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31 December 2012

Happy Last Day Of 2012, Mes Amis!

So excited to see what 2013 will hold! Looking back, 2012 was a year of NEW and CHANGE and WHOA and HAPPY. Not a bad mix, methinks! I bought a store, G and I moved, and my best friend became my love, my partner. 2012 is a year to propel me forward, to move ahead, to keep the momentum.

Much love for the next year, mes amis. I have nothing but positivity in my heart.


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Recently (The Holidays Have Treated Us Beautifully)

Cozy Christmas Eve bonfires, air hockey champions, new traditions, sipping cider, family, friends, generosity & love.

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29 December 2012

So Much More Than A Bag

On Christmas morning, my mister took a note from one of my favourite movies, Love Actually, and wrapped up my gift exactly like the one in this scene.

The first two gifts I opened were...

Followed by...

He even included a sprig of holly. By far, the sweetest, most thoughtful gift I've ever received.

And inside?

A necklace he chose from my favourite jewelry line. This message holds a lot of significance for us & I'm honoured to be his partner.

To my fantastic mister, I adore you more than I can say. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything. We are inseparable. My heart and your heart. I love you.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I promise to post more images from Gretchen's Christmas adventures. We had such a wonderful 2 1/2 days of joy & bliss together. And my heart just melts with the realization that she'll turn four at the end of next month.

Much love, mes amis. Take care & have a happy Saturday.

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24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Can you believe Christmas Day is tomorrow? I'm at my shop til 4pm this afternoon, to help any last minute shoppers, and I'm boggled by the fact that I'm more prepared and ready for this Christmas than I ever have been. My gifts were all wrapped up and sorted TWO nights ago. Unheard of! I'm excited to spend TWO whole days with my little girl, as we won't be opening Boxing Day, though our Boxing Week sales will rock out Dec 27th to 31st!

It's nutty to think that this is the end of my first holiday season as a new shop owner. It's been a busy time and I'm so grateful to be a part of a really welcoming community. Thanks to my downtown core neighbours and to everyone who has supported myself and other small businesses in Peterborough this time of year.

Tonight, post shop-closing, I'll be off to pick up G & then we're off to a Christmas Eve bonfire! Time to get cozy fireside and relax!

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Much love!


20 December 2012


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19 December 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Pink Pup

The not-so-wordless part: Sir Winston was right at home at the big pink chair in our downtown neighbour's shop! Charm Tree Toys is the newest shop on our downtown block, just a couple stores down from Tango. The lovely owner has fallen in love with my pup, so we've been visiting a bunch! This pic was snapped the other day on one of our excursions to visit.

Funny enough, this wasn't the first time Winston had been in this particular shop. Years ago, it used to be Hot Diggity Dog, a pet boutique I worked at in my earl(ier) twenties. I took that job when Winston just just about six weeks old and brand new to my life! Such a small world. He used to come to the dog shop with me all the time, and snooze in the window. For years, people downtown recognized my pup before they recognized me. Now he spends his days snoozing behind the counting and greeting folks as they come into Tango. I love having him downtown with me! For the first little while he was a bit hyper to be at the shop all day long, but he's settling into a rhythm and now I can't imagine leaving him behind.

Much love to my Mr. Winston. The handsomest Boston Terrier in town!

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17 December 2012

Holiday Tights, Sweaters & DIY Ideas

A few posts I've been working on over at Mom Spark! Happy Monday, mes amis!

Any big holiday plans this upcoming week?

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14 December 2012

Recently (Avec Gretchen & My Shop)

08 December 2012


I really love when Iris & I wearing matching cardigans to our respective shops.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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03 December 2012

A Girl & Her Dog

Winston had been on a little vacation at my mom's place for the last little while, but as she's moving to a new house this week, Winston's back home. Kitten was THRILLED to see him, pounced him, purring & mewing and licking his face. It was the sweetest reunion. Gretchen's also happy to have her pal back.

Wishing my mom the best on her big move. Usually G is with her on Monday's while I'm at the shop, but she's a busy bee today, so Gretchen's hanging out at Tango with me while I tackle our IKEA purchases from yesterday. I'll share photos once I've finished a few things here.

How was your weekend, mes amis? Did you do anything holiday-esque? We attended G's 3rd parade of the year and dared to brave IKEA on a December Sunday afternoon, so that was interesting, but it all went well. Grechen's SO good in stressful situations like that. And my mister keeps me calm, so we still left smiling! Plus... it's always a bonus when all your IKEA boxed purchses FIT in the car. A win for us!

Have a great Monday, friends. Peace!

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01 December 2012

Good Morning, December

Alright guys, I'll just have to come out and say I did my best, but this years #30DaysHathNovember turned into a #22DaysHathNovember. Forgive me? Thank you SO much to everyone who participated and kicked my butt at my own game -- I loved seeing your tweets and posts and encouragement!

I think I did okay, considering it's my first holiday season owning the shop, so things are nutso busy & I'm loving it!Things are really picking up downtown and I'm really excited for my first December as a business owner. Lots of hard work and long days ahead! I can't wait to help downtown shoppers with their gift giving adventures.

In other news, I dyed my hair dark for the winter. Mmm, cozy. 

Also, I'm addicted to brown sugar & cinnamon coffee. With a splash of cream. Mmm, tastes like love. So perfect for the season.

Until next year, #30DaysHathNovember. We'll see you in 2013.