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31 August 2009

Hoping For A Safe Return

See that pretty, pretty bike? I believe I've mentioned her before. She's a gorgeous Schwinn cruiser & I love her to death. She was a gift from Ryan's mama & yesterday she was stolen.


I'd lent my bike to a friend (since I'm not able to use her at the moment, as Gretchen is still a tiny baby & we don't yet have a bike trailer) and yesterday she was stolen from her parking spot outside a cafe downtown.

Our downtown area is tiny & seeing how my cruiser is quite recognizable, I'm hoping for a swift return... however... you never know when it comes to matters such as these.

Tomorrow we will be filling a report (thank goodness I take photos of EVERYTHING) and my fingers are crossed that someone friendly will spot her and bring her home!!

I just miss my girl.

Le sigh.

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30 August 2009

It's Good To Be Near The Water

Across from our house is a park.

The same park that I've written about previously and the very park where the festival was held yesterday.

A river runs through the middle where there's a damn, a foot bridge, little marshes and a tiny island.

I love having such a peaceful place so close to home.

I can hear the water from my front porch.


Edible Rainbows

Could there be a better kind?

This gorgeous cake was made (and photographed) by the lovely Emily Burtt of Thoughts and Biro Sketches fame. I encourage you all to sneak over to her blog for a peek -- so many pretty things to see!

I hope you're all having a fabulous night and a nice, relaxing end to your weekend.


{And now I'm craving cake. Uh oh.}

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29 August 2009

Seven Months

Today at the Folk Festival.

You're growing up so fast baby girl!

- yell!
- sit!
- say "dada!"
- are amazing!!

So much love to my little dumpling boodle head.

Mama loves you!

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28 August 2009

The Wedding: Part 3 of 3

{Also, click here to see a sample of the wedding video! A friend (& incredibly talented videographer) taped the entire shabang and his editing is amazing! The song you hear is the song they had their first dance to. It was so heartwarming! Enjoy!}

For more photos: Part 1 & Part 2.

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One Love Photo: Paso Robles Wedding

I am swooning! Heather Gilson's wedding photography is simply gorgeous.

I'm especially in love with this wedding. It is just stunning. I have chills.

Photos by One Love Photo.

What beautiful captures.

Please do take a look at the One Love Photo blog for more beautiful images like these.

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Tubby Time

I am so grateful that Gretchen loves her tubby time.

She's even more enthralled now that she can sit and play and chew on her toys.

Today she leaned over so far as to put her face in the water, which surprised her, but didn't stop her from trying it out at least three more times.

She splashes. She shouts. She coos and smiles.

Happy baby = happy mama.


Fawned Friday

Another Friday; another collection of pretties to share!

01. I love a good home tour.

02. Urban Weeds.

03. After the storm.

04. A DIY for this fabulous lapdesk.

05. We're in love with this salsa.

06. Lisa Leonard designs.

07. The prettiest rugs.

08. Daily Bits of Beauty.

09. Lovely embroidery pattern.

10. Candyland!


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27 August 2009

The Wedding: Part 2 of 3

26 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Airplane!)

The Wedding: Part 1 of 3

25 August 2009

No More Frump

Way back when I was first asked to be a bridesmaid I promised my lovely bride friend that I would grow my hair long for the wedding -- and I did!

So today? Now that the wedding (the fabulous, gorgeous, full of love wedding!) is over & done with -- I had an appointment with my favourite hairdresser (who has been cutting my hair since 1st year university).

I always forget home much I LOVE having shorter hair.

No fuss, no muss!

Also, you can't completely tell from this particular photo, but a lot of blond highlights were added as well. I love my hairdresser -- since she's been working with my hair for so long I can say things like, "do that thing we did before that I loved" and poof! it's done! So refreshing.

I no longer feel like a frumpy mama.

I feel great.

Here's to hoping you're all feeling great tonight too!

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24 August 2009

A Quaint Party Of Twenty

Our quaint, little wedding party.

{Note: This photo was taken by a good friend's boyfriend who had my camera for part of the day. I just stole it a little & did some editing to share with you fine folks! I obviously wasn't able to take many wedding party photos since I was IN the party, so I'm doing my best to share what I can! Aren't we all just so pretty in our pink? The girls wore three shades of pink, with brown accents while the boys wore brown with pink vests -- by far the best colour theme for the couple. So fab. And yes, more to come. For now -- sleep calls.}

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23 August 2009

The Wedding: A Sneak Peek

Congrats To My Dear Hearts

The wedding was absolutely wonderful & fabulous in every possible way. I feel so privileged to have been a part of such a special occasion.

I love you both.

So much.


21 August 2009

Fawned Friday (Wedding Fever!)

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY! It's my dear heart's wedding and a day I shall spend looking rather fine and also bawling my eyes out in a pretty pink dress.

In honour of this glorious occasion, I have dedicated this edition of Fawned Friday to the beauty of weddings, in all shapes & sizes.


01. A wedding I photographed last summer.

02. Faux bois ring dish.

03. Sweet Monday wedding photography.

04. 'Let them eat cake' hairpiece.

05. Pink wedding love.

06. Perfect pear wedding.

07. Fabulous local photographer.

08. Pretty invites.

09. Vintage wedding love.

10. DIY wedding.

You may now kiss the bride! (Or groom! Or just someone who's cute!)

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19 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Gretchen & I At The Bridesmaid Tea)

18 August 2009

Five Generations

One of the perks of being fairly young parents is that we can count five whole generations on either side of the family. On my side we have Gretchen, myself, my mother, my grandmother and my Oma (aka great grandmother). On Ryan's side there is Gretchen, Ryan, his mother, his nan and his great nanny.

A few weeks ago Ryan & I went to a family shindig out at a relative's cottage and I managed to get a five generation shot of us ladies.

Left to right: Great nanny, nan, the little miss, Ryan's mother & myself.

How many generations do you have on either side of your family? Do you have family close to where you live now? Do you have a very large, or small family?


17 August 2009


Salut, mes amis! I hope you're all doing well this evening!

As I mentioned, things have been crazy over here, but not crazy enough to announce the winner of our All Modern giveaway!

And the winner is...

... comment #3!

Congratulations to Elsa.Elsa!

I'll be in touch shortly!


Thanks again to everyone who entered! And thank you to All Modern Baby for this fabulous opportunity.