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10 July 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} Rice Lake, Before The Storm

09 July 2013

Barn Cat Babies

Remember those barn kitties I mentioned before? Aren't they gorgeous?

Lately they've been getting a little friendlier, but they still aren't super easy to catch. Gretchen has been taking great care to wait outside their little entrance under the porch, dangling a tinfoil ball at the end of a long string. So sweet.

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08 July 2013

Blog Conference Must-Haves!

Being well prepared at a blog conference will make your experience a smooth and satisfying one. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself miles from home, thinking to yourself, “If only I’d known to bring an [insert much-needed item here]!!”.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of blog conferences, you might be scratching your head, wondering what exactly should be filing your suitcase.

Click here to learn about my blog conference must-haves!

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Huntsville, Ontario: Dockfest 2013 {Travel}

Our weekend in Huntsville, Ontario was fantastic! Dockfest, bathtub races, great food, live music, gorgeous scenery, and a downtown area truly built to impress.

Huntsville is the largest city within the Muskoka Region of Ontario -- a huge tourist area, attracting thousands of people from around the world every year. The Muskokas were ranked one of National Geographic's 20 must-see destinations in 2012, and holds a spot as one of their 100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life.

The main reason for our trip to cottage country was to cheer on a pal in the bathtub races -- which is exactly what it sounds like.

These races were insanely fun to watch! A few tips, a crash or two, but mostly lots of laughs and fun. Our boat didn't win in its Media category, but our "Captain", as we called him, said he couldn't wait to do it again!

The entire Dockfest event was super well organized, with dedicated volunteers running around all day long to make sure everything went off without a hitch. You can really feel the sense of community when you're visiting Huntsville.

Two places you've got to check out if you're in the Muskokas: The Mill On Main, and On The Docks Pub. Both featuring great atmosphere, food, and beverages -- including offerings from the Muskoka Brewery. We fell in love with On The Docks, which boasts a three story patio overlooking the water. They also make a killer burger.

We'll definitely be making a trip back to Huntsville again in the future!

If you're considering a visit to the area, check out Muskoka Tourism and Hunstville BIA for more great vacation ideas. 

Have you ever visited the Muskokas?

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05 July 2013

Blog Conference Tips: What Should I Wear?

BlogHer'13 is coming up quick, ladies! As we near the big day, I'll be sharing blog conference tips on everything from what to wear and what to pack, advice from seasoned blog conference pros, and making sure you get the most out of your conference adventure.

Today I've got some fun outfits to share, that you can adapt for your own personal blog conference wardrobe. My motto? Stay simple, accessorize abundantly, and help your feet stay fabulous with the comfiest footwear possible.

Blogging Conference Style: No. 2

This look perfect for attending blog talks, taking notes at sessions, meeting bloggy-friends, and chilling out during seminars. No matter which conference you're heading to, you'll want a comfortable, yet super stylish look for when you're running around to different locations, networking like a mad-woman -- holding your notebook/laptop/iPad in one hand... and coffee in the other!

Pop over to Mom Spark for three more fabulous blog conference styles... plus seven bonus tips on packing and accessorizing.

So tell me, friends...

Which conferences are you heading to this year? Have you ever been before?
If you've got any burning blog conference questions you'd love to see answered on So Fawned, just comment below or shoot me a tweet!

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04 July 2013

{Small Style} Summertime With Binksy & Bobo

This little lass is having a blast living in the country. We're finally able to spend more time outside, enjoying the gorgeous breeze that we always seem to have up here, and she's been exploring the property daily. The dogs follow her around like she's their little pack leader. 

I love that she's getting dirty and covered in grass and wet from watering all our gardens with the hose. These are the memories we were hoping for by moving away from the city and into a space where play comes much more easily. 

The first thing she does each morning is pop outside to say hi to the barn cats and kittens who have now taken up residence under the porch. Sometimes we have breakfast outside too. Nothing like sipping my first coffee of the day, while watching the birds sing and my little miss chasing kitties. 

Reversible Tie Dress c/o Binksy & Bobo // Sandals via Joe Fresh

I love dressing Gretchen in the summer -- and as each seasons comes and goes she has more to say about what she'd like to wear... or not! 

When the lovely folks at Binksy & Bobo sent over their neat reversible tie dress I showed it to Gretchen, and she immediately decided she wanted to wear it flowers-side-out. 

Don't you love reversible pieces? This dress is fantastic for travelling (two-outfits-in-one, baby) and is plenty durable. 

Here's a peek at G, helping me feed out neighbours chickens, while wearing the reverse side of her new smock.

Super cute, and a completely different look. I could see the first pattern for play and romping through the yard, and the second (with some cute shoes) for a dressier occasion -- a family reunion, birthday party, summer wedding, you name it.

This dress is also a convertible piece, which means it's going to fit your kiddo way longer than most items. My least favourite part about children's clothing is that it's rare to get more than ONE season out of them. (A sign I should have another baby, right?) The tie-up shoulders and simple fit makes it easy to morph this piece from a dress, to a tunic -- perfect for layering too.

All Binksy & Bobo clothing and accessories are made in Canada (love!) and built to last. This is a piece your little ones will wear and wear, before packing it up, or passing it along to a friend.

I know my daughter is going to have her new pinafore in high rotation all summer long and into the Fall. 

Click here for more Small Style posts.
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Heading To Huntsville, Ontario {Travel}

huntsville, huntsville ontario, so fawned, so fawned blog, travel

This weekend we're taking a trip to Hunstville, Ontario to visit some friends and to take part in Dockfest.

On Saturday, the downtown area will be filled with folks who have come out for The Rotary Club of Huntsville's very first annual Rotary Dockfest. The event main attraction of this event is -- and I'm not even joking -- the Bathtub Derby. Motorized bathtubs will navigate a series of obstacles, attempting to keep up speed and balance as they head down the river. I won't lie -- I'm really excited to see this race!

The Dockfest Schedule Of Events

8am Pancake Breakfast
10am to 1pm Children's craft area open (Provided by Huntsville Festival and Camp Tawingo)
11am to 3pm Huntsville Lions BBQ lunch
11am Bathtub Derby Parade (Begins at Centre Street)
12pm to 3pm Bathtub Derby
1pm to 4pm Children's game & ride area opens
1pm to 2.30pm Muskoka Concert Band plays in the River Mill Gazebo
3pm to 5pm  Laganza plays at the River Mill Park stage

If you're in the area and looking for a fun event to check out this weekend, maybe we'll see you in Huntsville!

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03 July 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} As The Sun Sets

01 July 2013

Win $75 To Use At Minted! {Giveaway}

I'm really excited about this giveaway, friends! Minted is seriously filled with drool-worthy bits of eye candy that any paper-addicted, typography-loving, stationary aficionado will swoon over.

From thank you cards and personal journals, to paper straws, nursery prints, menu cards, and birthday party décor -- Minted has everything you need for your next celebration. You'll be giddy browsing through page after page of beautiful photographed and tantalizing wares.

And if you're planning a super special day, like this lovely lass, check out their wedding invites too! (Aren't the letterpress cards just gorgeous??)

This giveaway is open internationally and ends July 9th at 12am EST. One lucky winner will snag a $75 gift card to use at Minted. Best wishes, mes amis!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Do You Play The Lottery?

Every few weeks I buy a lottery ticket, and it sits in my purse until I remember to get it checked at the grocery store, and then I pick up another one. I've never been a habitual lottery player, but my mom is.

When I was in high school, my mom won the lottery.

I remember waking up to sounds of exciting downstairs, a voice saying we won over and over again. I had no idea what was happening.

As I came downstairs I was stopped just short of the bottom by my mom and her partner, huge grins, eyes wide.

We won, we won, we won!

A lottery ticket and that morning's paper were shoved into my hands as I read out the number. Sure enough, it matched. And we were all a little stunned.

My mom, not wanting to risk a possible newspaper typo (and since we didn't have the internet, couldn't check online) took the ticket to the same convenience store where she bought it, and sure enough, the numbers didn't lie.

It was definitely the start of something very interesting for our family. And despite the fact that perhaps lightning doesn't strike twice, my mister and I still buy tickets every so often and keep our fingers crossed. It'd be a nice retirement fund, right?

Do you ever play the lottery? Do you check via lottery.net, or another online site? Or do you check it in person? In Ontario we have little kiosks where you can scan your tickets, but I still like to take mine to an actual person for some reason. Call me old fashioned!

Image source: Lisa Brewster via photopin cc

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{How To} Get Tree Sap Off Your Hands (Because It Really Feels Just Terrible)

Trying to get tree sap off your hands is something I dread. That endless sticky feeling makes me shudder, BUT there are ways to deal with it quickly, should you ever get stuck in a sappy situation. 

Here are a few methods you can try!

How To Get Tree Sap Off Your Hands

Rubbing Alcohol

Pouring alcohol over the sap seems to make your skin feel less sticky right away, but I always find that the tacky feeling remains, even after washing it off with soap.


Rubbing dirt on the sap for a while can un-stick you a bit, just keep at it for a while until the sap feels like it's loosened from your skin. Again, rinse with a soap (dish soap tends to help) and see how you've made out. It might take a few tries.

Peanut Butter

Same method as dirt, just replaced with peanut butter! I think the oils really help attack the sap.


Squirt a dollop on the area and rub it in with water. Then wash as usual with soap. Bonus: You'll be minty fresh!

Olive Oil

The best method I've found so far! Just rub it into your hands, then wash it off with dish soap. Instant success. Another lovely use for your beloved bottle of evoo. (I have to thank my partner, Rich, for this one. It's his tried and true method!)

Any other tips on how to get tree sap off your hands? Anyone else despise that tacky-skin feeling?

Image source: tjstaab via photopin cc