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30 December 2009

Eleven Months

I am now the proud mama of an 11 month old!

In less than a month I will have the ability to say "Hi, this is my 1-year-old" (although we all know I'll continue to refer to her age in months, as in, "Hi, this is my 216 month old. She's off to university this year.")

She's doing all sorts of things these days -- scooting, some crawling, pulling up, cruising along furniture (resulting in many, many wipeouts), chatting, mimicking our words to some extent, saying "mama", "dada", "cat", "kitty" and "ha ha!", hitting (this is a rough one & I'm not sure how to curb it effectively), biting (my poor nipples, arms, legs), and all sorts of other busy 11 month old things!

I've been letting her feed herself with her little spoon lately and she is getting quite good at it. The dog enjoys sitting under the high chair, waiting for mush to fall from the sky.

She's still nursing quite a bit & I have no desire to stop any time soon. She is biting, but only when frustrated/overtired. I will power through this phase, hoping it's a phase indeed, and keep nursing for as long as possible. (My New Year's resolution last year was actually to breastfeed for a year and it feels so good knowing I will succeed in this goal!)

This time last year I was nearly 37 weeks pregnant. I barely remember what that feels like at all. It feels like a lifetime ago. It's a little crazy to think of my life before Gretchen -- it seems like such a foreign concept now. I can't imagine her not being here.

Especially for moments like these:

There are so many things that make me smile in this video: the fact that she claps when she hears the words "clap, clap" on Yo Gabba Gabba, the smile she gives me as she sits in her high chair, more clapping while eating her lunch & playing with her little pile of potatoes. So many sweet moments that I'm happy to have captured.

Happy 11 months, baby girl!

It's time to start planning your end of January shindig!

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Wordless Wednesday (Our Little Daredevil)

29 December 2009

Josh & Dan

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing another engagement photo shoot in the park by our house. The snow was falling softly and the atmosphere couldn't have been more perfect.

I always feel so honored to be a part of moments like these.

They also brought along their incredibly sweet & mellow pup, whose name, ironically enough, is Chaos.

There's just so much love in these photos -- I can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer!


PS. You can view the entire set of images here.

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27 December 2009

Christmas At The House Of Fawn

It was so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined. The boy & I agree -- this was our best Christmas ever.

Much love.


Song credit: Christmastime, Smashing Pumpkins

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26 December 2009

Spreading The Post-Holiday Cheer

Happy December 27th, friends! For your enjoyment, and to somewhat make up for the fact that Fawned Friday came & went without any fawning, I have put together a small list of my favourite posts, post-festivities:

I hope your holidays were (and continue to be) completely marvelous -- ours certainly were (and are)!

PS. I do promise to share many more images & memories of Gretchen's first Christmas -- all in good time, mes amis.

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25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, my little fawns.


PS. Fawned Friday shall resume next week. Peace.


24 December 2009

Happy Holidays

I hope you're all enjoying time together with loved ones tonight as Christmas Eve turns to Christmas Day! Happy holidays from all of us here at the house of Fawn.

With love.


23 December 2009

Wooden Book Love

Oh my goodness, aren't these little wooden books just delightful?

Spotted at M.Writes via Mrs Eliot Books.


Wordless Wednesday (Sweet Potato Face)

My Kitties

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur.

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.


Note: If you don't already watch The Big Bang Theory, I highly recommend it.

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22 December 2009

Mirror Babies & Mirror Mamas


21 December 2009

Prune Time


Post prunes!

While I feed her the delightful purplely mush, I sing a little song that goes like this:

Prune time! Prune time!
Anytime is prune time!

Thankfully, at just a week away from being 11 months old, she still thinks I'm cool.

PS. Don't you just love her little ducky hair that sticks straight up?
PS. We are definitely impressed with our Antilop high chair which I found on Kijiji.


20 December 2009

Speaking Of Gingerbread

I'm so glad that I remembered to take photos before we starting eat it because now our little gingerbread abode looks like a Ty Pennington remodel.

It's pretty gosh darn tasty considering it came in pieces in a box & cost less than $10!

Did you do a gingerbread house this year? Kit or from scratch? Or would you rather not admit it? Don't worry. I won't tell.

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Les Petites Maisons

I am so in love with these tiny little gingerbread houses!

Spotted on Delia Jude via Not Martha.

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19 December 2009

Have A Most Wonderful Weekend

Happy Saturday! I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend, mes amis!

Note: Our Christmas Wreath candle is the most intoxicatingly wonderful holiday scent imaginable. It's pine-esqe and sweet, rich & calming. We can't get enough.

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Drumroll Please

The winners have been chosen!

I had originally planned on having Gretchen choose the two names for me, but since the day had other plans & bedtime came swiftly, I had to make do on my own. This evening I printed out each entrant's name, cut them out, folded them up & placed them into a Christmassy gift box. I then tossed the box like you'd toss a salad until two names floated to the floor:

Congratulations & much love to The Noisy Plume & JJ Keith, who seem to have very similar resolutions for the New Year:

The Noisy Plume said: "This coming year, I plan to write four pages a day, by hand, with runny black ink on paper. And now that I've said so here, I'm really going to have to follow through..."

JJ Keith said: "My new years resolution is to write something every day."

Fabulous resolutions indeed!

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their goals for 2010 -- a year which promised to bring great things.

Alas, it is time to sleep. Take care, mes amis. Happy weekend!


PS. To my lovely winners, pretty please send an email with your mailing address so that those calendars can make their way to you next week! Merci!

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18 December 2009

Fawned Friday

Good morning, good morning!

The weekend is almost here again & Christmas is just a week away. I'm absolutely twitching with anticipation. So much love.

I hope you enjoy today's collection!

01. Beatrix.

02. Antique kangaroo s&p shakers. (Reminds me of this.)

03. I love this family plaque.

04. The prettiest of pins.

05. Sweet little wooden heart.

07. Tiger vs. deer pillow.

08. Mama community love.

11. A nerdy yet appropriate onesie.

12. Batboy.

Peace & love, gingerbread & hot chocolate.

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Autumn's Flower

Now available in the shop.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
Albert Camus

It's hard to imagine that this image was taken just a few short weeks ago. Autumn has been replaced by winter & the new landscape is just as beautiful. Some wintry scenes shall be gracing my shop in the near future.

Guten nacht.

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Don't Forget!

You have until today at 2pm EST to enter the 2010 Calendar Giveaway! Also, if you haven't been over to The Coterie lately, she is holding a giveaway for one 8x8 or 8x10 print from my shop! Enter both giveaways by visiting here & here!

Peace & best wishes!


PS. I'm still offering FREE shipping until the New Year. Feel free to message me about custom orders as well. Much love.

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The Tree & The Little Ones

She spends a good part of her day trying to knock down the tree as Winston sleeps underneath it in his winter cable knit. Note that presents are not kept under our tree because Gretchen's paper shredding talents are best saved for the morning of the 25th.

There's a lot of love under that sparse, little tree.


PS. Speaking of our tree, feel free to head over to The Noisy Plume's xmas tree contest to vote for our l'arbre de Noël! (Just scroll til you see our tree, captioned "The Christmas Bokeh Tree" and if you think it's the best, vote away!)

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17 December 2009

Good Morning!

Bonjour, salut!

The babe is sleeping, the tea is warm -- well, almost warm -- the Christmas cards are hanging in the kitchen, the Gilmore Girls are happening, the gingerbread house is cute & I'm wearing one of the first new shirts I've bought in months (which cost $6.99 at Old Navy and is adorable).

Today is feeling like a good day!

What are you all up to this fine Thursday?

It's -15 degrees outside, so I think I'll be staying as housebound as possible, though I do have some Christmassy errands which still need running. We're not doing a huge commercial Christmas this year, aka I'm making most gifts/giving modestly, but I do have a few more things to pick up before the week is through. I also want to do a little more crafting today -- though I can't really mention the crafting details since the recipients might be reading this right now! Hush!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping/making/thrifting/finding/preparing?

I'm so enjoying reading people's holiday posts with good food, and fun DIYs -- my gosh I'm enjoying this time of year! I'm not feeling stressed & things are so much different this year since I'm not turbo pregnant & everything is just a wee bit calmer.

It's a fabulous feeling.

This is exactly how the holidays should feel & I hope you're all feeling the mellow vibe too!

I'm now off to refresh my tea & do a wee bit o' crafting until the babe wakes up from her siesta (though I suppose that is the wrong word to us since I think it more refers to a nap taken in the afternoon). Either way, take care & much love!



PS. I promise to share photos of the gingerbread house soon!
PPS. After Christmas I'll also be sharing some images of the lovely handmade items I purchased for G on Etsy.
PPPS. Yesterday I made my 9th Etsy sale! Ah! SO MUCH LOVE.
PPPPS. Have a most wonderful Thursday!

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15 December 2009

Her Very First Christmas Stocking

Good evening!

I figured that since my daughter hasn't quite mastered the computer yet it might be safe to share one of her presents with you.

After weeks of searching, I finally found her the perfect stocking:

This sweet little stuffable hails from Boojibootique & I'm smitten.

I actually only ordered this last night, so there's a good chance it may not grace our mailbox until after Christmas, however, better late than never, oui?

We're starting a lot of traditions for little G this year & this will be one of them.

(We're also going to get her new Christmas jammy jams (aka pajamas) each year -- this year I bought them at JOE & they're very sweet. I'll share photos after Christmas morning, of course. We're also going to find one special ornament for her each year, which, when she's grown -- oh goodness -- she will take with her to her first home and oh my I can't even think about this yet, but I'm sure you know what I'm getting at.)

What special Christmas traditions are you starting this year? Who is gearing up to celebrate their first holiday season with their less-than-one-year-old?

I just feel all choked up when I think about her first Christmas & I'm so exhilarated -- just ten more days, mes amis!

While the merry bells keep ringing,
May your every wish come true.
May the calendar keep bringing
Happy holidays to you.

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14 December 2009

Little Miss Fawn

She is simply stunning.

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13 December 2009

The 2010 Calendar Version 2.0 (And Giveaway!)

Hello, friends! I just wanted to share with you the 2nd edition of my 2010 So Fawned calendar. This version is printed on 12 separate 4x6 cards, and features 12 of my favourite prints:

This calendar is now available in the shop.

And! For my fabulous, warm & loving readers, I am offering a chance for two of you to win one of these sweet little calendars.

Since this prize is all about the New Year & starting fresh -- to enter this giveaway, please tell me a new year's resolution! We'll keep this simple, with one entry per person -- and, of course, this giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where your home may rest.

Two winners will be chosen randomly Thursday December 17th at 2pm EST!

Happy resolution-ing... resolving? You know what I mean.



The giveaway has now ended -- winners shall be announced this evening! Thank you to all who participated!

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