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30 June 2009

Last Day For AppleCheeks Giveaway

Hey there mamas! Today is the last day to enter my AppleCheeks giveaway! Click here to read all about it & comment away!

Contest ends tonight, 12am EST.



29 June 2009

Five Months

My little girl is five months old today.

She's amazing and sweet and adorable.

I can't get enough.

I still remember the very first moment I touched her, felt her next to my skin, named her, fed her, slept beside her & kissed her head.

She's so curious. Everything goes right into her mouth. She tries to sit, but is still a little wobbly. She makes all sorts of sounds and giggles every day. She blows raspberries & pulls on my necklaces. She tries to do a crawling motion, but her legs are stronger than her arms and she pushes her face into the floor. She rarely cries, she loves her mama milk and smiles HUGE smiles when I put her in her sling.

I love napping with her, snuggling her close, breathing her breath & stroking her fuzzy hair.

{1. Newborn, 2. One month, 3. Four months, 4. Five months}

Five months is a short time for all of these changes and I know she's not going to slow down any time soon. She's just amazing.

I'm so excited for the next chapter.
So far every age has been my favourite.


27 June 2009

The Typing Lesson

26 June 2009

Fawned Friday

Better late than never, I always say.
Happy Friday (nacht), mes amis.

01. Rad sunglasses.

02. Whimsical wooden ark.

03. Organization love.

04. We'll miss you, MJ.

05. Willow tipis.

06. Green tea fields.

07. Getting farmy.

08. Paisly love.

09. I think I'm dating him.

10. Robo keycaps.

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The First (Post Baby) Date

Tomorrow afternoon Ryan and I are going on our first date since the little miss came into our lives.

We're going to go watch Transformers while my mother watches Gretchen. This is the first time we'll be away from her together.

I will try not to call home during the movie, whispering conspicuously in the theatre while people shush and scrunch their faces up at me.

I will enjoy myself and the company of my (gorgeous) man while watching things blow up for 2 1/2 hours.

It will be fabulous.

It will also buy me another few months of not leaving her -- even if that makes me a freak.

And I'm a-ok with being a freak.


25 June 2009

To The Best Of Us

This evening I had my scariest moment as a parent.

Gretchen has been getting really good at rolling back to tummy, and can scoot herself 360 degrees on her back when the mood strikes her. Today she proved just how fast she can move.

I was packing up our bags to head to Gramma's (where the central air lives) and put Gretchen in the middle of my bed, as I always do when I'm getting things ready to go. I left the room to grab some things from the den and heard a surround sound THUD from down the hall and through the baby monitor in the office next to me.

I immediately knew what had happened.

I literally threw everything I was holding and ran to the bedroom to find my poor little babe on the floor beside our bed. She was on her belly, holding her head up high and crying.

I felt her little body, picked her up and hugged her to my chest. I'm sorry, baby. Mama's sorry. I love you. I'm sorry! I examined her all over to make sure she was alright as my heart stuck in my throat and tears came to my eyes.

She stopped crying less than a minute later, nuzzling into my neck -- already over it. I, however, was still traumatized. Images of broken bones and head injuries flooding my mind. I felt like such a terrible parent. I'd heard a million stories about babies falling off of beds and everyone says, "it happens to the best of us" but I still felt miserable. Almost embarrassed about what I'd let happen. Thankfully, she's a resilient little babe & no worse for the wear.

I called Ryan at work to tell him what I'd done. I felt so guilty. How could I have left her like that when she trusts me? She's completely fine, but the guilt is heavy.

Hours later, I'm at my Gramma's & Gretchen is sleeping in my bed in the spare room with a buffer of throw pillows at the edge of the bed. Live it, learn it.

I suppose I will try to look at the positive side of things -- Gretchen is getting so big & strong & mobile! She rolls! Quickly, it would seem! She's almost outgrown her bouncy chair & isn't impressed by her swing anymore. She chats to me all day and yesterday we swore we heard the 'da' sound come from her sweet little mouth.

My little girl is five months old and I sometimes pine for the newborn days (before she was able to throw herself from high surfaces causing me to feel like the world's worst parent). However, I must say that five months is also an incredibly fun age. It's incredible how fast she's learning, how active and curious her little mind is. I'm hanging on to her baby days but each time I look at her I swear she looks more and more like a little kid.

I love that little girl with everything I've got. I know that I will want to protect her forever and that it won't be possible, but I'll try my damnedest. I'll always be there for her, to quite literally pick her up when she falls. I know I won't always be able to catch her, but she's my girl and I can try.

Someday I will tell her the story about how she fell and she say "it happens to the best of us."

And she'll be right.


24 June 2009

Cloth Diapering: AppleCheeks Giveaway

Hello to all you cloth diapering gurus and beginners alike!

After my recent guest posts on cloth diapers (thanks ladies!) I thought this would be the perfect time to do a cloth diaper giveaway!

Oh Simple Baby is an online baby shop, based in my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. The owner has a penchant for natural parenting, eco friendly ideas & handpicks all of the fabulous items in her store. She carries everything from cloth diapers & organic mattresses, to BPA free items & beautiful wooden toys. (Also, a note to those who are local -- free pick up & delivery in the Peterborough area!)

Oh Simple Baby is offering the following cloth diaper prize to my lucky winner:
- 1 AppleCheeks cover (in your choice of colour!)
- 2 Inserts
- AppleCheeks Bamboo Wipes

From the Oh Simple Baby site: AppleCheeks™ cloth diapers and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, making them 100% Canadian made! The diapers fit a larger range of babies than similar products on the market, and stand up better to the rigours of the washing cycle. They are fully customizable and can be used as a diaper cover over our hemp or bamboo inserts, with boosters for added absorbency if so desired, and fleece liners to keep baby's skin dry and rash-free. Alternately, the handy, wide envelope opening allows you the option of placing your absorbency underneath the microfleece lining, wicking moisture away from baby's skin and keeping him feeling nice and dry while still absorbing to the max! So many options in one diapering system!

To enter, visit the Oh Simple Baby site and comment here letting me know your favourite product that she carries!

You may earn extra entries by:
1. Adding me to twitter (@desireefawn) and tweeting about this contest!
2. Subscribing to my blog!
3. Blogging about this contest!

**Please leave one comment per entry -- four in total if earning all three extra entries!

Contest ends: July 1st, 12am EST!

Merci, and best wishes!

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Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Eleven

This morning I was doing a little happy dance in front of the scales.

I kicked last week's ass with a weigh in of 183lbs! That's 4lbs less than the evil 187lbs that stared back at me last Wednesday.

My total loss: 17lbs!


I will assume that last week I was holding onto some water, or was just having an off day, which is to be expected in a long term weight loss regimen. Thank you for all of your supports, best wishes & encouragement! It really makes a difference.

Fingers crossed for a fabulous weigh in next week as well!

Note: I just wanted to mention that I don't want to keep up the 4lbs/week loss. I realize that this is a little extreme this week and that while breastfeeding I'd to lose weight a little slower. This week was a fluke, but a happy fluke either way.

Peace & good night! I hope you're all staying cool.


Just 3lbs til my July 1st goal of 180lbs.
Just 23lbs til my final goal of 160lbs.


Wednesday Love (Trying To Beat The Heat)

Homebirth Guest Post

My guest post on homebirth is up over at Sorta Crunchy today!
Please visit to read more about why I chose a homebirth and why I LOVED it!


23 June 2009

This Is Why I Prefer Autumn

Oh my word, it's HOT.

It's hot & sweaty & rather unpleasant. It's the kind of hot where your baby can't sleep & your hair goes all frizzy.

We found out the rather unpleasant truth that our air conditioner doesn't fit in our windows in any way, shape or form. We bought two more fans to move some air around, but it's still borderline unbearable. Gretchen finally fell asleep tonight with the oscillating fan in our bedroom.

One of our new fans is the kind that fits into the window and can either blow in, or exhaust the hot air from inside -- however, despite that fact that it has cooled off outside, we can't have it blowing the cooler air in because of GNATS?? Seriously, there are thousands of these little bugs in the apartment now -- two are crawling around on my monitor right now. Ick.

I hope you're all able to beat the heat tonight -- I'm craving central air right about now!

22 June 2009


It was so incredibly hot & humid last night, so we decided to take our stroller out (for the 3rd time). We walked through the park -- myself, my babe, my boy & my dog.

There were tons of families outside with babes and pups, walking, trying to find the breeze and wanting to escape from the heat of their homes. (At the end of our walk we went and got slushies... I felt like a girl of ten again.) It was so nice to see everyone out for a Father's Day stroll.

The man looks good pushing our stroller.

The sunset was just beautiful.

Speaking of Father's Day -- ours was lovely! We went to a BBQ with Ryan's family & in the morning, I woke Ryan up with his present -- a Magic Bullet. Let the blending begin.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Much love.


21 June 2009

Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #3

Photo by keli_h.

The following will be our last cloth diapering guest post -- thank you to all who participated! This post comes to us from Kimberly Rosas who blogs over at Dirty Diaper Laundry.


So you are thinking about cloth diapering and you have no idea where to start. I have been there. I've logged hundreds of hours researching cloth diapers and I believe I can make your life a lot simpler by offering you a little bit of "been there, done that" advice. So, sit back and let me help you dive into the secret world of cloth diapers.

First, the thing you need to decide for yourself is this: Am I cloth diapering to save money, save the environment, or a combination? You can save a lot of money by cloth diapering; you can also spend a lot depending on the types of diapers you choose. Here is a run down of the different cloth mamas out there. You may start out using cloth just to reduce your environmental impact, but if you are like me, you will end a Fluff Addict.

Where do you look for information on cloth diapering when there are thousands of sites with the purpose of educating you? Here are the websites I found most helpful during my pregnancy.

This website is best known for their extensive library of reviews of practically every diaper out there, including WAHM diapers (made by Work at Home Moms), accessories like pail liners and wet bags, and other cloth related items. They also have forums for more research or to ask questions on. Check out the about page, it will help you understand how many diapers you will need to begin with.

I found this to me be favorite site, both when first learning and now for information and shopping. There are forums for everything. You can ask questions on the Diaper Q&A Forum to very experienced moms, buy used diapers on their FSOT (For Sale or Trade) section, or talk on unrelated matters.

Pin Stripes and Polka Dots.com
Did you even realize that washing cloth diapers is not like tossing your diapers in a washer and pouring your favorite detergent in?Neither did I. Thankfully, I did my research before I ever made that mistake! This site has a handy chart of detergents to use on your diapers. It also all depends on the type of water you have. Remember, less is more. Usually half of the suggested amount or less will work to wash your diapers. Never use the full amount of detergent, ever!

So you are trying to convince your husband that cloth really can save you money but when he saw the 18.00 diaper you wanted to buy, he laughed you out of the room. Been there. Here is an excellent cost comparison chart. They compare the cheapos like prefolds, all the way up to the cadillac diapers like All in Ones. Also, I wrote a post called- How to get your husband to cloth diaper, in case you need some pointers.

While looking at these sites did you become overwhelmed with the lingo? AIO, OS, AI2, DSQ, NIP, EUC, FFS, FL, EBF, ISO, IHA, OBV, PUL, etc? If you are diving into cloth you will need this dictionary of the terms used on diapering websites: Abbreviations/ Acronyms.

Now, you have decided you absolutely want to use cloth but you don't know which type of diaper is best for your family? I wish I had followed my own advice on this one. Try out everything. Do the research. You may think you are going to love the convenience of an All in One diaper. Set it and forget it. But once you start using them you find they are taking forever to dry. Or, you would like more absorbency. Here is my best advice: Buy used. Go to the FSOT forum on diaperswappers.com and buy a few prefolds and a cover, or two. Buy a pocket diaper like a Bumgenius One Size Pocket. Get an All in One Diaper, a fitted like Thirsties Fab Fitted, or get fancy and try an All in Two like a Piddle Poddles. You may find that you love one type, or love the variety. I personally like to mix it up depending on the situation. I like going coverless at home using Bamboo Prefolds; this helps me know when my son has wet. Out and about I prefer my Bum Genius AIO Organics. Later, your tastes may change as the eliminations of your child change.

Here are a few other ways to get started,
Try cloth for ten dollars at Jillian's Drawers.
Find a Diaper Service in your area.
Buy used at DiaperSwappers FSOT.

If you are reading this article while pregnant you are in the best possible position. Beginning cloth diapering takes a large initial investment. The cost is worth it; you pay upfront but never have to spend money on buying disposables every week. I began buying my diapers a few at a time, whenever there was a good sale. If you spend what disposables would cost in a week, over time you will have a sizable stash.

Don't worry if you already have a child, these tips are for everyone. No matter what age your child is, you can start cloth diapering. You may face a different set of challenges, such as sticky or solid poop, but it can certainly be done. There are so many options available that anyone can do it. So take a moment to consider the impact disposable diapers have on our planet: 500 years in a landfill, or two hours of washing and drying...


Thank you so much for this informative post, Kimberly! I hope my readers have fun clicking through all of your great links.


Check out the rest of the series here:
Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #1

Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #2


20 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

To my favourite man -- I love you times a million in a million different ways.

I love that you have become such a wonderful father in these past five months. I love that Gretchen will always have someone to look up to & rely on. I love that you wear her. I love that you snuggle us every morning. I love that you'll make me tea, bring me my nursing pillow & cook me pancakes. I love when you pick out little onesies for Gretchen to wear. I love when you make her laugh. I love when you whisper in her ear. I love when you make me coffee in the morning. I love that you play her songs on the guitar. I love her & I love you and most of all, I love this little life that we have made for ourselves.

Thank you, and much love, always.

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A Few Of My Favourite Things

Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #2

Photo by Nap Knits.

Welcome to the second of three fluffy guest posts! The following story comes from Shelly Taft over at Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother.


About four years ago, my husband and I started to look at ways that we could save money. At the time my oldest was 8 months old, and one of the first things we did to save money was switch to cloth diapers.

While I knew that switching to cloth diapers would save us lots of money, I had no idea how cute and fun they would be! Since putting our first cloth diaper on my daughter, we haven’t looked back.

One thing I remember about starting up was how overwhelming it was. Today’s cloth diapers are not the kind your mother used. There are now so many different choices, both in type and in brand of diapers, that it can get confusing. So, here are some tips for those who are starting out:
There are four main types of diapers, and those are: prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones (AIO’s) and pockets. The prices and convenience of each type varies, and when you are starting out you want to figure out if your main goal is saving money or if you prefer convenience.

If your main goal is saving money, then you should focus on buying prefolds and fitteds. Prefolds are the cheapest, costing around $20-$30 a dozen, depending on the type and size you buy. Prefolds are flat pieces of absorbent material, thickest in the middle for absorbing messes. They are less convenient than other types of diapers because you have to fold them and fasten them with either a pin or a snappi, and they require a waterproof cover. However, because they are so durable and inexpensive, they tend to make up a large portion of my stash.

Fitteds are more expensive than prefolds, but more convenient because they go on just like a disposable and are fastened with either snaps or Velcro. Like prefolds, they too need a waterproof cover, and at an average cost of $9 per diaper, they are more expensive than prefolds but less than AIO’s or pockets. Fitteds are great for when you are out and about outside the home, or when your baby is being watched by someone who isn’t familiar with how to fold a prefold.

If your main goal is convenience, then you might want to look into investing in AIO’s and pockets. AIO’s are the most convenient type of diaper, as the cover and absorbent material are sewn together, so you just throw the diaper on and your’re don e; no waterproof cover needed. They are very convenient for daycare providers, nannies, etc. The downside to AIO’s is that they take a long time to dry and they are more expensive, about $20 per diaper.

Finally, pockets are just like AIO’s except they have an opening in the back, which allows you to remove the absorbant material. The great thing about pockets is that, once assembled, they are as easy to put on as AIO’s. Plus, they dry faster because you remove the insides before washing, and they are less expensive than AIO’s. The average cost of a pocket diaper, with insert, is $15.
If your baby is a newborn, then I would recommend starting out with prefolds with covers and maybe a fitted or two; babies grow much too fast to make the investment into AIO’s and pockets worthwhile. When my second daughter was born, we started out with 2 dozen prefolds, about 8=2 0-10 covers, and a couple of pockets for nighttime and outings.

I hope this helps anyone who is starting their journey into cloth diapering. Trust me, between the money you save, the chemicals in disposables you avoid, and the reduction in garbage, it is completely worth it!


Thanks so much for the post, Shelly! To my readers, please check back again tomorrow for guest post number three! Merci!


Check out the rest of the series here:
Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #1

Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #3


19 June 2009

Flowers From Mama

Today I handed Gretchen a flower.
She put it right into her mouth.

Eventually she decided her fingers tasted much better, but she held on tight to that little flower.
With love and drooly little hands.


Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #1

Photo by keli_h.

Welcome to the first of three guest posts on the oh so fluffy subject of cloth diapering! The following is a guest post from Upstatemomof3 who blogs about her life & family over at Our Life Upstate.


I did not come to cloth diapers by chance or by coincidence. I came looking for a better option. I was sick of my leaky disposable diapers. And cost was not really a factor for me. Actually cost was what kept me from making the switch. See, I had saved diapers and was probably not ever going to have to buy any.

I had run a daycare for the last ten years. And over the years people had brought diapers that their kids outgrew or brands they decided they did not like or whatever reason they thought they were useless. For the first few years I gave them to whichever other family they would fit. When Big Brother came along I used them on him but I did not have a ton so I bought some too. I didn't know about anything except the cloth diapers that are sold in Wal-mart then (you know the ones most people use as burp rags). So, after he was potty trained I decided to start saving them. And when Big Sister was born I had so many I knew I would never have to buy diapers for her. We were all set.

But then she constantly leaked. As in multiple times per day!! It was crazy. I had to buy a specific brand because it was the only one that lasted about 7 hours without leaks. And then she started sleeping 9 - 12 hours a night. Now she was waking up every morning all wet and gross plus she was still leaking and exploding out of them a few times a day.

A friend used cloth diapers and recommended I try them. I was really hesitant as they are a large initial investment. What if they did not work? But one of the local shops had a started package where I could rent a few days worth for a week for only twenty dollars. I did that and I was hooked. No leaks. Even all night. No explosive poo everywhere. No messy clothes.They worked great. I was totally in love.

I started out only using prefolds and Thirsties covers but since then have branched out. I use mostly pocket diapers now but I still like my prefolds and I have that AIOs are useful at times. I like them all. I have favorites, some for ease, some for cuteness and some for absorbency (really really important for overnight use). But all in all I am so glad I made the switch. It was the best decision and even though I had to spend some money on it I am so glad that we did it.


What a great post, thank you for sharing your adventure with us! To my lovely readers, please check back tomorrow for out next guest post! Peace.


Check out the rest of the series here:
Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #2

Cloth Diapering: Guest Post #3


Cloth Diapering: Advice From Some Savvy Mamas

Gretchen is sporting her cozy new fitted from ESBaby.

Since I am just getting started with my cloth diapering adventure (hurrah!) I thought it would be appropriate to bring over some guest bloggers to share their insights about how to dive into the world of the fluffy bummed babies. These ladies have been there, run the trials & come out with a wealth of knowledge.

I think we are going to learn a lot from them!

My guest posters shall be:

Upstatemomof3, from Our Life Upstate
Shelly, from Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother
Kimberly, from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Starting this afternoon I'll be sharing their stories, tips & advice. Please enjoy!


Fawned Friday (Lovebirds)

I'm feeling rather lovey dovey these days, mes amis! Soooo, to celebrate, I want to share some posts that have been making me feel all aflutter!

01. A Sunday Afternoon

02. I Can't Stop It

03. Hugs

04. Babushka Love

05. In the Front Yard Lurketh

06. Lessons from the Robins' Family

07. I Simply Remember My Favourite Things

08. Wanda Sue's My New BFF

Enjoy, enjoy & I hope you feel aflutter avec moi. Peace.

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18 June 2009

Babywearing: Happy Babies & Happier Mamas

Good morning! Today a there is a guest post of mine being featured over on Raising Peanuts -- I hope you can all head over to take a look!

Have a lovely Thursday!

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17 June 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Out For Sushi)

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Ten

This week wasn't the greatest.

I knew that I wasn't eating completely on plan and I had a few carb heavy days. I knew that when I stepped on the scale this morning that I would feel frustrated.

However, it could have been worse.

Today I am up 1.5lbs to 187lbs.

Not great. Not terrible.

I am still proud of myself for coming this far and this is actually the first week in ten weeks that I haven't lost weight, so that counts for something. Setbacks can be a bummer, but I won't let this get in my weigh.

I need to do some veggie-loaded groceries tomorrow. I want to eat a salad for at least one meal everyday (which I should have been doing all along) and I need to curb the carbs. They are my weakness, and the fact that I KNOW this, should mean that I can get ahead of it.

Cross your fingers for me this week and NEXT week I promise not to disappoint you or myself.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy week. Peace.


16 June 2009

Baby Sounds

Ryan discovered this little trick about a week ago. I think Gretchen is half interested & half annoyed.

Either way, it's pretty cute.

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15 June 2009

It's Monday Afternoon & I'm Feeling Fine

The babe & I just got back from a gorgeous walk with a good friend and her little babe. We went through the park, downtown & back around town in a big circle. We went to a cafe for drink (it's rather humid out there!) and visited a friend at work.

I love days like this.

Lately (for the past few days, anyhow) I've been a complete homebody. It's been sticky & hot, I've stayed in the house & I've been feeling antisocial. Sometimes you just want to be on your own right (or at least, as on your own as it gets when you have a four month old baby). Then, this afternoon, my friend called and asked me to join her for a walk.

It was perfect timing & I thank her for this.

Out we went & it was lovely.
I think I'm out of my funk.

The boy is home from work now (and taking a little nap). When he wakes up -- BURGER TIME! Oh yes, it's Monday which means one of our most favourite restaurants downtown has MONDO BURGERS! The tastiest burgers ever to pass our lips. Nom.

I hope you're having a happy, happy Monday (full of burgery goodness... if you're into that sort of thing).


14 June 2009

Tummy Time

Not our favourite kind of time, but still, Gretchen will tolerate being on her belly for a few minutes each day. Usually we combine tummy time with naked time.

It's been so warm lately that most of the time ends up being naked time. The den, which we spend much of our time in, is east facing -- it's heats up really quickly in the morning, but it's the room with my cozy couch (and the dreadful hunter green carpet).

I hope you all have a terrific weekend! Much love.


Happy Sunday

Good morning, mes amis!

Happy Sunday wishes, from the mama fawn & little miss cute face chubba chins!


13 June 2009

The Spoon

No signs of teeth yet -- just a lot of drool.


The Pondering Fawn: Fifteen Minutes

Welcome to a new (semi) regular feature on So Fawned: The Pondering Fawn. From now on, when the mood strikes, I'll be publishing these posts of pondering to see what you, my most fabulous readers, have on your minds. Enjoy, participate & if you have an idea for a Pondering Fawn question, feel free to send me a little email.


The other night I was at a La Leche League meeting and one of the ladies posed this question: What can you accomplish if you have 15 minutes of undisturbed time?

The answers varied, but all had a similar tone. Several women said they'd do dishes, most said they'd fold laundry. A brand new mom said she would eat, shower & pee and another said she'd have sex.

I said I could clean my whole kitchen (since it's the room that is first seen when you enter our apartment).

It seems so amazing how efficient I can be now that I have a babe. Imagine if I'd always been able to do so much in so little time -- the world could have been mine! Fifteen minutes seems like an ETERNITY to me now & there are days where I certainly don't have that luxury. Many days.


So, mamas (and other busy folks, of course!), what can you get accomplished in 15 minutes?

12 June 2009

Fawned Friday

Happy fawning!

01. Outside inside silkscreen print.

02. The staring contest.

03. Hilarious first dance.

04. Wearable photo love.

05. Tea tap.

06. Robot Centaur love.

07. 'Pretty good' blog.

08. Mail 'bots!

09. I love her dog so much.

10. The beautiful & the WAHMd.

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10 June 2009

Lounge Baby

Earlier today, Gretchen finagled herself into this position.
Nineteen weeks old & she already knows how to kick back & relax.

She's so good.


Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Nine

I am a happy girl today!

I'm down to 185.5lbs which means I lost 1.5lbs this week! I am feeling so proud right now -- it looks like I'm well on my way to my goal for July 1st!

The fact that I have actually lost weight every week for the past nine weeks blows my mind. This is such an amazing feeling & I know I can continue my success!

Much love to everyone who's been so good to me these past weeks -- the support has been phenomenal.

Have a fabulous night, mes amis.


Just 5.5lbs til my July 1st goal of 180lbs.
Just 25.5lbs til my final goal of 160lbs.


Wednesday Love (Nap Time)