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30 November 2010

Day 30: Three Great Things That Happened This Month

Is November really over? Thirty days have come & gone?


I've really loved doing these posts each day and I have to say thank you (with every bit of my heart) for your wonderful comments. You guys make me smile a lot and I'm grateful for your support.

Tired mama eyes, feeling like a dork.

A lot of wonderful things have happened this month, but I'll mention three of them here:

01. A dear friend welcomed her third baby & he's sweet as a button.
02. We finally got around to opening Gretchen's RESP.
03. I got to enjoy a fabulous Girls' Night Out with my awesome mama friends.

SUCH goodness!

What great things happened in your life this month?

November has also been a wonderful primer for the holiday season... decorations are everywhere and for the first time we put up light OUTSIDE. They are almost comical (I promise to share a picture soon) but I love them just the same.

Thanks again for all the November love... I think I'll have to make this a yearly tradition. 



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Day 29: Something I Could Never Tire Of

If you've been reading this blog for anything length of time, then you'll know of my love affair with tea.

I adore it.

Every morning I wake up with the babe, we head downstairs and I put my lovely white kettle on the stove. I've never been one for electric kettles, and the fact that we have a gas stove, and I get to see those lovely flames licking at the enamel, just sweetens the deal.

And speaking of sweetness, I usually add just a little sugar, or a dollop of honey to my tea. Or sometimes nothing at all. Or sometimes almond milk, or 2%, or goat's milk. I like to mix it up a little, pardon my pun.

In my tea, coffee & spice cupboard there's an incredible variety of loose and bagged teas. I prefer the loose leaf, but, as my mother would say, beggars can't be choosers, and so I won't shun the bags at all. There are a few English Breakfast teas that are still quite nice in their little pouches.

This chartreuse beauty is my most favourite teapot that I've ever owned. I can't say enough wonderful things about it -- no drips or drops, no spills. It's wonderful.

tea time

tea time

tea time

The whole ritual of tea makes me feel blessed. Sharing tea time with my friends and family is one of my greatest pleasures. I have already started to pass this tradition down to Gretchen. She asks for tea and I brew her up a little peppermint, or chamomile and we sit together on the couch and sip from our respective cups. It feels like love. It feels heavenly.

So yes, ladies and gents. I could never, ever tire of tea.

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The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Forty

the tuesday diptych project

Johanna: The snow has been falling steadily for the last week or so and has left my new home of Whitehorse a beautiful winter wonderland. The snow here is different from how I am used to it back home. This snow is light and powdery and blows away very easily. It is not "snowman" snow, its not wet or heavy but instead fluffy and in a way delicate.
Just the other day I was looking closely at the snow and was amazed to see actual snowflake forms still intact. It's just so beautiful to see.

Desiree: Our whole house smells just like Christmas. Candles in cinnamon, baked good and pine. I love walking into our home after a long, wintry walk and being greeted by those oh so familiar scents.

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28 November 2010

Just A Little Reminder For The Holidays

cary elwes love

Hope you're all having a superb Sunday! We've got cider simmering on the stove, Christmas carols playing as the fireplace (channel) crackles in the living room. The babe's off at my mama's place and we're tidying up at the end (beginning?) of a busy, busy week. I've been cutting fabric (with my wonderful new scissors), sewing up Christmas gifts and enjoying what's left of the snow outside.

Have you started to get into the holiday mood? Is there snow where you are?

Soon I've been hosting another little giveaway (with some sewn goodies) so keep an eye out for that... and, as a call out to all my supremely talented friend out there -- I'd like to put together an Etsy shopping post with ALL of your shops included! Just a little love for the season! So, to my wonderful readers, if you've got a shop, please email me with your info and I'd LOVE to include you!

Peace & enjoy the day, muah!



Slow Down, Little Babe... You've Got Your Whole Life To Grow Up

One day, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine & I took Gretchen to Chappies to play with the trains while we enjoyed some warm, holiday beverage goodness.

After watching G at play for a while, my friend and I had a similar revelation: She looked SO grown up. We could see the baby years fading fast and the kiddo years rushing toward us. Her hair is less babyish, her walk is less toddly.

so grown up
A mouthful of water from her very grownup Starbucks cup

Recently, as her 2nd birthday approaches, I'm amazed by how much she's changed. Looking back at photos from this time last year, I can hardly remember what it was like to have a babe who doesn't walk, or talk, or do all of the incredible things that she does now.

It's fascinating. Daily.

I look ahead and wonder who she'll be at five years old... or ten years... and I'm excited to meet that person too... but for now, little one, please stay small.

Just a little while longer.


Day 28: A Favourite Movie

27 November 2010

Day 27: Myself, One Year Ago

26 November 2010

Day 26: Some Place I've Traveled

february 2005

february 2005

Orange Lake
Kissimmee, Florida
February 2005

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Fawned Friday

My Fawned Friday posts are going to have a noticeably festive feel to them for the next little while. The holiday spirit has taken over & I'm loving it! Now... if only we had some actual snow outside, everything would be magical!

christmas light love

01. A little Christmas light love.

02. Super neato DIY stocking tutorial.

03. A little piney place for your needles to stay cozy.

04. Fingerless glove love.

05. Some rather lovely wreaths.

06. Sweet little winter friends.

07. The Liven Indie Christmas Guide.

08. Bears love flannel shirts (and so do I).

09. A little holiday inspiration.

10. Another adorable wreath.

11. Wonderfully white felted acorns.

12. A woodland forest pixie hat.

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25 November 2010

Day 25: The Contents Of My Purse

I dumped my purse this evening and snapped a pic, only to realize that its contents are actually a little boring as of late.

Usually I have a lot more in there, but recently I've been trying not to cram it full and apparently I've been doing a great job! Sometimes I'm also carrying a cloth diaper for G, or some snacks. And usually my phone is tucked in there somewhere, along with my little point & shoot (which is what I used to take the photo, so it's there in spirit.)

Anyhow, without further ado... the meager contents:

in my purse

The bag itself was a hand-me-down from a friend. It's little & cute and my netbook/whatnot fits inside perfectly. Especially useful for those mornings I spend typing away at Natas.

Three little pouches, all found on Etsy. They are poorly organized... all containing bills, or change, and the robot one has all my cards, receipts and ID inside.

My keys, complete with a tiny lego Darth Maul, which I stole from the boy. I don't remember what most of the keys do.

Two rogue pennies, which escaped my grasp during my frantic cash experience at Fabricland today. Slow clerk, HUGE line behind me. Everyone was a little tense.

Lip gloss from Simple. I think it's vanilla.

Blistex lip stuff, the intensely medicated kind. My gosh it feels good.

And apparently that's it, that's all. Very utilitarian, this purse.

What's usually in YOUR purse?

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24 November 2010

Day 24: Something That Means A Lot To Me

After our incredibly rough start and all of the hard work it took to get where we are today, one of the things in my life that means a lot to me is my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter.

Back in those first few months I kept reminding myself of my goals... 6 months, a year... maybe more. I'd never have imagined we'd make it to 22-months (next week) and still be relishing in our nursing time together. There are some moments when I feel as though my body isn't my own, nights when I'd rather sleep without part of me being co-opted by another human being, but for the other 90% of the time, I'm so happy she's still nursing. 

I'm often asked when we plan on stopping. My answer? She'll stop when she's ready. I know in my heart that weaning isn't for us. My child's personality is very much like my own & I can only imagine what that would mean if I tried to take her "baks" away from her. 

I feel quite fourtunate. Working from home and living on the same street as our fabulous daycare provider means that our nursing career can continue uninterrupted until the day when Gretchen has decided she's had enough. On some days she's still nursing anywhere from 5-8 times a day. Morning, nap & night -- and a few snacks along the way. More if she's not feeling so well or if we're home together all day. One daycare days she nurses when she wakes up, once at 11am (I go and bring her home for a little top up) and then, even after she comes home from daycare, she might not ask for milk at all until bedtime. Other days she can't even look in my direction without wanting a few gulps. 

It varies so much, but she knows what she likes/wants/needs and, to a reasonable extent, I won't deny  her.

Now that she is older I am less likely to stop everything and breastfeed just because she's asking. She'll be two in just a few months and I know that she is perfectly fine to wait til we're out of the grocery story, or until we've left the park, or until mama's finished eating dinner. Sometimes (like tonight) we were out a bit later and I did nurse her in the sling while her daddio & I did groceries, but usually I'll ask her to wait til I have a couple free hands. Generally she's ok, and can be distracted, but there are times where there's just no sense in saying "wait", because she's absolutely not up for it.


When we're at home, my favourite place to nurse her is on our couch in the living room. I snuggle into one corners, she sits on my lap and tucks in for some "bakays". She can say "milk" quite clearly now, but she doesn't like to use that word for MY milk. She also loves almond milk now, which she likes to sip from her tiny Gretchen sized cups.

Breastfeeding is my go-to for everything. It makes her happy, it calms her, it helps her sleep, it helps her get going in the morning, it soothes her when she's hurt & it makes us both feel really good.

In the future I am definitely considering becoming a lactation consultant, and even further in the future, I'd love to be a La Leche League leader. I'm also really excited about helping my future doula clients with their breastfeeding journeys. 

I never could have imagined that this would become such a huge and amazing part of my life, but now I can hardly imagine a day without it. 

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The One With The Stickers

This morning I got an email from our fabulous daycare provider, with the subject line "Make sure you have visited the washroom before viewing!" I opened it and read:

Over 13 years of providing care there have been a few rare instances where a hush comes over the house. ALL the children are quiet and you can hear NOTHING. My first instinct is to enjoy it, but I have learned that there is only one reason 6 kids can be completely quiet at the same time - MISCHIEF! So, while I can't say Gretchen was completely responsible for this she was as quiet as could be during it. When I found them all I could think to say was, "Can I take your picture?" and she beamed and yelled, "YAHH!"

Scroll down....
















sticker baby

That's my girl!


23 November 2010

Day 23: Fifteen Facts About Désirée Fawn

Hmm, it's difficult to think up fifteen things that are a) interesting and b) unknown to my readers! I hope this list makes the grade.

01. My last name has been passed down in a matriarchal fashion since my Oma.
02. I am allergic to fire retardant.
03. When I was in grade 11 my mother won the lottery.
04. I have never been outside North America.
05. Once upon a time, my French was fluent. Now it's only passable.
06. I'm an ok sewer, but I still wish I could knit more than a straight line.
07. I have a degree in Philosophy and Cultural Studies.
08. I have a 13-year-old brother and an 8-year-old sister.
09. My siblings and I all have animal names... Fawn, Wolfgang, Raven.
10. I once had surgery to remove a sewing needle from my right foot.
11. I've had a lot of strange pets, including snakes, scorpions and Tarantulas.
12. I used to have ten different piercings. Now I just wearing earrings (sometimes).
13. I can't stand the feeling of unglazed ceramics.
14. The only bones I've ever broken have been fingers & toes.
15. And since a bunch asked after my post a few days ago, this is the site I write for.

March 2008

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The Tuesday Diptych Project: Week Thirty Nine

the tuesday diptych project

Johanna: You know you live in the North when it is this dark with the moon shining at 8:30 in the morning. Yup, we are in for a long winter...but that's exactly why we moved here and so far I am loving it.

Desiree: I have some really fabulous friends. Friends who keep me in baked goods. Friends who wake up super early in the morning to make blueberry scones and ginger cookies to bring to my house for a tasty breakfast. Friends who love my family & friends who care for us deeply. I'm honoured to have friends like these.


22 November 2010

Day 22: Something That I Miss

"What do I miss?" she asked the boy.

"Coffee, of course," he replied.

Hmm... did she really miss it?

The last time she had a sip was the morning of May 25... 181 days ago... 4344 hours...

Sometimes she has a craving, when the boy's coffee is brewing in the morning and the smell of freshly ground beans fills the kitchen. Or sometimes when she's extra sleepy & thinking about having a jolt, or when the holiday bevvy's come to Starbucks and she's dying for a latte.

But mostly, no. She doesn't really miss it all that much. Not enough to start up again.One sip and she'd be back on the wagon & steering it right over a cliff.

She does, however, wonder how Christmas morning will taste without a little Bailey's spiked coffee.

But she'll jump off that bridge when she comes to it.

pyrex love

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Day 21: Something That Makes Me Rather Happy

This week our home has undergone its Christmas transformation. Outside, inside -- everything shines & sparkles CHRISTMAS!

Every year at this time I feel SO fourtunte to have found a partner who adores this time of year as much as I do. I can't imagine living with a Grinch. Eeep.

a little pre-christmas cheer

Getting my home ready for the holidays makes me INCREDIBLY happy. Candles, lights, ornaments, trees... unwrapping all those handmade pieces to put on the tree... remembering year after year & thinking about all of the new memories that are about to be made.

A happy, happy sigh.

a little pre-christmas cheer

a little pre-christmas cheer

Last year Gretchen definitely enjoyed all of our celebrations, but this year she's old enough to really get excited about things. She adores the trees, taking ornaments in her hands, asking questions about everything she sees:


That's a tree.


That's a candle.


That's Santa.


That's still a tree.

a little pre-christmas cheer

She helped us decorate our tree late one night, insisting that all the tinsel be crammed onto the very bottom branches.

a little pre-christmas cheer

And she loves picking up all of her daddy's childhood decorations... especially this one, and one featuring the Flintstones. (So far she's only broken three bulbs, but they were newer and so no sentimental bits have been lost.)

a little pre-christmas cheer
Admiring her handiwork.

Christmas is on its way... and our home is feeling especially cozy these days (which is helpful considering all the dreary weather we've been having).

Mmm... and now to wait for the snow.


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21 November 2010

Day 20: A Childhood Anecdote

I'm a day late posting this little story, but for good reason. Last night the boy & I spent hours getting our home all Christmassy and festive. I promise to share some of that soon, but for now, a quick anecdote from my childhood.

I have to give my mother credit for her creativity when I was growing up.

When I was quite young, anytime I was misbehaving in public she would lean down and whisper in my ear that the bouncer was coming. Now, I didn't exactly know what a bouncer was, but I knew it couldn't be good. She would even take things a little further at times, pointing to the burliest looking man near us and telling me that he would toss me out if I didn't behave.

Now, I think my mom only really intended for this charade to go on for a little while, but I have to admit, I was about 12 or 13 before I realized that bouncers only existed in bars.. and not the grocery store, or the mall, or downtown, or on the bus... oh dear.

Désirée Fawn, age 2 or 3ish

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20 November 2010

Day 19: A Silly Self-Portrait

I almost can't believe I'm about to post these photos (which I am a day late with in the first place). I suppose this is what happens when it's late & night and have ingested too much Cold Stone ice cream.

the ol' switcheroo

The boy may also never forgive me for sharing this with the internet. Oh goodness.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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19 November 2010

Fawned Friday


01. A recipe for Butterbeer.

02. Feeling very inspired by this post about play.

03. Some rather nice advice.

04. For the comfiest of bums.

05. Very much in love with this unique necklace.

06. I had a pair of these when I was little, definitely needing them again.

07. It's so, so true.

08. A bit about wants & needs.

09. Love these gorgeous milking stools.

10. Pretty little snowflakes.

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18 November 2010

Day 18: What I Wore Today

Bon soir! Tonight's post is all about the outfit I wore today, which I'll have to admit is very similar (if not an exact replica) of what I end up wearing about 90% of the time. Either I know what I'm comfortable in, or I'm in a bit of a clothing rut. (And have been there a while?)

Let's go head to toe.

what I wore today

Slouchy hat, Nolie Polie Olie.

I have this hat in strawberry as well & I love them. Perfect for autumn, and I often wear them even when I'm not outside. (This photo is making me laugh a little... the silly dog dishes on the floor, the fruit basket which looks like it's perched atop my camera, the Chariot which has found its way to the middle of my kitchen... oh lordy.)

what I wore today

Brown cardigan, Joe Fresh.
Black tee, Joe Fresh.
Black tank (underneath), Garage.
Black bra (cause I'm on a roll), American Apparel.

I adore Joe clothing... the cardy was definitely less than $20 and I think their tees are something like $8. Can't go wrong. Their children's clothing is great too.

I've been wearing the Garage tank tops for years. I realize that I might be a little old to be shopping there... or at least that's how I'm starting to feel when I walk in and immediately think "this music's WAY too loud!", but these tanks are perfect. I always wear one under my shirt -- they are slimming, and cozy, and I like to sleep in them too. I probably own about 5 of their black tanks, 1 red and 1 white.

I also adore my American Apparel bras. I despise anything with an underwire. Ick.

what I wore today

Jeans (thrifted), Bluenotes.
Tooled leather belt (thrifted).
Pug buckle, a "gift" from a former place of employment.
Sandals (not leather), Birkenstock.

Confession: I wear these jeans every single day. (How many of you are ready to flee from my blog now?) When I find a pair I like, I wear them til they die.. then I move on. It's just how I roll. Even if I dress up, it's rarely for the entire day & at some point I'll be back in these jeans.

Also, I'm not a "shoes on in the house" kinda gal, but I had just brought the recycling outside before taking this photo, which is why my shoes are still on. I also wear my Birks from about April til December... so yes, I wear them with socks (sometimes). Don't hate. I'm German. I'm allowed.

If I had to describe my style I'd want to go a step further than "comfy casual" cause that makes me sound like sporting Tony Soprano sweats. Perhaps I'd call it "effortless mama chic" or something along those lines. Any ideas?

Anyhow, there you have it, mes amis. Today's outfit (and probably tomorrow's). Feeling a bit like a bum admitting this all to you, but I'm not trying to hide anything! Mama's gotta rock what she's gotta rock!

PS. That "gift"? I took it when I left.

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