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25 February 2013

Room For Emptiness

Pop over to Mom Spark to see our little feature on Room for Emptiness -- a gorgeous handpainted housewares line, designed in Berlin. LOVE this tea/coffee pot. Simple, lovely -- a delight in any space.

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23 February 2013


A local pal -- who you may remember from our blogger meetup last winter -- just opened up a new shop featuring her seriously lovely jewelry. You're going to want to favourite Black&Bronze.

Have a fab weekend, mes amis!

The 2nd Annual #PeterTweeter Awards!

It's that time of year again!

Last year, some fine folks in my beloved city came up with the idea to do a local awards show based on Twitter... and so, the #PeterTweeter Awards were born! It was a roaring success & such a fun night. I was nominated for a couple categories and ended up winning:

Mommy Tweeter!

It's actually on my fridge at home, haha. Sometimes I think about framing it... it probably belongs next to my university degree, eh? 

This year, I'm up for #PeterBreeder aaaaaaaaand @ShopTango has been nominated for Best Retail! My mister, @Ricwi, and I are also vying for #BarfiestCouple, because how hilarious is that? We've got some stiff competition, but your votes could push us to the top!

If you'd like to vote, check out the link here or here!

I know you're not all local, but if you think we're rockin' the Twitter over here, your votes would make me smile! Thanks lovelies! Also, you can vote once per day if you get really into it.

Thanks friends!

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22 February 2013

Fawned Friday

01. This shop is filled with neato stuff.

02. Qualities of successful people.

03. I'm all for the sinceriod.

04. Yes, yes I have. And it was wonderful.

05. Congrats to this gal! (I'm so excited!)

06. Love this necklace.

07. Might need this for the bathroom.

08. Been thinking about this a lot lately.

09. This blog makes me happy, always.

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20 February 2013

Belated Birthday Celebrations

Due to the fact that a handful my friends all had babe's in late January/early February, G's actual shindig was postponed til this past Sunday. For the last three weeks she has waited and waited through three other birthday parties and finally it was her turn! And it was a blast!

Here's a peek at what our day looked like.

Step one... help mama with errands around town. Picking up party treats and decorations! (Those eyes! They melt me!)

We decorated my shop, Tango, for the party. Since Gretchen & I are moving (news on that to come!) on April 1st, I knew I'd feel overwhelmed having our apartment as the venue, as we're already getting into the packing phase. Thanks to Iris, of Bossy Femme fame, for rocking the streamers and balloons while I ran off to pick up the catering!

Gretchen and Ezra (and the Chipmunks, of course). Recognize this little man? He's her bestie from this post, and this one, and this one. They absolutely adore each other.

Oh yes. And the cake had Winston's face on it. And it was DELICIOUS!

I can't get enough of this pic. Don't worry guys, I'm just standing on the Marilyn Monroe vent, with my cake. Nothing to fret. 

And on the way home? She fell asleep in the middle of her rant about how she wasn't at all tired and would absolutely NOT be having a nap when we got home. And when we got home? She asked me to snuggle her up to her bed. We both rested the afternoon away.

Goodnight, birthday girl. 

So, the "puppy" themed party was a success... I'm not HUGE on themes, and I didn't push it too much, but since Winston is G's little BFF, I knew I had to include him somehow. She was CRAZY about the cake... and it was delicious! Thank you to a favourite local bakery and cafe, Black Honey, for catering and making our amazing cake. I still have some in my fridge... it's taking all my will power not to eat it all IN ONE SITTING.

Thanks to all my locals lovelies who came out to celebrate with us! We had such a special day, and with the Family Day holiday just the next day, it was the perfect weekend to spend with my (ohmigosh) four year old!


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15 February 2013

Fawned Friday

01. Peterborough fog.

02. Get on living.

03. Dance it out, girl!

04. Cute décor idea.

05. Fun 3D hearts.

06. Fantastic texture.

07. Been dying to give this a try.

08. Good for a giggle.

09. Gorgeous!

10. No style like snow style.

11. Do you know how to walk on ice?

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10 February 2013

Winston, The Charmer

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08 February 2013

A Good Motto For The Weekend

Have a beautiful day, mes amis. And remember, be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and let go of the things you can't control. And smile, always smile :)

Image spotted here.

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06 February 2013

Another Little Valentine

Shopgal Steph made another appearance over at Mom Spark today.

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04 February 2013

What Does Valentine's Day Mean To You?

I remember in elementary school, we'd all make these little baskets or envelopes for collecting Valentine's Day cards from our classmates... and then sometimes we'd get a class list and we'd go home and take a box of pre-made cards with the perforated edges and tear them all and sign names and take them to school and deposit them during some little shindig the teacher would put on. And oh my word does that not just sound like the weirdest little tradition? Very methodical, very robotic, very odd. And then girls would get to the age where "boys are icky" and stereotypes ran rampant, and it got even worse in high school when for some ridiculous fundraiser they'd send out "candy grams" which incited some sick popularity contest among the masses. (Oops. I'm ranting about Valentine's Day.) My mother, thankfully, saved me from this a bit when she'd help me make handmade cards for a few friends or family members, a slightly more meaningful gesture than just going through the motions.

Now that I'm a twentysomething and I have a four year old I think about how these traditions will make her feel. So far she knows that Valentine's Day is about love and caring for people. And that works for me. She'll make little cards for friends at daycare and all will be well. And for her mama, who has a wonderful daughter and wonderful partner to love, the day will mean the same as all others -- that I'm grateful for the amazing people in my life who love me and care for me. And that's really what it's all about.

And since my partner shares my ridiculous sense of humour, he'll probably get a card something like this one from Letter Happy...

So, friends. What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Do you celebrate? Date night? Snuggles with your little ones? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

PS. If you want to see a few more cards that I find just quirky enough to work, check out my latest Cool Finds post over at Mom Spark. And to my readers, my life would totally suck without you. You guys rock.

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