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31 March 2012

Beyond So Fawned

Wanna see what I've been up to over at Mom Spark?

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30 March 2012

Fawned Friday

01. Totally digging this creative space.

02. Tea time cookie love.

03. Crushing on this blog a bit.

04. I adore everything about this photo.

05. The coolest fish bowl I've ever seen.

06. This tea maker looks pretty rad.

07. Serious tights love.

08. Purdy soy crayons.

09. I spy sparkly hotpants.

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29 March 2012

{Small Style} And A Bogs Giveaway!

Brrrrr. Where did our 22ºC degree weather go?? I'm frowning at our local weatherman right now, a bit frustrated that I can no longer ride my bike without mittens, and I've had to bring my wool coat back out of storage. I hear tale that snow might be back in the forecast for tomorrow (sigh) but I bet my little girl won't mind at all. The last time it snowed she told me Santa would be REALLY HAPPY. But please, bring those nice temps back for Easter.

Boots: c/o Bogs // Tights: H&M // Dress, Hoodie: Thrifted // Sweater: A gift from this gal // Snowsuit (last photo): Gagou Tagou

We've had about a month to test out our new Bogs boots and they've proved versatile enough to go from snow to rainy day mud puddles and back again, while my daughter smiles away. She LOVES them. Why? Well, maybe because they are purple. And maybe because she gets a kick out of the handles on each side of the boot. She can always get them on without my help, even when she's puffed up in her snowsuit. Bonus for mamas, for sure.

The boots are comfort rated for -30°F (or approx. -34°C if I can do math). This mean my little one is going to have cozy toes no matter what Ontario throws at us. Now, I've just got to grab up a pair of these babies for myself!

The lovely folks at Bogs Footwear are offering up one pair of kids' boots (winner's choice!) to one lucky reader.

Visit the Bogs website, then come back and let me know which pair is your fav! (I pretty much adore these McKenna boots.)

For additional entries (leave one comment per entry):

Giveaway open to US & Canada. Ends Wednesday April 4th at noon EST!

Note: If you're looking to purchase a pair of Bogs for your very own, in the US, visit their main website, and in Canada, shop at Tony Shoes to avoid those nasty over the boarder charges.

Best wishes! 

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26 March 2012

Wish I Was A Cat

Ain't that the truth.

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25 March 2012

Breakfast Love

One of my favourite simple pleasures is cooking and eating a warm & hearty breakfast with my daughter, especially on a Sunday morning. Breakfast time at our house usually consists of cereal or toast with a side of fruit for the little miss, maybe yogurt, maybe smoothies. Something whole-grainy + something fruity is the general combo. Mama usually has tea & toast. But when we have a chance to really slow things down, I love to cook a big breakfast, like my mom would make. Simple enough... eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns. Sometimes it's omelettes with salsa & cheese.

I recently came across this recipe and think I can taste it just by looking at this image. This might be one of those meals that comes across as complicated, but taking a looking at ingredients and such... it looks pretty simple. Can't wait to give it a shot. (And I'd totally make this for dinner too... breakfast for dinner is a BIG hit 'round the House of Fawn.)

I'd also like to give this a try. How cute are those little breakfast cups? I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that can be made in a muffin tin. And I bet Gretchen think they're fun.

If you have a fantastic breakfast recipe you'd like to share, please share in the comments. I'm getting hungry just typing this. Yum!

Happy Sunday, mes amis! Time for breakfast with my girl!

PS. You've got to know I first spotted both those fabulous recipes via Pinterest. If you're not already following me over there, you're just a click away. Peace!


24 March 2012

{Small Style} Tulip Girl

I suppose this isn't an official Small Style (since it's not Thursday!), but I've been dying to share this gorgeous dress since the moment I spotted it on the rack.

I may have gasped out loud in the middle of Value Village when I snatched it up.

Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: Hand-me-down Pooh Sandals

We visited an old childhood haunt of mine for dinner and a treat the other day... another insanely gorgeous day, perfect for long drives by the river and outdoor adventures. 

Can you believe she ate that entire ice cream cone without getting a drop on her dress?

PS. Thanks to my neighbour for snapping that first photo of my little miss. 

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23 March 2012

Not Your Typical Ontario March

We've been doing a lot of this lately. Our neck of the woods happens to be experiencing record setting temperatures and everyone has been taking advantage of the sunshine & warmth. Last March there was still snow on the ground for a few weeks... this year we're putting on Badgers and eating ice cream in sundresses. It's insane. And we're LOVING it.

Been out on the bike every single day, the Chariot is back in action & we've been making trips down to the park where G likes to wade in the water cool water. My cheeks are even a bit sun-kissed.

Happy, happy days.

Much love & happy weekend. 

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Fawned Friday

01. Incredible.

02. Homebody lifestyle.

03. I adore Charlie Winston. (Thank you Tia for getting me hooked!)

04. Just ordered one of these.

05. Montréal design love.

06. Can't stop scrolling.

07. I spy a sparkly pink piggy.

08. Let get lost in this place.

09. Gretchen would love this contraption.

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20 March 2012

{Giveaway} Rose & Anchor

Hello, hello! My desktop computer is back in action *sings songs of happiness* so now I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've been going a little nutty without it, and my netbook just isn't at blogging friendly as it could be. Probably it could stand a little reload as well... c'mon technology. Work with me here!

So, to make up for lost time, tonight I've got a jewelry giveaway for you, from one of my lovely sponsors. Marie, the gal behind Rose & Anchor (formerly Bee & Balloon), creates gorgeous, vintage inspired pieces with a nostalgic feel about them. My favourite is this purdy little number that I bought last year, and I wear it all the time. So simple and sweet.

Marie has offered one reader a $30 gift certificate to Rose & Anchor!

Visit the shop, then come back and let me know which piece is your favourite.

For additional entries (leave one comment per entry):

Giveaway ends Sunday March 25th at 9pm EST! Open to everyone.

Best wishes, mes amis!

Update: Congrats to my lovely winner, Sécia! And thanks to everyone for entering!

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17 March 2012

Beyond So Fawned

A few things I've been working on over at Child Mode & Mom Spark:
  • Green with envy over these St. Patrick's Day styles (and decor ideas!) 
  • Crafty Tuesday (A lovely guest post from one of my sponsors!)
  • Quotes to make you get up and dance!
  • The gypsy lifestyle is a bit tempting, mes amis
  • Never as young as we are tonight...
  • For the love of lace

Have a happy & safe weekend, lovelies! 

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16 March 2012

Floods & Other Things

Oh my word, I've been an absent blogger lately. Thank you so much to those who have asked if I'm alright -- I promise all is well. You're so sweet to check in.

The last week or so has been filled right up with an upcoming project, one that I'm especially excited about and can't wait to share. I've also just signed on with another blog for something really neat -- more on this soon too.

In the meantime, wanna see some pictures from last night's flooding?

Back in 2004 our city experienced an incredible flood (honestly, if you Google "Peterborough flood 2004" and check the images, you'll see my mother's white truck submersed in a washed out parking lot). Last night, it seemed like things were heading in the same direction, but thankfully slowed down and we're not much worse for the wear. My basement is definitely flooded, but it's manageable and not much was ruined. Phew.

In other news, I'll be posting TWO new sponsor giveaways in the next week. Stay tuned!


14 March 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} My Girl

10 March 2012

Good Morning!

This cute print is making me smile this morning! Anytime I try to do a little yoga in the living room, I've always got a kitty or puppy peeking in on me. Gretchen also likes crawl under me when I do my downward dog. Adorable.

Have a fabulous Saturday, mes amis!


09 March 2012

Fawned Friday

Today I wanted to take a look back at some posts from the past. Can you believe this is actually my 155th Fawned Friday? Amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of it all, mes amis. Much love.

01. January 2012

02. November 2011

03. October 2011

04. August 2011

05. September 2010

06. July 2009

07. December 2009

Do you have a favourite Fawned Friday memory or moment?

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08 March 2012


06 March 2012

DIY Fabric Bunting

Come see what we made.

Visit Child Mode each Tuesday for fun, tot-friendly craft inspiration. 

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04 March 2012

Kitten Mauling

A saucy moment for your Sunday morning. Have a fabulous day!

Feat. My Girl Thursday's Georgia Grace, Frank the Cat and of course, Gretchen Fawn.

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02 March 2012

Fawned Friday

01. So much pretty happening here.

02. This looks mad delicious.

03. These plates are ultra neato. I bet Gretchen would agree.

04. This pup certainly makes me smile.

05. I wore this Thursday night & it's gorgeous.

06. The very sweetest natural pest control.

07. Charlie Winston makes me swoon.

08. The 26 happiest animal in the world.

09. This rug is incredible.

10. One of the cutest decoration DIYs I've seen in a while.

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Beyond So Fawned

01 March 2012

Before I Hop Under The Covers

Many yawns and goodnights, dear hearts. It's just after 1am and I'm a sleepy gal. Thank you to my neighbour, Caren, for tweeting about this gorgeous print earlier. I love that sprawled out, cozy, sleepy pose. I think I'll go and do that now.

Today was the busiest of days. Errands, meetings, lots of coffee and as the road conditions worsened, I made the call to postpone my childbirth class for this evening. It's rather icy out there. Also, the dentist fixed my smile and I'm eternally grateful.

Sleep well.

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