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30 May 2011


A Pint Of Pinterest

I fought hopping on the Pinterest wagon for months, but guess what? I'm giving in. And in an effort to make me feel slightly less like I'm wasting my time (oh gosh no!) I've decided to start a new little blog feature to share my fav pins of the moment. Enjoy!

PS. Do you pin? Add me!

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Kitty Love

Kitty Loves

Gretchen really loves her siblings, and by siblings, I mean the cats & dog. She is all over them, every single moment of the day. Some have come to expect it... Lydia Deets still runs in the opposite direction, but she's always been a little more neurotic than the rest.

Apologies for the serious lack of posting this weekend... this is quite literally the first time I've spent more than  minute at my computer since Friday. Our weekends (with the boy working 24hrs in two insane 12hr shifts) are hectic, to say the least. However, pair that with a BIG yardsale on Saturday and Sunday's potluck picnic and we were on our toes the entire time! Thankfully, Gretchen is playing with her pals over at daycare today, so mama's trying desperately to play a little catch up. Trying to breathe, really.

I have a whole whack of photos to share, from the last few weeks really, so keep your eyes peeled for a Recently post at some point today.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that you're having some delightfully sunshiny weather like we're having this morning! I hardly want to spend my day inside, but our umbrella was uprooted in that wind storm a few weeks ago, and so I have no shade cover for using the laptop outside. Drat.

Off to get some work done -- happy Monday, mes amis!

PS. Don't forget to enter the Your Green Baby giveaway. Winner will be chosen June 1st.

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27 May 2011

Fawned Friday

01. Happy bunnies love their 3D specs.

02. I love the feel of this gal's work. Just beautiful.

03. This site is completely hilarious.

04. My newest bloggy addiction.

05. Totally rad DIYs.

06. Goodness yes!

07. What a neat little bird.

08. These look delicious.

09. This couldn't be truer, mes amis.

10. Oh pretty, pretty.

11. This is just making me hungry.

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26 May 2011

Moment By Moment


And that, my dear friends, is what today looked like... in bits and bobs, of course. I truly hope you all had a wonderful Thursday. Goodnight.

Inspired by the loveliest Dove.


Small Style No. 9

Well, good morning Small Style lovahs! We've had a wonky weather week -- hot, hot, hot or rain, rain, rain. But over cold and ice and snow? I'll take it! I'm enjoying days with windows open, listening to thunderstorms, feeling the breezes and breathing in all that Springtime goodness. Just wonderful.

On this particular afternoon it was just nice enough outside for the little miss to enjoy her first sundress of the year. Ultra cute. Funny fact: She always asks me: "put pants on?" and "put socks on?" no matter what else she's wearing. (Always with the socks, especially, just like her daddio. He's NEVER without socks, whereas I could do without them from about June til October.)

small style

small style

small style

small style

small style

Sundress: Hand-me-down (yay!)
Socks: Old Navy (and delightfully dirty)
Shoes: No dice!

A simple outfit for a sweet summer afternoon full of flower-picking and watermelon munching. Yum!

Want to join in the Small Style fun? We're linking up with the oh so fabulous Mama Loves Papa!

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25 May 2011

Guest Post: Feeding Your Toddler With Your Green Baby's Kim Corrigan-Oliver

nobody puts baby in the corner

I have a seriously exciting guest post to share with you lovelies today! I'm so lucky to have a holistic nutritionist friend in my circle and today, Kim (of Your Green Baby fame!) is here to share her tips for feedings toddlers -- something we all know can be a bit of a test. This rad post comes along with a delightful surprise as well, so keep reading. You'll be walking away with a whole range of ideas for helping your tot to develop a wonderful relationship with food!


Toddlerhood comes with many challenges. One which often concerns parents is food. There are many different food challenges in the toddler years, here are a few:
  • The toddler who can’t sit still long enough to eat.
  • The toddler who suddenly decides not to eat anything, and I mean anything.
  • The toddler who becomes picky, only eating foods that are red, not eating foods that are green, eating only cooked foods...you get the picture.
  • The toddler who loves food and will jump in and try anything (I know, this one is hard to believe, but there are some of these toddlers out there).
So what can you do? Here are a few tips for feeding your toddler:
  1. You can’t force them to eat. So, instead, relax. Prepare the meal and offer it. Let your toddler decide what to eat and how much to eat.
  2. Don’t become a short order cook. Make one meal for everyone. If your toddler it not interested in eating it, no worries. Do not head into the kitchen to whip up something else.
  3. Make food easy to eat. Cut food up into perfect size pieces for easy eating. This makes it easy for your toddler to use their hands to eat, or to try using a spoon or fork.
  4. Offer small amounts of food. Too much food on your toddler’s plate can scare them. Instead offer small amounts of food and let them ask for more if they want it. It gives them control.
  5. Keep offering the foods they reject. It can take up to 15 times before a food is accepted, you have to keep trying.
  6. For picky eaters, serve new foods or foods they dislike with favourite foods to increase the chance they will give it a try.
  7. Add a dip. I have yet to meet a toddler who didn’t like to dip. Use mashed avocados, hummus, apple sauce, salsa, tomato sauce, etc to get your toddler’s interest.
  8. Make food fun. Serve meals up on a fun plate or use a muffin tin. Cut food into shapes. Make faces or spell their name with the food. Just have fun with it.
  9. Offer foods in different ways. Cut up fruit on a plate may not be well received, but put it on a wooden skewer and all of sudden it is fun and exciting. Instead of steamed cauliflower, mash it and bake it. Try roasting vegetables to really bring out the flavour. Add herbs and spices to tickle their tiny taste buds.
  10. Set a good example. I hate to say it, but if mom and dad don’t eat their veggies, you can’t expect your toddler to. What you do speaks so much louder than what you say. If your toddler sees you enjoying food and trying new things, they will be more likely to do the same.
Feeding a toddler can be a tough; I won’t lie to you about that. They are going through a stage where they want to assert some of the independence and decision making skills. I suggest not making food a battle. Serve it up, sit back and let them take control. They will eat, eventually...

In the meantime here is a toddler snack to tickle your toddler’s tiny taste buds! 

Brown Rice Crisp Squares
½ cup brown rice syrup
1tsp vanilla
¼ cup pumpkin seed butter
¼ cup tahini (sesame seed butter)
2tbsp chia seeds
2tbsp hemp seeds
2tbsp sunflower seeds
2tbsp pumpkin seeds
5 cups organic rice crisp cereal (I use Nature’s Path)

Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
Heat brown rice syrup, vanilla and seed butters in a saucepan over low to medium heat until the mixture is easy to stir. Remove from heat.
Add the dry ingredients and stir well to coat.
Put mixture in an 8×11 pan and press flat with a wooden spoon. Let cool and cut into squares.


Thank you so much to Kim for this incredibly informative post! And let me tell you -- those brown rice crisp squares are beyond tasty! You'll be making them on a regular basis, I promise. Yum! And as an added treat, Kim is offering a brand spanking-new copy of her book, Raising Happy Healthy Babies, for one of my readers! This book includes a wealth of information about nutrition from preconception through babyhood, and includes 95 yummy recipes to try.

For your chance to win, simply comment below with your fav toddler treat, or family mealtime tip. If you wanted an extra entry or so, you can feel free to tweet/Facebook/blog about the giveaway -- just be sure to leave a comment for each. Merci, merci! (Winner will be announced June 1st.)

Best wishes, mes amis -- and if you just can't wait to get your hands on this book, you can purchase your own copy for just $25 via Your Green Baby. No mama should be without this one -- it's just that good!

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Wordless Wednesday (You Shall Not Pass)