby.) However, with reality setting in, a burnt out mama, and the fact that I'll be gone for four days early this August, I really need G to fall asleep a little easier for poor daddio, who gets a facefull of scream with each attempt. This feels partially selfish to me, and partially DUH, as in, why haven't we been able to figure this out yet?

Sitting downstairs listening to my child scream put all sorts of crazy thoughts into my head... I'm inferior, I'm a failure, I've done something wrong. These things probably aren't true, but I also know I'm not the only one shaking those dirty thoughts around in her head.

Tonight, I thank those of you who tweeted happy thoughts my way, and assured me that I'm not a craptastic mama and that a glass of wine would do wonders on a night like this. (Though I may have to make do with a shot of rum.) Thank you for being supportive fellow parents who know how it feels to be in these shoes. I appreciate having you on my side more than I can express. Thank you for holding my hand, for your kind words and for sending me happy videos of baby penguins being tickled to help cheer me up.

I am happy to report that my spirited two year old is now fast asleep. And everyone's still alive.

And just in case you're having a bummy night too...

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18 April 2011

Time Lapse Love

I was going to save this video for my next Fawned Friday post, but I've decided I can't wait that long.

Stunning. And that music is giving me chills. Actually, I managed to find some sheet music to go along with it so that I can spend some time with my piano in the near future.

I've got goosebumps.

Happy Monday, mes amis.

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17 April 2011

Today Is My Birthday

birthday girl

Happy birthday, to me!

birthday girl

Celebrating a very low key sorta birthday... brunch with my ma and Gretchen, eggs Benny and lots of fruit. Hoping for a fun evening, despite my lack of plans. Mostly hanging with the babe while the boy sleeps off his 12hr weekend shifts. Ick. Perhaps the snow will stop? (Yes, snow. A blizzard for my birthday, crazy Canada.)

Thinking a lot about my plans for the next year, about where I am at this sparkly new age. So much on the horizon over the next few months... work, travel, life... exciting, interesting, a little nerve wracking, but mostly fun.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday (and a wonderful year).

birthday snow

Ironically enough, if you listen closely you can hear Gretchen signing Jingle Bells in the backyard, plinking away on the piano.

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16 April 2011

So That I Remember

Last night, she sat in my lap while I brushed the tangles out of her hair. Freshly buttoned into her pajamas and leaning into my chest, covered with a thrifted quilt, she sat still and let me brush all over her head until her soft hair was so light and smooth that I could run all of my fingers through it at once and they would not get snagged.

For the first time ever, she didn't move and hardly complained as I rid her of her rat's nest. I let my fingers trace all through her hair, cool but nearly dry from her earlier splash in the bath. I breathed deep the smells of shampoo and baby, not quite the same as a newborn, but now like summer and sweat and sweet. I twisted tiny braids at the nape of her neck and let them fall apart again.

I told her we could buy a new special brush just for Gretchen. She was thrilled at the idea and when I kissed her cheek, she nuzzled back, pressing her face against mine.


"Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering -- because you can't take it in all at once." Audrey Hepburn.

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15 April 2011

Small Style No. 3

I'm a little late with my third edition of Small Style, but with good reason! I spent half of my Thursday at the hospital with a client who welcomed a very sweet little bundle of pink! (Bright eyed, gorgeous and everyone is doing fabulously. I love my job!)

But yes, on with a dash of Small Style! I took these photos a few days ago, on a drizzly afternoon during our duck-feeding trip to the park. The boy and I took Gretchen to the bridge to toss a few bits of bread and snap a few photos. We did get a bit wet, but it was a great little trip nonetheless.

small style

small style

small style

small style

small style

Jacket: Greenplow
Leggings: The Gap
Skirt: The Children's Place
Boots: Joe Fresh
Hat: Same as last week (because it's just that sweet)

While we were in the park, a woman walking her pup complimented Gretchen's outfit and told her she was looking "very French today". So sweet, right? Gretchen whispered, "I shy" as she tends to do around strangers. Smiling all the while.

As usual, we're linking up with Small Style guru, Mama Loves Papa.

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Fawned Friday

lanterns & lamps

01. By the light of lovely lanterns.

02. A little love for our neighbourhood.

03. Ready, set, grow.

04. All sorts of purdy in this post.

05. I'd like to make one of these for the boy.

06. On letting go of perfect.

07. A big giveaway from an adorable little lass.

08. Extra sweet rainy day style.

09. Rustic finds.

10. Fluffy bunny pillow love.

11. This makes me giggle like mad.

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13 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Friends For Life)

12 April 2011

"John's Pants"

Dees John's pants, mama.

She says this as we get dressed, as I'm shimmying her pants up and buttoning them at the front.

John's pants?

Yes. Dees John's pants.

For weeks I had no idea what she meant. Our daycare provider's partner is named John, but I couldn't quite make the connection.

Then one morning I realized that she was only saying it on days when I dressed her in jeans.




Language lessons from my 2-year-old, ladies and gents.

I figure she must think I'm mistaken in claiming her pants belong to this Jean character when in fact, we don't know anyone by that name. I must mean John, who she sees several times a week. It would only makes sense.

No, mama. Dees John's pants.

Ok, Gretchen. You're right.

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The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Fifty One

the tuesday diptych project

Johanna: One thing that I will miss about my time in Ontario is walking around downtown. On a lovely afternoon my good friend Shirin and I took our little ones to one of my favourite urban parks that is right on the border of Chinatown. I love beautifully designed urban spaces, where people can find refuge from their busy days.

Desiree: This cafe is practically my second home. I love the atmosphere, the buzz, the people, the tasty treats. I feel super productive here and completely comfortable. Mmm, one more bevvy please.


10 April 2011

Our Sunday

As of late, our Sundays have begun to look very similar... walks in the park, trips downtown, bus rides (a Gretchen fav), teas, strawberry parfaits and lots of mama-baby time. With the boy working 12hr shifts all weekend long, I'm really enjoying this sort of routine. It's nice, familiar... happy.

Today we spent a (wet) morning in the park, following hopping Robins in the grass, watching birds build their nests, tossing stones into the river and holding hands along the path.





After lunch and a nice long nap (on Gretchen's part) we took off for downtown, spending the rest of our afternoon in our own backyard and exploring the neighbourhood. By dinnertime it was warm enough to ditch our jackets -- what a refreshing feeling.

I sipped mug after mug of tea while sitting on our back porch, as my little Fawn climbed her slide and threw sticks at for the dog.






I am feeling rejuventaed, mes amis!

How about you?

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